[Generic Courier #1259] The Light


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Within Storm's Landing, a courier would be handing out small scrolls, sealed with some string to any that'll take one! The scrolls are written in a very neat and fancy handwriting with lots'a twirlies.

John de Beaumont has been burned alive because he spoke the name 'Harateth' instead of 'Ignis Synnove', staying true to what was most likely the same pledge all zealots make to their chosen divine. May he rest in peace.

For those who do not know either or both doctrines
Thou shalt recognize Harateth as the only omnipotent deity.
Thou shalt not kneel below inferior gods while under faith of Harateth.

Thou shalt not recognize any other Gods or Goddesses, for the Light is the one true Divine.

Thou shalt not worship deceiving misconceptions of the holy icons and ideals.
Thou shalt believe true all words of the Light, and shalt observe all its directions.

Thou shalt pray upon dusk and dawn.
Thou shalt pray upon each Sunrise, to give good thanks that the Light bathes thy lands upon once more!

Thou shalt not deceive.
Thou shalt not keep known lies to thyself.

Thou shalt never lie nor bear false witness, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.

Thou shalt not harm others unjustly or in biased jurisdiction.
Thou shalt see murderers without cause have forfeit their own life before the Light, and their belongings entitled to the family of the murdered.

Thou shalt respect fair, noble and orderly territorial law and authority.
Thou shalt not enforce unfair, chaotic or sinister law.

Thou shalt recognize faith before emotion.
Thou shalt not let emotion dominate the mind.

3. Thou shalt respect those who are wealthy and powerful, for they are such due to the grace of the Light.
6. Thou shalt give due respects for the orderly inheiritance, heiritage and succesion, to honour thy Father and Mother before thee.
7. Thou shalt bring persecution upon heresy, to preserve the Order of the world.
9. Thou shalt burn the dead so they might not rise as demons, or worse!
10. Thou shalt respectfully observe the Divine Law.


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This is such a weird theological argument to have since Harateth literally died in front of dozens of witnesses and was reborn as Ignis, and even said as much after the fact.