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Fallout 4: Surrender your screenshots


Lord of Altera
Got any good screenshots of settlement builds and generic nice looking shots? Put 'em here, I've got plenty to share and I want to see what other people have got, so I'll start here.

20170722130055_1.jpg 20170723154404_1.jpg 20170804201351_1.jpg 20170806120233_1.jpg 20170812224321_1.jpg 20170811224809_1.jpg 20170814173831_1.jpg 20170814203055_1.jpg

I'll post a settlement build in another comment, space things out a bit, these screenshots above are the best of many, if you want to see them too just ask, I'll happily post them after the Build screenshots.


Lord of Altera
Provisioner shack for supply lines:

20170806211434_1.jpg 20170806211447_1.jpg 20170806211455_1.jpg 20170806211500_1.jpg 20170806211505_1.jpg

Turns out i dont have the last few screenshots of the main area, in particular the roof of the Red Rocket, i will get back with some soon hopefully.


Lord of Altera
The only major issue I have with my stuff atm is my Foliage render distance, its probably due to a GPU limitation, as the 3.5Gb of the GTX 970 is probably just crying while I play, should I get a new Graphics Card things should look nicer, but despite that I do love the way things turn out, I have 215 mods active in this save so it gets chaotic xD


Lord of Altera
Thought I'd post some of the others I have
20170723002959_1.jpg 20170723005649_1.jpg 20170729225141_1.jpg 20170729225446_1.jpg 20170804194729_1.jpg 20170805172313_1.jpg 20170809164036_1.jpg
Day Version of an earlier one
This one is another variant of an earlier one, just with Night Vision Goggles applied
20170812224256_1.jpg 20170804215303_1.jpg


Lord of Altera
Bringing it back from the Dead, because I forgot I had a few more! :D

GodRays are a Beautiful thing

Unfortunately that's all the good ones I have, My Nexus MM stopped working and I lost my save, But I will start anew some day.

Anywho, Long time no see everyone! It's been a while...