[Explorer's Arc] Linlea's Expedition Log


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Linlea's Expedition Log
Event Chains:
+Conflict against the Undead​
+The Ashlands​

Conflict against the Undead

As the Simple Saying goes...

He takes your soul
with greed and mirth
He takes your soul
in a whispered curse

He takes your soul
entrapped with ire
He takes your soul
says the anguished crier

A reminder to us mortals

-Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek

IC: This is a chained series of expeditions led by the Tol'fen of Linlea, in order to cleanse the Undead from the Realms and make it a little more safer, among other pursuits. The High Priestess may attend in some, but one of the Ministry, if not her, or a prominent member of Linlea, will most likely be in attendance. These expeditions are not meant to be foolhearty- for the undead swarms are many and the protection of the wards will not be taken for granted. However, when there is chance to lessen and release the souls trapped and chained from their rotting corpses, they will be given peace.

Ooc: These are technically one-shots but carry some story connections between each event. This is my attempt at involving my own character in interesting Grey Lady/Linlea Events without making it simple sermons. But also half-Dming, or asking another, and planning out a proper event when I have the time between Lore and Life. Priority on party members will go to Linlea's citizens, then to any friendly folks in-character, then to any hired help. This is also an attempt at not making these one-shots too Hollowworld religious heavy and fun for all.

+ [June 30th] The Retrieval - A party of 8-9 sailed passed the Divine Wards to find an abandoned Monastery on an isle near the Lost Frontier. Here, they fought undead, a very large Arbori and a large undead Caparii stuck in the crypts below. Skraag's influence became apparent. After the cleansing and burying of the bodies, they retreated.. But in the horizon as they headed home, they saw a lone ship sinking.

+ [tbd] The Wreck of the Deep

+ [tbd] The Lone Tower


The Ashlands
(Sek lach)

Borders seek to expand. Yet Murphy's Law is prominent. Sabotage? Or Natural obstacles?
Arc I

+ [Feb 22] To the Wall

+ [tbd] Trek to the Ashlands

+ [tbd] Into the Deep


+[tbd] Rou'Lek Dendum

+[tbd] Per'Khovr. Established.
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I have added another event chain I've been meaning to do. For the sailing expedition, I realize I have to build a drowning ship or at least visualize it somehow to build it and I need to be in the zone to do that. It'll happen eventually..

Been busy, but I do want to do things and events again. Just need time- server stuff has taken my attention and I'm trying to keep up with irl activities with the family. I'm estimating March and April to be busy, but not definite on what days. After things blow over, I should be able to get back into this. I can probably slide in an event before then, or just focus on some response events to the server campaigns. Sorry for those eager! It'll still be a wait