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Magical Creature Anatomy
"Dissecting the Wyvern."

Garrett takes after his uncle, as the second member of the Herennius family to host a lesson in Frostwarts.
During his early childhood, he has had a fascination for all kinds of lizards and snakes.
He will in this lesson point out the similarities and differences between them and a Wyvern.
The wyvern demonstrated this day was of the undead kind and has been brought over from the Sorrowlands.
It died as it passed through the wards, proving them still active.
The lesson shall take place in Frostwarts' General Demonstration room in the Students' Tower.

Points can once again be earned for the students competition, which will be tallied up on the student scoreboard downstairs.
And like always, the best instructional or informative notebook will receive 1000 radiants.
All reasonable notes will be copied and added to the student's own bookcase in the Common Room.

Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: Friday 12th of July
Time: 22:30h GMT+2 / 3.30pm CDT / 4.30pm EST


To get to the General Demonstrations Room, follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Sanardu] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [General Demonstrations Room]

Go to Spawn, find the ship with the white mast. It takes you to Sanardu, find the boat with the grey sails and purple grape on it. It'll take you to Halbed, walk through the gates and make your way to the most South-Western point of town, you'll get to Frostwarts. Inside Frostwarts, go left, up the stairs, then left again. Follow the stairs up all the way to the classroom.

Students: [1/?]
Kublai Kull


The Artisan
Well.... Sorry if this wasn't what people were expecting. Hell, it sure wasn't what I expected it to be.
The reason for me stressing out was that this was the ONE lesson I had in mind the entire time while building the school in the first place.
So you can imagine my disappointment.

I didn't want to cancel the event cause I know people take time out to come online for it. Canceling it would be very rude in my mind.
But Galaxy wasn't able to host (Really she couldn't help it) and Kublai did a poor job at it. Was hoping to stretch time a bit by talking about it before cutting it up, to give Galaxy a chance to log in.
It's the first lesson that really did fail. Hope that doesn't keep people from joining the medical lesson tomorrow that is hosted by a whole other person, so should be good.
I guess, in the future, if the host of the lesson can't make it, I'll have to move it. Even if it's last minute.

Sorry folks.
Luckily Jak was able to step in and take over from my clumsy business.

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I think I might like it here
I guess I thought it failed cause I had this pre-set image of what it should've been in my head for a whole month now.
Stupid how the human brain works.
Yeah I feel ya. I mean, you know how I be. I'd be cool with the lesson even if we just argued about philosophy the whole time. I love that stuff.


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I'm so sorry about all of this still, I really am. I was really excited to do it, so it's sad that I wasn't able to host today.


The Artisan
I'm so sorry about all of this still, I really am. I was really excited to do it, so it's sad that I wasn't able to host today.
I've got something in the back of my mind. I will make sure you'll get another chance at Magical Creatures teaching :)