Funeral of King Charles the First


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Come, ye sorrowful souls, to pay respects to the Just and Honourable King Charles the First, of the Royal House of Adelowe!

Moderate, Public
Where: The Church of Saint Elias I, Breakwater
Whom: Any and all who wish to pay respects to the dead
Priests: Priest Yence, Priestess Selene
When: Sunday, November 22

King Charles has died of a fever from the swamps of Zima'maloj, and the kingdom has been left to the Hand of the King, Peter Hallon. He has arranged for a grand funeral on the 22nd of Stormwind to honour the memory of the dead king, and to burn his body so he may go peacefully into heaven and his soul may be at rest. All are welcome, but any who are disrespectful will be turned away. Weaponry will be confiscated, and anyone in armour will have to remove it before attending. None from the County of Marr will be permitted into the funeral due to the risk of them disturbing the body of King Charles.​
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Date might change since I forgot the Silas event was this weekend and Som decided to have an event on the same day.


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I dumb and just realized Azure isn't even in the Northern Kingdoms today to attend and my alt is a child who would have no reason to go. :/ Hope the event goes well though.


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[12:52:24 PM] Dogbew: You could say that your morning is getting in the way of your mourning

Miiiight be postponed until tomorrow. Busy.