[For Sale] Veraci


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Our beloved city, Veraci, pictured here, is up for sale.

Veraci is a beautiful region nestled very close to Storm's Landing. It is built in a unique, Venetian style, complete with canals. Once a promising region, this now sits empty thanks to inability to be active enough to run it.

This is one of the most expensive regions ever built, based solely on quartz. We spared no expense.

Buyers must be committed to bringing this vision to life. Whoever buys must respect current property owners, as listed on the region thread. It is preferred that the buyer can build and finish the city in the style we have started. There are builds in creative that should also be brought in.

221 plots. Tremendous resources. Great location. Ready for new life and new ownership.

We don't really need the money and would rather it go to somebody active, who believes in what we were doing, who will continue to build and lead, and who is awesome. However, money helps. Will also consider trades.

Stirling Reserve will also be put up for sale. Buying them both could lead to the rise of a new Eastern Kingdom that controls the waterways to Storm's Landing. I wonder if that was done on purpose...


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Oh, we'd like to keep a couple builds in Veraci as part of the deal.


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I would be interested in doing so. I belive we could come to a good agreement? :)

I would be willing to try to gain control over both the reserve and the city as part of House Astrum since we already control domains in mainly the eastern ocean. Perhaps we could discuss this further in PMs?


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Hi there! Just wanted to check in really fast.

Have you already spoke to the people who had pre rented places in the city?


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Naturally I rise to the occasion for anything as ballsey as this. The offer itself laid out is that money would be a tremendous issue, I can only guarantee as an OOC player that I am relatively active and will be throughout the entire summer since I have time off from Security Wednesday through Thursday. I am, in this instance, more than willing to compromise and fix up my character for the sake of the city, if it's to thrive under a character who is able to reformat/fix themselves for the sake of helping out. I'd put my name in the hat in order to help see this thing thrive. My same statement falls with Stirling Reserve.

If I am allowed to undertake this, I'd do my best to help with the above statement too. ^


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I won't sell it to somebody unless they pledge to uphold the property rights of those who own builds in the region already.