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Geoffrey Varisia
disclaimer, this dude is gonna be a dick. Approach with cation
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Name: Geoffrey Dunkin Varisia
Other Names: Geoff
Titles: Sweet stuff all

{General Information}
Born as the son of a wealthy merchant, Geoff had the easy life. From a young age, he had learnt the ways of coin, though as he grew older, he gained a passion for engineering and mathematics. His father's fortune financed his decision, and at the cusp of manhood, he was completing his formal education to militaristic physics applications and other engineering specialities. Nowdays, Geoff spends his time bumming around in inns, making the best of the world.

Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Current Residence: All over the place
Relationship Status: Whoever and whenever he can get away with it.
Social Status: Merchant, or at least as much as he can cling to that

{Physical Appearance}
Geoff was another to be blessed by good looks and good mannerisms. At a young age, he was taught how to hold himself properly, and it paid off in the long run. Now a handsome young man, he has managed to retain his youth well with his hygienic nature.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Hazel Green eyes
Skin Colour: Caucasian
Shape of Face: Squarish
Distinguishing Features: -
Build of Body: Mesomorphic
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Short and cropped
Complexion: Clean, free of freckles
Posture: Stands upright, slumps sometimes when sitting.
Is Seen By Others As: Not a peasant, not a noble.
Scars: -
Voice: TBD

Despite his charming looks, Geoff is an A-Grade asshole. While often nice to those around him, he's only kind until he finds out your potential. Whether it be good bank account, good looks, or great power, Geoff is a gold digger from head to toe. If you're one of the few who fall under his 'nice' category, you're often treated to the 'nice' side of Geoff. Tender love and care, banter, and general well treatment. This does come at a price though, as he will always try to seek something from his hard work.

If you're unlucky enough to fall under the other side of Geoff's internal ratings, then you're in for the usual white girl response. He'd ignore you, stir you up on the side, throw insults over the table, all the fun stuff in order to gain amusement for himself. Though, when this
escalates to fights and brawls, no doubt he'd back away to try and maintain his pretty face.

- Spicy food
- Companions ( Of any sort.)
- Adventure and travel
- The cold
- Stupid questions
- Prim and proper people
- Good with numbers
- Decisive
- Creative
- Trusts too much, or trusts too little
- Ambitious
- Just a wee bit envious when he shouldn’t be
- Losing what he currently has
- Heights, like any sensible person
Values: The web of connections that is relationships
Education: Formally educated in Mathematics, Engineering and basic money management. Picked up some rather manipulative skills along the way
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Calm and polite, pragmatic most of the time. Sarcastic when on tilt, oft witty
Religious Inclination: Jax and Visage
General Intelligence: Good
General Sociability: Good
Alignment: True Neutral

Short Term Goals:
- "Time to meet new people, see what they can do for me"

Long Term Goals:
- Dig for gold, baby
- Settle down with the rich and wealthy.


- Travelling gear
Jewellery: -

Carried Inventory: -
General Inventory: -
General Wealth: -

Illnesses: -
Allergies: Peanuts
Injuries: -
Sleeping Habits: Doesn't require much sleep, though gets what he needs
Energy Levels: Good
Eating Habits: Good
Exercise Habits: Decent, travelling lots
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits: Drinking
Drinking Habits: Socially, mostly. Leaning towards more nasty inclinations.

Birthplace: -
Childhood: -
Teen Years: -
Adulthood: -

Family History: -
Past Places of Residences: The old world
Places Travelled:
- Around most of the Northern Kingdoms
- Queensport Camp
- Azerwind Camp
- Main Refugee Camp
- Queensport Actual
- Mockingbay Actual
- Storm's Landing
- Around the Dominon
- Uncharted lands in between nations

A coward at best, despite he could probably hold his own. Geoff has learnt the ways of hand to hand combat, being somewhat decent at the art, though his lack of real encounters and decent training have lead to him being a wimp in the face of violence. Unskilled with any sort of weapon, he'd prefer to use his fists and pocket sand to the best of his abilities whenever tasked with a fight.
Peaceful or violent: Whatever suits the situation at the time. Mostly peaceful, though violence is sometimes needed. Tends to shy away from combat if he must, often a coward past his sarcastic demeanour in a fight
Weaponry: A small dagger, hidden away under his shirt often
Combat Training: Self defense training with hand to hand, no other training.

{Training, Education & Skills}

- Civil Engineering
- Redstone Engineering

- General Physics
- Structural Forces and Advanced concepts of work.

- General Mathematics

{Other Trivia}
Occupation: Engineer/Leader
Favourite Types of Food: Spiiiiicey
Favourite Types of Drink: Stout or ale, often will go a whiskey to entertain others.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading
Favourite Colours: Blue and Red
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disclaimer, this character's gonna be an asshole. Don't take these personally
Approaching new people: Is often friendly, unless provoked otherwise
Relevant Family Members: Roselyn, his sister
Romantic Interests: -
Fancied: Alijol Herennia, Octavia Jones Samiwashere
Trusted Friends: Alasdair Kyroson
Friendly With: Alijol Herennia, Octavia Jones
Loose Acquaintances: Venti, Harley ShaolinPunk RagingLunacy
Neutral: Sebastien
Disfavoured Individuals: The general populace of Azerwind, Karn

Hated: -
Wary Of: -

{In Depth Relations}

Roselyn: My dearest sister, I cannot imagine life without you in it. I love you and I always will.
Alasdiar: My bestie, how could I forget you. The banter is strong, but I'd have it no other way.

Alijol: Damn ... That was quite the experience, not expected, but definitely entertaining ... and a bit more. I do actually hope you feel better soon, that way things can actually start to benefit me, and the both of us

Octavia: Nothing like a bit of alcohol to help the friendship along. This should be fun for some time indeed. She's not shy, that's for sure. Suppose she could be useful for many more things in the future.
Ventare: An interesting fellow.
Poisoned himself for shits and giggles. Very interesting
Harley: She seems about as licentious as her friend.
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"disclaimer, this dude is gonna be a dick. Approach with caution"

*Theo sharpens his sword* "Stay away from my big sister....!"


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