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Lord of Altera

Name: Forrest Westergard
Other Names: Zombie Boy {Anaiah}
Titles: Count

Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Blackstone
Relationship Status: Courting
Social Status: Noble​

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 lbs / 81.6 kg
Eye Color: A bright shade of Sapphire Blue
Skin Color: Pale and Fair from his Northern roots
Shape of Face: Holding a strong jaw, yet having a lightly chiseled face, it’s none too striking
Distinguishing Features: A faint scar on his neck
Build of Body: Athletic, though on the brawnier side, from his time training as a fighter.
Hair Color: A soft chocolate brown
Hair Style: Medium length, oftentimes tied back
Complexion: Clear
Posture: Straight, he holds confidence when greeting
Is Seen By Others As:
A faint cut scar over his neck - A cut on his right shoulder -
Voice: Travis Fimmel - Anduin Lothar




-Choosing not to speak often allows him to follow and listen into conversations much easier. Knowing how to speak through body language is preferred as it gets his voice across without having to speak aloud.


-This allows him to know more about the people around him without having to put in the effort himself. He’s able to pick up on the more subtle details around him, allowing him to read people easily and identify a situation.


-His heart remains to those he’s made promise to protect and serve. This in turn creates a strong minded man. Being loyal to his faction and those close to him allows for him to be able to trust those few.

-Pretty Girls

-Often being the observer makes him careless in some moment, as his eye gets caught quite easily by a beautiful woman. Finding it an easy distraction for him.


-The feeling of being utterly useless to his house and family, causing himself to be a burden, is a clear fear in the man’s head. He does all he can to keep himself healthy to avoid this.


-Unable to understand the unknown world and the magic it hides, he finds himself wary or even violent when situations of ‘dark sources’ arise.
-Above Average

-Raised as a Lord and preparing himself to one day be the Count of the Westergard family allowed him to a vast knowledge of not only political affairs, but also mathematical and etiquette.

-Fluent in Reading, Writing, Speaking
General Attitude:
-A man of humble nature; He does not believe titles to make the man, but what he does with the title and power given to them. He shuns his true title, favoring a lower one in order to prove himself and ‘earn’ it in his own eyes.

Religious Inclination:
-Devout to Rahas

General Intelligence:
-An intelligent individual he has mastered a few academical skills.

General Sociability:
-Though he holds a quiet nature, he is rather sociable and will speak to around him if he finds them friendly enough.
-True Neutral

Short Term Goals:
[ {~} Ongoing, {/} Given up, {+} Completed ]
-Improve his Physique {~}
-Oversee Blackstone construction {~}
-Order a new sword {+}

Long Term Goals:
-Build a home on his Newfound Land {+}
-Furnish it {~}


Wardrobe: He wears dark clothes that are rather expensive
Jewelry: He wears no jewelry because he finds it clunky
Pets/Animals: Berry (Dog) Bristle (Raven)
Owned Homes:
A home within Blackstone - An island within the land of Hawklight -
Carried Inventory: His saddlebags carry quiet a few things including an odd vial.
General Inventory: His longsword and dagger.
General Wealth: Being apart of Hawklight leaves his with a larger amount of wealth.


Illnesses: None
Allergies: Poison ivy
Injuries: None at the moment
Sleeping Habits: Like a rock
Energy Levels: Moderate
Eating Habits: A healthy diet, due to Anaiah keeping an eye on him.
Exercise Habits: He keeps himself healthy with a moderate amount of exercise in order to keep his shape.
Memory: Sharp
Unhealthy Habits: Eats a little too quickly
Drinking Habits: He doesn't drink much in public, he'd rather keep his mind sharp around strangers

History: This history of house Westergard started when his father, Bronn Westergard, has appointed land in Wolfstadt. Which is why his house is rather small.

Birthplace: Camp Norman

Childhood: Since he was born in the new world before anyone had developed any substantial settlements his childhood was a bit rough. Everyone was a refugee and living in tents, leading to some unhappy people to be around.

Teen Years: Growing up in Blackstone he personally helped rebuild alone with his brother, while being groomed for leadership by his father.

Adulthood: After his father past he took control of their family house and matured quickly.

Family History: The house started with Bronn Westergard and Aylss Westergard, together they had three children, Joanna, Forrest, and Tirius.

Past Places of Residences: Camp Norman

Places Traveled: Everywhere important

Peaceful or violent: A peaceful individual. He only fights when cornered or sent to battle.

-A dagger
-Westergard family Longsword

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Count
Favorite Types of Food: Chicken or Poultry
Favorite Types of Drink: Ales
Hobbies/Pastimes: Horse Riding
Favorite Colors: Blue


Relevant Family Members: Tirius
Romantic Interests: Anaiah
Trusted Friends: Drake, Axex
Friendly With: Fronslin, Tohm, Ater, Cymic, Tryg, Arthur, Irenei, Dwarves,
Loose Acquaintances: Citrine, Ronn, Andre, Melarue, Ayda
Disfavored Individuals: Alison, Maceo, Jaden, Pod. Joe
Hated: Undead
Wary Of: Inspector Gadget, Isaac

Tohm Jak Axex Fronslin Cymic_ BoredBrit godfather1 Ayda Elz Baron Magiik Morbid UmbraSicarius CloakedReaper JoeJoe SirLuamTehDoge Joseph12Q
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Lord of Altera
Loved (Platonic):

Tirius Westergard (Tohm )
-His twin brother, couldn't think of anyone that knows him better.

Loved (Affectionate):
Anaiah Godfrey (Cukie1 )
-She makes him act like a child. She's okay.

Drake Hawklight (Jak )
-Nice of him to give Forrest land and his job.

Axex Hawklight (Axex )
-His king, a renown legend, although he doesn't know him personally he holds him in high regards.

Fronslin (Fronslin )
-an innocent fellow but nice guy.

Tohm Mechaskus (Tohm )
-His father's best friend. A scary man.

Ater (Magiik )
-Ater tended to Forrest's wounds and makes him laugh from time to time. He doesn't know what to think after a long time and his relation with the rangers.

Cymic (Cymic_ )
-Held a nice party and a new ally.

Tryg (godfather1 )
-They hold the same views. Naturally easy to converse with.

Citrine Azerwind (Samiwashere )
-Their past friendship has started to fade after an argument.

Ronn (SirLuamTehDoge )
-Forrest punched him but he seems alright.

Ayda Ralotumal (Ayda )
-Forrest believes she doesn't like him but she is a friend of Anaiah

Unsure of:
Inspector gadget (Baron )
-Go go gadget

Voreel (Hadies )
-A quiet man, doesn't know what to think.

Isaac (Joseph12Q )
-A man he knew before he fought him, he knows he isn't a bad man only fights for the wrong people. In their fight Forrest left him alive when he had the opportunity to kill him.

Afraid of:


Alison Kane (Elz )
-She comes off very rude and aggressive to strangers.

Maceo (BoredBrit )
-Utter coward and hypocrite.

Jaden (CloakedReaper )
-Needs to answer for his actions.

Joe (JoeJoe )
-A younger Jaden.
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