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The Wall



Scouts report a dark shape in the shadows, crawling its way to the gates of Linlea's Western border. It is unclear what it might be, as it stays hidden despite trekking in the humid atmosphere of the Ashlands. Confused to its approach and nature of being, the Tol'fen'ke of Linlea asks for hands to guard the walls to the west and await sight of as it may reveal its nature.
This begins: Friday, February 22nd.. 2pm PST, 3pm CST, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT+1 (.. It's morning in Australian time. Sorry Aussies)
Estimated Runtime: 40 mins, approx.
DM: Moi

Themes: Defense + Light combat
Level: Beginner
Party Size: N/A. Generally less than 5-6 are expected to show up for a small event.
Party Members:

+Lavendula Cukie1
+Jonathan BoredBrit
+Salazar Azur
+Leofaren Shankster
+Ayda Ayda
+Podric Luam

Tentative if others don't make it:
+Ajax Cymic_
+Kethron Heie

-Testing my DM creature abilities.. It's been a while
-{Linlea Explorer's Arc}

Character Name:
Organization or Allegiance: Some attendees may be denied based on past transgressions, etc.
Inventory & Attire:
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Ign: Cukie1
Character Name: Lavendula Hal'Shinkmaho
Organization or Allegiance: Elder Clan Shink'maho
Inventory & Attire:
+Herbs and salves​
+Light cloth clothing with bits of leather here and there, only metal is in accessories​
+Stiletto dagger​


Lord of Altera
Ign: BoredBritishGuy
Character Name: Jonathan Mallenson Windsor
Organization or Allegiance: No real alliance save to Jax.
Inventory & Attire:
-Will fill in at a later date?


Lord of Altera
Ign: A_Z_U_R
Character Name: Salazar
Organization or Allegiance: House-Guard under Clan Shink'maho.
Inventory & Attire:
+Hand-and-a-half Sword​
+Stiletto dagger​
+Cloth coat with padded clothing bits. Leather added along the arms for better protection, but no plated armor.​


Loyal Servant of Altera
Ign: SirShanksalot
Character Name: Leofaren Venna
Organization or Allegiance: Arget, the Guardians
Inventory & Attire:
- Miscellaneous potions
- Enchanted bow, sword, and leather armor
- First Aid materials
- Magic

After the forlorn campaign Leo actually has some real combat experience instead of just training, although his role will still very much be combat medic/support. I'm not positive I can make this, but there is a good enough chance that I'll sign up, and if not I can obviously relinquish my spot.


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Ign: Asirel_Luik
Character Name: Ayda Hal'Ulamyar
Organization or Allegiance: The Guardians, The Rangers, Ashna/Her Clan
Inventory & Attire:
- Falchion/"Darkstar"/Her Focus
-Basic First Aid materials
-Leather armor with leather bits on it to protect the vitals


Lord of Altera
Ign: SirLiam1124
Character Name: Pod Flanders
Organization or Allegiance: IGNIS!
Inventory & Attire:
[Worn or on person]
- Plate Armor
- Halberd [Luminescence]
- Kris Dagger
- One bottle of oil [on belt]
[In Bag]
- Two bottles of oil
- Tinderbox + Four unlit torches
- Length of Rope [Roughly 30 ft.]
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Ign: Cymic_
Character Name: Ajax
Organization or Allegiance: Jax/Church of the Adventitious
Attire: He wears silvery iron plate with jester's rags, bells on his sabatons, and 3 strands on a jester hat over his helm, brushed back.
Inventory: He carries a staff with an emerald at the head, a stiletto, a pouch of radiants, some traveling jerky and a gold coin.


Lord of Altera
Ign: Heie
Character Name: Kethron of House Dramaign
Organization or Allegiance: The Guardians
Inventory & Attire: Focus, Enchanted Sword, Enchanted Leather and Chainmail outfit. [satchel full of nerd things]

Note: As i'm not sure if i'm working, put me on reserves


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This is technically a limit of folk I can manage alone. I’ll tag the first 5 or 6 in the main post. I’ll leave it open for some GL priest and acolyte ShaolinPunk Ruu or people who live in Linlea, but that is it!