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Forlorn - Player Consent


Lord of Altera
Character(s): Theodosia Engem and Clyde Remming
Tier: Tier Two
Extra Info: Theo will try her best to do whatever she can while Clyde will try to run away from conflicts where he may get hurt.
EDIT:Not sure if this is over but I might as well.
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The Cinnamon Roll
Staff member
Character(s): Ayda Ulamyar
Tier: 2
Extra Info: Chill with maiming. In fact, brink of death is even fine. Just wanna avoid death.

Character(s): Anna
Tier: 3
Extra Info: Anhald based. So would use if it's happening near Queen's Port and such.

Character(s): Azariah Veiloros
Tier: 4
Extra Info: Inactive, but depending on where the event is would pull out.

Character(s): Iseabal Quinn
Tier: 3
Extra Info: Chill with maiming.

Character(s): Rosaleen Lowe
Tier: 2
Extra Info: Chill with maiming