GuildsMC Renders | Blackstone The King City

Lady Alec

Captain No Fun
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I am back with another wonderful render!

New ones will be posted every couple weeks and the region owners who have been featured are welcome to use the images on their town threads with credit given to the lovely GuildsMC

One more thing!
To help get these out there and show off our server and GuildsMC's beautiful map we need you to upvote, give diamonds, like, comment, and share these!

Thank you for your help!

View all of the renders here:




Just like last week i want to hear feedback from you guys!
let me know what you guys want to see featured next! so far in the lead is the compendium.


The Undying Scholar.
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Nice render, tree colour variety shows especially but already very out of date view of the city.


Reaching for the Heavens
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Wow, that looks even better than expected!

It's a really old render though? There are so many things not on it.
As much as the nomination is appreciated, I think it should be saved until the keep is completed. Not sure the timeframe on that though.
Can we have another one done when we are ready for it?