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Forum Downtime & Reorganization


The Chocolate Bar
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Tomorrow evening (The night of 01/11/2017, morning of 01/12/2017)
We will be performing a forum migration to a new server host. This means the forums will be offline before and during the migration. I estimate the forums will be offline between 1am and 4am EST.

Be advised that we are also switching the domain to a new address, so it may take time for your DNS to catch up. If you are still not able to access the website by 8am on the 12th, please check our Discord's #announcements channel. I will announce there when the website is operational again.

We will also be reorganizing the forums over the next week or so to provide a cleaner, more organized system for informative threads. More information on this to follow as we begin to implement the changes. Keep an eye out!

*Edit to clarify*
The server is not changing names or domains, web addresses - We will still be "hollowworld.co.uk"
However! We are upgrading our current hardware which will give us more freedom to upgrade the forums and add/edit plugins, something we are currently unable to do. For us to complete this upgrade the server is going to be down for a couple of hours to allow us to transfer all of the files and databases, and ensure everything is running smoothly on the new web server.

Any questions please ask below!

This has been pushed back, will update as soon as I have an updated time!​
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The Chocolate Bar
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Completed. First fruits of our labor are.. In the tab! You may need to ctrl-f5 a few times to see it.

..Thanks again everyone for your extended patience!


The Awkward
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There are too few 'recent' threads now. Please fix.
Those are only the threads bumped since the migration. You can still see all of the recents in "New Posts" and the recent threads tab will fill up as more are posted so that it looks like it used to.