Story [folk legend] Akatroa - The womb of the world.


Secretly both Niah and Elz
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Akatroa - The womb of the world.
A folk legend.

Legends of this place are old, and have been translated many times. as such many details are lost, specifics vary depending on the telling but herein is the legend of the womb of the world as it exists in folklore today with the most common elements between.

In the old world, the northern kingdoms, we dreamt as we stared at the stars, readers wondering what lied beyond the sea of storms, driven by a unseen calling they felt in there hearts but could never describe.

In the heat of the exodus Demons at there back these few who were enraptured by the stars found each other. and it was only they who knew that in this place, the eastern continent, what had called them all there lives hid.

Together, in a place forgotten by time they read the sky.

Together, on a page lost to history they scribed a map to the womb of the world.

It is spoken that these lost readers of the sky found the sacred city. It's sapphire gates opened where in they found the one thing each of them needed most. one treasure for each that defined desire. That sat deep within them that perhaps even they did not know they sought. produced by the pure truth of the Divine.

A treasure beyond words or value only prescribed to the one for whom the object was wrought. The calling held in the depth of there soul. They who read the sky, Who's names we have forgotten, were the only before or since to glimpse the forgotten city Akatora.

So child, If you look into the sky at night and see something which to you holds meaning know that you too might follow in the steps of those before you. That perhaps you are a decedent of those favored few. And when you reach the Sapphire gate I hope you have lived such a life that when you open it inside you find nothing.
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Secretly both Niah and Elz
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I expect to expand upon this folklore a bit. But this story is public and likely common among the lowborn as a sort of Alteran version of the myth of El Dorado. Not looked at as much more than wishful yearning.