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Active Grand Master Veleti

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera

He is set in mass prayer to Crusade, fervorous after the death of It's sworn enemy.
Though true, this man now fears the death of the other divine, he himself invigorated
with all of his injuries rightfully healed.

General Information:

Ąrike Łyssain Va'yre of Kazimierz;
'Aur-Ry'iik' - 'Vyz'zai'en' - 'Vwa'ez'lay're' - 'Kaz'khi'Mierz'

Other Names:
Lord-Commander of Silvers Pyre.
Duke of Kazimierz
Grandmaster Vełeti of the Enclave.

Twenty One
Current Residence:
Silvers Pyre
Relationship Status:
"Lets not and say we did."
Social Status:
Noble. Commands an army.

Physical Appearance:

Six feet tall.
Eye Color:
Blue, fairly icey in tone when it comes to lighting and in low darkness is as similar to midnight sky.
Skin Color:
Pale as the snow.
Shape of Face:
Square Shaped, chisled.
Distinguishing Features:
His face is heavily, heavily scarred and marked up. His left eye was entirely gouged out and is in a jar somewhere in his house. Seems to be a knight in public.
Build of Body:
Lithe-graced, but he's working on gaining some muscle, atleast. His shoulders and collarbone are the most notable of his muscle and it graces down to his arms and laces around his waist and lower legs. Not a strong-man nor does he boast the ability to bear great weight triple his own.
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Choppy and cut up.
A young man of tanned pallor.
Stiff. Refined. Although when walking, he holds a certain swagger. Definitely something acquired on the high roads. When reclined, he crosses one leg over the other with a folded index finger, always thoughtful and always watching.
Is Seen By Others As:
Mysterious, dark? Collected (Externally. He's definitely not collected on the inside.)
Six lash marks that tend to decorate his lower back.
Warm tone, taken after by his mother. Expresses his feelings in a deeper, rich tone.


Definitely appreciates a good drink. Water is necessary, but something more high class, that he appreciates.

The Northward Grape Host.
Sylannen and various Southern Neighbors.

His lithe frame allows for decent mobility in a typical dirt-fight. His lower body is pretty strong due to a large amount of running he does as a young adult. Armored combat has become grandly common to him.
Loss of Fortune. The fell hand of Death.

Honor, where its due, and justice, where its needed. Also gold, and a good drink.
His mother was given enough legacy by his father, Raphael, and with that enough money to teach him to read and write. (In modern day, you could claim he has a Lexile score of 1000+)
General Attitude:
Don't hurt me, I don't hurt you.
Friendly in that he watches over places and does his best to keep his p's and q's.

Religious Inclination:
General Intelligence:
He's as smart as he should be with the education he was given. Noblemen's teaching, knows how to read, write and speak. Do simple labor- and combat.
General Sociability:
In the proper areas, with the right people at the right time? He can be quite the loud one in good company. Otherwise, when he is alone, he is quite quiet and doesn't speak all that much anymore. After seeing people get stabbed, cut up, and overall annihilated- Arike has lost much of his stomach.
Lawful Evil.

Short Term Goals:
Get a house.
Hang out with a girl.

Long Term Goals:
Plans are plans-- they are never fully capable to be done to the letter.


Full Leather Garb- Meant for comfort and traveling. Also personally likes how black fits on him.

A simple silver ring, with no jewels in set- after years of training with it, it's nicked and bruised in many places and nowhere near what it used to be originally, losing it's great shine.

Owned Homes:
One in Fuvur Territory, one in old Cordenth, and one in Silvers Pyre, his true holding.

Carried Inventory:

General Inventory:
Harming Potion.
Books. Lots of books.

General Wealth:
Approximately three thousand radiants at a time, be it through thievery or odd jobs, or being a soldier.

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Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera

Training & Skills:
Somewhat of an intermediate in terms of swordplay from his father. And somewhat of a hound when it comes to the proficiency in blunt weaponry as a knowledge of armor and weaponry through getting into fights and such. Over time however he began the trade of other arms and armor, such as plate harnasses and polearms.

Physical Proficiencies
He's strong, for his age. Well built, but not overly- he's lean in the parts necessary and has pretty tight musculature.

His strong arms make him a candidate for being a warrior.

He still learns about smithing, but can make -proper- weapons. They're not steel, but they're formidable and will serve well.

His graceful walking, although slow and collected, his boots give him away, but his quick pace gives him fairly good dexterity and he likes running long distances.

Other Trivia:

Blacksmith and Mercenary after his estrangement from the Northern Realms.
Favorite Types of Food:
Stews, noodles, if he can manage it. Maybe bread.
Favorite Types of Drink:
Making a good bowl of stew, and perhaps laying around? He still holds himself high and even takes up painting when he can. He of course does smithing and such.
Favorite Colors:
A deep, crimson red, and a soothing black. Can appreciate white in few circumstances and appreciates gold; though cannot stand is gaudiness for long..


Relevant Family Members:

Romantic Interests:
He would genuinely rather not, it's a matter of composure, and he can't act without composure. At least not properly.

Trusted Friends:
Pod the Rod- "An old friend from th' days after Exodus, likely hated my family but he's a good man, and true."
Albrecht- "A reasonable man if anything and a man of culture all the same. He's been a guiding light in trying times, same as his kin in the church."

Friendly With:
Sir Malthorn- "A knight of the Enclave. He serves well and properly spoken as is a night. Valiant."
Sir Ferdinand: "A loyal companion who seems to rely on action over words- aswell as a knight of the Enclave. I appreciate this man."
Sir Hamish 'Wood' Longtree: "Another loyal companion and a knight of the Enclave who values, to some grand extent- honor and loyalty. I appreciate them."

Loose Acquaintances:
Maceo- "I'm inclined to appreciate the man as part due to th' old Flander I met ages ago. Alas, he's a good man at heart and serves his god like I serve mine. Until death."
Gael- "A proud and powerful knight of the Kaiserreich and someone I'm glad to have met, and done combat alongside."

Disfavored Individuals:
Balatro- "We went in there to save *you*? What is Nwalme doing, probably drinking.."
Dravos- "A bastard, I would suppose. A grand almagamation of dirt and dog alike. Except- he can't be considered a dog, really- those are useful, and not akin to shit."
Wary Of:
The Grey Lady. Crusade.

Likewise Likable PitaChipBoi _Discord_ blargtheawesome Ambillis
Sir Arc Luam BoredBrit Nardlerd Rygan Scardrac
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Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera


Inside of a ship, in the midst of battle when his father went overseas to commence trade with pirates and such. Going back to his roots, the man who called himself king of pirates was soon to fall after his meeting with them, for the last time. In a cave of life eternal. While his mother, Emily Harrowsmark had no knowledge of where the father went after the ship left, leaving her, and unborn baby Arik alone in a ship of men that the man of Crusade trusted.

Childhood/Teen Years:
These were less then simple, although Emily had enough money from Raphael's legacy, Arike simply made it hell for her sometimes, in and out of home. He wasn't evil, not really. He was troubled, more or less. This is until Raphael came home, and taught Arike what he could in a very short time. Leaving him with miniscule skill in everything. He had no real knowledge and wasn't capable of anything. At the age of fourteen, Arike was well written, well spoken, and was working a decent life but was already in jail twice.

This stopped, however. When he turned sixteen and entered jail for the third time and was left with lash markings on his back, six or seven he counts. Remembering how he blacked out from the pain. His mother nursed him back to health in a matter of weeks but the pain is always with him. It's a reason why he at one point, toned down his acts of ill toward some civilizations. Seventeen, with a lithe grace upon him, Arik stood with pride in his family name, despite again, never knowing his fathers true name.

Only recently turning eighteen, Arike looked to his mother and graced her with a hug and proceeded to leave the house, muttering his goodbyes and promises. He makes way for somewhere.. he just doesn't know where to go. With skills and mind, he knows what to do. This is a world of chaos.

Young Adult Life:
A lot of travelling and a lot of odd jobs and merc work.

Find out IC idk.

Family History:
Knew his mother, for the most part, and what she did for a living. He loves her deeply, but knew that one day, he himself would have to leave and forge his own life, for better or for worse.
Basically a procurer in his eyes, being that he too wasn't in the best of work either. Thieving and being a bastard. Perhaps he will visit her one day.

Knowing only a couple things, being fourteen when his father died, there are no recordings of his fathers death. The only fondness was the amount of teaching in terms of blade. This explaining his very.. basic knowledge of swords. He shares his fathers values of love to its extent, but was never allowed to know his fathers name. Values beyond that were lost upon him. He learned nothing about his fathers past, and only knew that he could possibly be a very evil man indeed.

His bastard brothers were ..no less of good people. He cared about them, but knew their line of work led to sadness and death, and left them to it. Family only goes so far. Blood boils thicker then water, sure, but that never stopped his brothers from hurting him emotionally and physically. Does he love his brothers? No, nor will he ever. For reasons being the fact he knows that love can sometimes be a weakness, a hinderance.

Past Places of Residences:
Silvers Pyre; Current and Past.

At one point, a keep of stone. A prison, for petty theft. And now a tavern, where he wants to begin his life alone. At one point, was taught in a house of women of the night. Sad to say, this is where a lot of his skills were brought up, be it some of them weren't a lot.

Places Traveled:
Dreadfall. (A port city offshore. Was destroyed, near the coast of where he was born.) Mockingbay, Storms Landing, Sanardu, Ackerland, Varynhalle, and Cordenth Lands.

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Lord of Altera
Dravos- "A bastard, I would suppose. A grand almagamation of dirt and dog alike. Except- he can't be considered a dog, really- those are useful, and not akin to shit."

Would he remember Dravos leaving him since it happened right before his death? Unless this is for earlier when he shot ya :)

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
Dravos- "A bastard, I would suppose. A grand almagamation of dirt and dog alike. Except- he can't be considered a dog, really- those are useful, and not akin to shit."

Would he remember Dravos leaving him since it happened right before his death? Unless this is for earlier when he shot ya :)
'Death was voided'

contact staff if need be.