Forward, Friend


Lord of Altera
Sat there, a lonely court, destitute and without meaning had the Preliator rested at his desk, what with his singular eye gazing over a couple manuscripts, and the lasting memoir of Eveline Lyssain, clutched within his gauntlet. He then seeped his head down against the table as his gaze then shifted slowly to his three idols: the Valiant, Ignis, Sallana. A rather fervorous feeling overcame him in a slight manner as the pale blue light shimmered over his head akin to that of a corona.

"Lord-Judicator, know unto this that I was your best and your worst, committed crime far beyond counting, and am irredeemeable; bound for your eternal fight in the Netherrealm, take me from this world, for better or for worse."

He then took the tiny statuette of Sallana and rested it against the older, more harrowing Crusade totem, the metallic digits clenching ever so slightly around the blackened steel dagger that always lay by his belt, a signature weapon; one that had aided in ending the Scion; a weapon that were seemingly blessed by the Dominus himself in his eye.

"Anything I do, anything I say, can and will not be enough to redeem myself, but let this man protect the many and the few, the weak and poor, as I had failed to do."
His singular gaze then rested over the small, baudy statuette of Ignis, resting a small flower there as he lit a couple candles and cast away a squire, with the intent of delivering some rather important documents.

"Forgive me, Lord."

To Podric of the House of Flanders,

Warden of the Light, Protector of the Radiants' Honor,
Lord of Cinders, Flanderburg, die Gottland, and Brother in Arms,

You, who against all odds, tribulations, and nigh-hellfire, stood against it all,
the loss of your family, friends, brothers; understanding gain and loss, through
this had you been tried by steel, and for this will you be granted steel; assets
beyond your wildest dreams, do this in memory of that which came before the
Cataclysm, do this in memory of what is right and true, not for Gods, not for Gold,
nor Glory, but for Man, those that rally behind us at War, those who we protect,
they who reap the fields. Remaining a brother to that which cause many and
end all;

Farewell, Podric, forsooth I know not what comes next; what I do know,
is that the world will be in a better place.

Haeresis Delenda Est

- Inside this package, sent to Podric's residence, is a number of manuscripts, a large
key to a vault known only now to Podric and the Preliator, detailed within is a rather
egregriously written document on exactly how much steel this man has collected and
forged in the past decade or so alone
. -