Francis de Courtnay - Washed Out


Lord of Altera
Minecraft name: BoredBritishGuy
Character name: Francis de Courtnay II

Link to normal character profile: [+]

Current Rank/Proficiency
Eviscism: Sparked through Magus
Formistry: (N/A)
Cogimency: (N/A)
Animancy: (N/A)

Overall Rank: Sparked through Magus

Spell Points: 0-350

Active Student: Yes

Active Teacher: No
- (N/A)

Active Focus: Yes
- "Lux":
The mace within Francis' grasp measures perhaps just under two feet long, made of pristine steel forged by a joint effort of multiple steelsmiths. Its hilt is large enough for perhaps one and a half hands, if one were willing to cover the now dimly glowing ruby heartstone that has been set into its base. The head of the mace is actually rather standard, being comprised of a multitude of steel flanges connected to the central shaft. However, unlike a regular mace, its head continues beyond the flanges in what would seem to be a two inch spike protruding upward, acting as a rather distinct point.

-Brennard Westmay - Eviscism

Protege(s)(Current rank):
- (N/A)

Known spells:
E v i s c i s m
- ( Spell name ) - ( Cost ) - ( # Times cast )

Sustained Effects:
-Sparking Sickness: Upon skin-to-skin contact; Francis finds himself sharing a rather annoying spark of electrical energy between himself and those that he touches. Effects negated by focus.
+2 Electric at the cost of -2 Penumbral. | +1 Thermal at the cost of -1 Magnetic.

Current Magical Status:
-Awaiting Apprenticeship.
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