Completed Grand Opening of the Grand Cathedral [Friday, July 6 @11pm gmt+1 and 2pm pst, 5pm est] {Public}


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After many tireless days and long hours of toil, the Grand Cathedral of Storm's Landing has finally been deemed finished.
The opening of the Cathedral will mark a momentous occasion for the city, and be a place for the public of Storm's Landing to worship the pantheon.
To open after such tragedies as the loss of three of the gods is difficult, but they will remain honored for the place that they held when they held it. No longer worshiped, but not forgotten.
The ceremony will be presided over by Sankera fi Faladiir, the architect and majority funder of the Grand Cathedral.
All are welcome to experience this occasion and to send up a prayer to the living gods, and pay some respects to the fallen.
The blessed are invited to come and be the first to guide services in their respective god's shrines.



Where: The Cathedral in Storm's Landing
When: Friday, July 6 @11pm gmt+1 and 2pm pst, 5pm est
It's finally being put in! Thanks to Sankera for all the time and effort he's put in, and to everyone who's worked on the shrines!​
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