Fan-Fic Forge of the Mountain's Heart.


Lord of Altera

(Read this while listening to music)
Legend tells of a place, sheltered in the heart of a mountain, where they say that the sounds of hammers on steel can still be heard in those long-forgotten halls. This place, as old as it is, still hums with the lifeblood of those who built it. That blood being liquid metal, and the bones being as sturdy as the anvil that still sits in the great hall. Smiths uncountable have quested to discover the lost secrets of that city of forge-fire, but no avail. Those silent halls remain so, telling no one of the secrets of the metal that was forged there, or that which was made in the fires. Yet still, as the halls remain ever-empty, and nobody dares enter, save those few foolish apprentices who don't heed their master smith's warning about those silent, stony halls, and that which lurks within. And so, to this day, that Forge of the Mountain's Heart stays cold, the belly of the forge a waiting reward for any who venture within... And now, looking at the room where that great organ of forge-fire lays, waiting for someone to light its blazing heart, you can see why they call it the Forge of the Mountain's Heart.