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Faction Mod

Discussion in 'Client Mods & Texture Packs' started by D34dlyi3rute, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. D34dlyi3rute

    D34dlyi3rute Villager

    Hi guys,
    I think the faction mod would be great for hollow world, because of the new Guild part in the forums.
    What Faction plugin is? Faction Plugin enables you to create a faction (eg BSKnights) to place infront of your name. Faction friends cannot he hurt if you accidentally hit them and you can ally aswell. The only downside is theres a faction home system which lets all members go to a set faction home, and i'm not sure if that it would wreck the RPG with an almost, Teleport system. If this plugin is placed into the game i suggest that only members of a guild can create factions for their guild, and like building permits you would need your guild to be accepted on the guilds part of the forum to have the faction power, to make guilds seem more official. Also you can claim some land for your guild for maybe a guild house or something.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and ill see if i can find a bukkit link to this plugin.

    Bukkit Link:http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...s-war-and-user-controlled-antigrief-733.3565/

    Youtube Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeSWpxLJ4Uo

    The Youtube link is of a few people showing what this plugin does in action, with the commands etc, you may want to skip through some of it because alot of it is them telling you how to install it i think

    Faction commands website: http://verywiki.net/en/Plugin_MineCraft_:_Factions
  2. Steelcryo

    Steelcryo King of the north!

    With towny potentially coming we won't need this :)
  3. D34dlyi3rute

    D34dlyi3rute Villager

    Well you do'nt really need it but it could be a fun thing for people. It would be good if you could only have the faction in name and not the claim parts of the plugin.
  4. Stevey

    Stevey Guest

    With towny we can set up Nations, which is similar to factions. Otherwise it would have been a good mod.
  5. Tantara

    Tantara Resigned Admin

    Towny = Nations
    Faction = Guilds

    Why not both?
  6. Steelcryo

    Steelcryo King of the north!

    It would get pointlessly confusing.
  7. Tantara

    Tantara Resigned Admin

    Fair enough
  8. Legion

    Legion No Gods, No Masters. Retired Staff

    Character Name:
    Lord Draiden
    In-game Town/City:
    I have extensive knoweledge of the faction mod, I considered suggesting it but decided it would not be good. Steel is right it would get confusing, also, i have seen the code, and there is not a way to disable land claiming and keep the faction name. If you just wanted a name then that is pointless, and would take monstrous work on the admins part to set a title in everyones permissions.

    Also, the faction home teleport has been known to be buggy.
    And furthermore, having factions sets pvp as default. That means that everytime the server saves or resets, pvp will have to be turned off again(actually not sure about that one, the section of cde dealing with this is not the normal smp pvp code. It allows for other variables, and so i am not certain of anything in this regard)
  9. Steelcryo

    Steelcryo King of the north!

    Chances are the server settings would override it but still it's kinda pointless to risk it. Besides we don't want another land claiming mod in place when we currently have world guard (which we aren't ditching until we find another full replacement (ie towny)). Hopefully we'll get towny in place soon and then we can go from there.
  10. Tantara

    Tantara Resigned Admin

    What're we waiting for with towny? I hope I don't seem rude, I've just been wondering
  11. Stevey

    Stevey Guest

    We are waiting for me to explain it to the other admins. Which we haven't had a chance to do.
    That and we need to make sure it will be implemented correctly within the server, we don't want half the world being unable to build.
  12. redarrow141

    redarrow141 Hollows Explorer

    The permissions for towny are complicated and a few of us have experience with towny and know it takes a long time to set up correctly. If set up wrong, Towny can make the server unusable because no one would be able to build and get materials.

    Its also necessary for us to look at how Much power to distribute. We don't want a situation where some players can advance considerably faster than others.

    There's a lot of things to consider on top of this including how well or works with our other mods and how many problems we are to expect from the current version.

    We can't rush into these decisions.
  13. D34dlyi3rute

    D34dlyi3rute Villager

    Well honestly i didn't expect to turn this thread into a war of towny vs faction i just wanted it as an idea :), anyway i shall be posting some other plugins not because they have to put in but because they are quiet nice.


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