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"We get what you want got, where you want it got."


Green Shipping Company is the premier shipping company for the entirety of the Eastern seaboard. Boasting a large and newly constructed fleet of ships,
the Green Shipping Company prides itself on the ability to move goods, people and anything else that the nations and individuals of the world
need transported, through thick and thin. Green Shipping Company boasts a strong and collectivised system of profit management,
with every single contract benefiting the entire company staff. Through this unique and encouraging method, does every staff
member of the Green Shipping Company strive their hardest on every single contract that comes their way.

Our Headquarters in the city of Veraci will soon be open to business, and is already brimming with activity, as well as a number of other
locations in major cities that are currently being prepared for opening. Steady and controlled expansion is key for any
successful venture (the Green Shipping Company being no exception!), and our founder knows this best of all.

Our unique and specialised services are tailored to every customer, so there is no definitive price list or list of services we can
perform to scour. Rest assured that the Green Shipping Company has your back though, and will always reasonably negotiate.

Our current membership includes men, women and even others from all walks of life. Truly is the Green Shipping Company an
equal opportunities employer. Only through hard work and quick thinking can one learn the ropes of the shipping industry, and so it is
that those are the only two ways to progress your involvement in the Green Shipping Company.


Joining the Green Shipping Company is as simple as submitting your details and information to our head office in Veraci, either by letter
or by personally handing it in. We are located below the Green House, with a beautiful set of docks ready to commence our operations
across the entirety of the continent.

Related Skills or Talents:
Employment History:
Current Home Address:
Political Affiliation:

For their own protection, the workers of the Green Shipping Company have their identities removed from public record.
Often we may be shipping items for which particular care must be taken or which are desired by other involved parties - in these cases,
it would not do to have such things publicly available. Rest assured, that all individuals entering into contract with the Green Shipping Company
are of solid, good, repute and have been thoroughly checked for any criminal background.


Verily, in such a manner is the Green Shipping Company open to business. It is no surprise that in such a time the Green Shipping Company has come about,
as the movement of goods is of great importance in times of strife. Such, the founder of the Green Shipping Company has come about to seize a gap
in the market and take the opportunity that has been presented. As the Green Shipping Company begins its journey towards global recognition, there
will certainly be a grand number of opportunities in its ranks. Going in this direction for the Green Shipping Company means that there may be
ups and downs when it comes to the fortunes of the company, but rest assured that all employees will be treated well. Entering these times may
prove trying for the Green Shipping Company, but under the guidance of our founder, we will surely prosper!

The world is what you make of it, and the founder believes this most truly of all!
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"We get stuff from where you want, to where you want."

It is with great pleasure, a large helping of pomp and accompanied by happy circumstance that I do present to the general public the unveiling of the locations
of the offices and warehouses that do, insofar as being extremely relevant to the continued functioning of shipping across the Eastern Seaboard,
promise a great deal
of continued wealth for the Green Shipping Company. Rest assured gentlefolk (men, women and indeed Caparii)that you are welcome,
whenever and howsoever, to visit any of these locations to initiate a contract with us. We take great pride here at the Green Shipping Company
in having fully staffed offices and warehouses,
each of which lacks in not a single accoutrement necessary for your conducting fine and smooth
business with us. It is with great pleasure that we treat every customer's interests as our own interest, their requests as our bidding and their goods as sacredly
as if they had been god-given
(this last one of course, a jest, as this would be heresy).

I would also elaborate that the benefits of allowing the establishment of a regional offices within your own cities (to any of my discerning readers whom own such a locality,
location or even place), as they are obviously numerous. Contracts originating in your own city render more additional wealth in your personal economy,

as well as more direct and available shipping for your own purposes being readily available, rather than having to travel elsewhere or send a troublesome
letter in order to contract the Green Shipping Company. Finally, as we do not only perform shipping contracts but also benefit the localities in which we

are established in other manners (one must only look, for example at all the good we plan to do in Storm's Landing), a regional offices establishes within
us a desire to work for the betterment of your location, as such betters us also. There is not quite a motivating factor as strong as greed, excepting perhaps faith
and love,
but we maintain that by investing in the Green Shipping Company, we in turn, invest in you.

Now, with finality and without further delay, I do present most graciously the list of locations where you may employ the Green Shipping Company from,
as doubtless sending a letter is tiresome considering a meeting in person is generally needed regardless. All locations are conveniently signed,
and we shall be setting up banners in order to better guide those less geographically inclined individuals towards our locations - none should lose out
on what we have
to offer simply due to a lack of basic ability. We're here for our customers, always watching out for you.

Veraci Regional Offices and Shipping Headquarters
Sanardú Regional Offices and Storage Headquarters
Storm's Landing Regional Offices

Establishing a working relationship with the Green Shipping Company by allowing us to establish a regional offices in your locality is as easy as
sending us a letter or meeting with one of our representatives in person. All information and details must be vetted before we can think to establish a
location in
collaboration with you however - it would not do to invest in a place liable to collapse or seize our property for no reason.

Locality Owned:
Political Affiliation:

Verily, in such a manner is the Green Shipping Company increasing their influence and wealth. It is no surprise that with such an expansion the Green Shipping Company
has ever increasing fortunes in its future. Such, the founder of the Green Shipping Company has yet again led us forwards and benefited every employee. As the Green Shipping
Company continues its journey towards global recognition, such opportunities and expansions will continue to occur. Going in this direction for the Green Shipping Company means
that there is likely a strong upturn in the wealth and prosperity of all employees. Entering into such agreements may prove trying for the Green Shipping Company, but under the
guidance of our founder, we will surely continue to prosper!

The perception of the Green Shipping Company remains as positive as it always shall, all thanks to our founder!

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"Whatever you want, we can get that thing."

With the removal of the Horse Head Gang from Storm's Landing by some unknown element entirely un-associated with the Green Shipping Company, and therefore the
liberation of the economy of the less fortunate part of the city from such controlling and siphoning elements, the Green Shipping Company has set about to benefit the
locality even more. The supporting of local businesses through targeted imports, keeping the streets clean of petty thieves, ensuring "rent" is all paid to the building "owners" on time
- all of these will ensure a flourishing of fortunes.

Notably, the pits have been laid claim to, with a formal system to the bouts within - whereas formally this was administered poorly and often lead to death, stolen bets and a
negative perception of the entirety of this region of the city, under the new leadership of a Green Shipping Company employee, hopes are that fights should be more
controlled and profitable for all involved. While there may be some minor concerns over the freedom of informal bouts, those should be rapidly dismissed; we're merely
clearing up the formerly illegal fights against unintelligent creatures, slaves and other such events.

Many will also be glad to hear that shipments into and out of the area should be beginning shortly; the Green Shipping Company is invested in making sure that those least fortunate
are made more wealthy and safer. More money in the hands of the people in need of shipping, means more money flowing into our coffers in the long term. Purchases of any of
our services from anyone is beneficial for our image and continued fortune.

Finally, another employee is being placed charge of Green Shipping Company dockside activity, as well as any associated purchases or sales within the area. This employee
has shown themselves to be an extremely competent manager of resources, who shall likely integrate on a personal level with all salespeople in the locality.

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