Funeral of Prince Edmund Hallon


Secretly Niah
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Classification: Moderate, Public

Where: Cathedral to Ignis, Queensport
Whom: Any and all who wish to pay respects to the dead
Priests: TBD (Paint ? Joseph12Q ?)
When: Friday 30th December, 3PM EST


The Prince of Anhald, Edmund Hallon, has passed in his sleep from an illness brought about from his return from war. Alison Kane has ordered all flags to be lowered for three days, and for all of the Kane household to wear black for a designated mourning period. The plans for his funeral will be discussed.

OOC: This is common knowledge - Or will be as people move around etc Please don't ask me if it is.

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Lord of Altera
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I'd gladly run the service with my priest character, but he doesn't have a skin.


Secretly Niah
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PAint can come as Berndt (and he doesnt have a priest skin) - What time is best for you, Jak?