[Gear Town] Skiadro

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Lord of Altera
(better logo when i can be bothered to make one.)​
(p.s. before you flag me on the city's technology level i have gotten it approved to the legal level, no modern stuff though, i think that i have to get most stuff checked by the admins... so yeah.)​
Brief town summary.
"You enter a valley where you can see steam columns rising from, the occasional sound of heavy thumping reverberating through the air curious you decide to proceed to find the source. you expect to see either a rock slide or a geyser, instead you find a small town, covered in gears and flowing water with steam rising from a building near the centre, confused you see a sign on a post nearby. 'skaidro, a place of practical mind' . You then see all the gears turn with another heavy thump, settling in your mind you move in to learn how."​
[[ fairly technologically themed town, not crazy advanced but still rather high, to a legal level, this is a place that happily welcomes most as long as they don't go mad. Skaidro, a place where your imagination isn't even a limit... the lore is however. (heh) ]]​
Head Town's people.
Mayor/founder-Duncan Steelfist (Duncania_X)​
Mayor's right hand man/woman - Sir Slyk Ryderh (FleecyWelshGez)​
Guard captain- [none atm]​
Head researcher - Professor Dav'id Engem II/Nameless (goldengem25 )​
[more positions to be added later]​
population of the town= N/A ... okay technically one atm.​
Current wealth and taxes.
200,000.00 rads.
Taxes= nothing provided you remain active.​
Location and directions.
[to be added later when construction begins.]​
Plot and house costs
All of these Plots and information you will need to contact me about before building.​
Small house= 500r​
Medium house= 1000r​
Large house = [to be decided]​
keep in mind that these need to be kept to the towns theme, and don't be surprised if there is a gear going through part of it.​
Small plot 10 x 10 blocks = 2500 r​
Medium plot 20 x 20 blocks = 5000 r​
Custom plot ??x?? = [depends on the size]​
More detailed town description
[to be added later]​
Resident list and application format.
how to join
In character name : [???]​
Username: [???]​
RP age and race: [??? ???]​
Why you want to join the town: [???]​
How active are you: [???]​
Anything else you'd like to add: [???]​
Resident list-10/15​
(15 cap, if you're not on the list, reapply i probably won't find your old one ._.)​
Duncan steelfist (Duncania_X)​
Professor Dav'id Engem II/Nameless (goldengem25 )​
Aloan DiLeon (Deathmoron)​
Berrit Downfellow (spagbog)​
Sir Slyk Ryderh (FleecyWelshGez)​
Silvaria Haizea (CaptainColdbane)​
Elrohir Ancalime Engem (K9_Diamruid)​
Danielle Steelfist (xXKittycatGurlXx)​
Andrew Wallins (sadko12345)​
Bolbar Steeltink (Seth_Jenkins)​
Politics... [yawn]
I may be one of the heirs of house dormus, but skaidro will remain neutral as long as possible.​


Lord of Altera
Town origin/planning and screenshots.

What it might look like when it is built / art and screens.
from plan to finality.
Well to be honest i haven't quite got around to making any models on a single player world yet, And this is the first time i've tried a city from scratch. But, i am trying here.​
At the moment i have a couple of drawings in my head and enough funds to get started to a good level, as well as enough supplies to get it built to a reasonable level.​
sketch one: some sort of valley city with a column of steam rising in the back ground
The city is sort of going to be half across a valley with water flowing through it into heating pits where it's steamed to provide heat for houses, or to cook food, as well as that there will be aqueducts or tunnels of water running through it, still not sure why i drew the two towers...​
Sketch two: A partially internal view of what the city's buildings are when it's built.
A few different style buildings and maybe even a few projects when it's being built, But still not sure why i drew that face, but i will definitely keep the cannon in the area somewhere, and gears might be moving through some building. As well as that i will try to make it so that there will be easier access to the roofs for those who enjoy parkour and other such frivolities.​

Some more drawings, slightly off by 1 dimension, but still, they are more detailed than the previous one, i might start actually making models for them soon.

1st screenshot, and it's of a gear.

2nd screenshot and it's of a suspended gear/ blacksmith-ery


Lord of Altera
The first comment saying it reminds you of somewhere else and the second saying something stupid... Wow... Nice and nobody is even thinking about joining... Lets just wait. *dies of old age :( *


The Kingdom Crusher
In character name : Professor Dav'id Engem II/Nameless
Username: goldengem25
RP age and race: 42, and Human :p
Why you want to join the town: My character is going to get back to his science routes, so yeah :p
How active are you: Very, on nearly everyday
Anything else you'd like to add: I love the concept art you've done :D


Lord of Altera
In character name: Aloan DiLeon
Username: Deathmoron
RP age and race: 19 elven years/Elf
Why you want to join the town: My character has all-ways been fascinated by science! It's why he reads!:D
How active are you: Mucho!(Spanish for "abundance") I'm on the server almost everyday! But this week I'm going to Ohio on a trip to visit some friends. :p
Anything else you'd like to add: If I find out where you live, may I have your autograph?


Lord of Altera
In character name : William Harper​
Username: spagbog​
RP age and race: 21 and Human.​
Why you want to join the town: RP I need an actual place to stay for a while. Where I currently live is not exactly a home.​
OOC o_Q​
How active are you: Rather active.​
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