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~ Haldir Maros Voltaius ~

**Note: Updates to this Character will be written in Bright Blue**
General Information
Name: Haldir Maros Voltaius
Other Names: Hally, Hal
Titles: N/A

Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Current Residence: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Denizen

Height: 6'1ft
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White, slightly tanned
Shape of Face: Somewhat round, sharp
Build of Body: Fit, somewhat muscular
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: A little messy, but casual
Complexion: A tad rough, but somewhat smooth
Posture: Stands straight and tall
Is Seen By Others As: Kind, compassionate, smart, hardworking, eager, helpful, naive.
Scars: Right shoulder (From sword-fighting practice), bite mark on right calf.
Voice: A good medium pitch; not too deep, but not too high.Voice cracks sometimes.


Likes: Food, writing, cooking, and helping people.
Dislikes: Negativity, and rude behavior. Being told he can't do things he wants to do.
Strengths: Good at reading and writing, can defuse most conflicts, gets along with people well, and a good judge of character
Weaknesses: Can't handle the dark well, clumsy, and bad at flirting
Fears: The dark, demons
Values: Kindness, honesty, bravery, and intelligence
Education: Can read and write
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Nice, kind, and positive
Religious Inclination: None; was raised to believe in yourself and not depend on a God to do things for you
General Intelligence: Still young, doesn't know anything more than how to cook, how to work, and personal hygiene.
General Sociability: Good; gets along with people well and makes friends rather easy
Alignment: Good

Current Standing Character Goals
Current Goals: Get cured and return to his duties of helping protect the Compendium

Long Term Goals: Find a wife, find a good home, make a name for himself and extend the Voltaius Bloodline

Possessions, Health, & Skills

Wardrobe: Simple clothing, a Brigandine w/ Steel Pauldrons, a set of Plate Munitions armor (Not Fitted), and an Ignis tabbard.
Jewelry: N/A

Pets/Animals: N/A

Owned Homes: N/A

Carried Inventory: Slabyleiptr, the Sword of House Voltaius, and a bow made of oak w/ some arrows
General Inventory: Food, a fishing pole

General Wealth: A small amount of Radiants

Illnesses: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Injuries: Right forearm bit clean off
Sleeping Habits: Normal, but tends to stay up late
Energy Levels: Constantly full of energy
Eating Habits: Tends to eat his fill in two meals a day rather than three
Exercise Habits: Constantly walks around Storm's Landing
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits: N/A
Drinking Habits: Drinks heavier drinks when he has the chance

Training & Skills: Basic Musical Talent (Singing), Basic Swordfighting, Basic Archery, Basic Hunting, and Basic Knowledge of Flora

Other Information

Occupation: N/A
Favorite Types of Food: Steak w/ Baked Potatoes and Gravy
Favorite Types of Drink: Dark Beer, Whiskey
Hobbies/Pastimes: Writing, wandering, hanging out with friends, and exercising
Favorite Colors: All shades of blue
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~ Lost Journal Entries of Haldir ~
Note: I was going to do these, but keeping up with them every single day proves to be a hassle, so I won't be making them anymore :/

18th of Sunlight, Season of Harvest - 2293:

I arrived at the Conp Compendium today, after leaving the slums of Storm's Landing, to see what I could to do help about the Plague. And let me tell you: the Compendium
looks pretty cool! Like, in the kind of "I haven't seen anything besides the streets of Storm's Landing, or the forests outside of it" kind of way.

I've also met some pretty cool people so far, too! The first man I met, to be exact, was a dude named Sir Idon Marr (What a cool name, am I right?!). Apparently he
used to serve a God named "Rahas" who was all about justice, I think. He said the God died somehow, and he didn't know how, but since then he has been a wandering knight!
That's pretty neat, and he has even been to the Northern Kingdoms! HOW COOL IS THAT!? It's amazing!

After speaking to him, I met another guy by the name of Isd Iskvar Iskvandar. He was kinda creepy at first, but he's a cool guy, too. Kinda reminded me of father a little bit...but,
he was still fun to talk to! He works at the Hospital in the Compendium, and he's helping research the Plague! I offered to help in some way, and I told him about how I was
trained somewhat with a sword. He suggested that I should talk to Lady Elizabeth Kane about starting a more formal Guard at the Compendium! Talk about making a name for
myself, right?! He also mentioned how the birds listened to the people in the Compendium, and how they watch, too. I found that rather odd, since animals don't do that, but I
know he wasn't lying. I think I'll keep my conversations indoors for now on, just in case.

Just before I had head to bed, I met a nice lady named Laisa. She seemed cool, but she had a SERIOUS problem with looking at people for too long. I eventually
challenged her to a staring contest without telling her, and she definitely won! Well, I didn't blink until after she left, so I guess she didn't actually win, but nevertheless it was
still kinda weird.

I also met some guy named Jeffery, but I forgot what we talked about. It must not have been too important, but I was also really sleepy when we talked.

I wish Elah was here to experience it all. She refused to come with me with Fredrick and Bjorun. I begged and pleaded, telling her that it wasn't safe near Storm's Landing
while the Plague was about especially since Bjorun was so young and would be more vulnerable to sickness. But...she refused and told me to leave the farm...and I haven't
been able to stop thinking about her since. I want her to be well, as well as Bjorun and Fredrick, but she's the only bit of family I have left. Of course, Remulus is like a
second father, but he's not blood; he's not my sister.

I hope to see her soon.


19th of Sunlight, Season of Harvest - 2293:

Today was kinda odd. Sure, I met knew people and was given my first duties here at the Compendium...but nonetheless it was odd.

First off, I ACTUALLY MET THE LADY KANE TODAY! Like, how awesome is that, right?! I mean, she was intimidating cute cool, but that's not the point. I asked
her about starting a more formal Guard, and she sorta said no to it, but she said that was because she didn't know me. She also said her brother led what little defense
there was at the Comen Compendium, which is cool. I think her brother is Charles Kane, but I'm not sure. He's pretty cool, too, which makes me happy that I would be
going on a hunt with him to get some boars to inspect for research on the Plague. Anyways, so she told me that if I wanted to help and make a name for myself so she
could gain my trust, I should kill any beasts that lurk in or around the Compendium. THAT'S AWESOME, RIGHT!? Man oh man, I sure am climbing the ranks 'round here
pretty quickly!

Speaking of the hunt, I got to help Lord Lyssian Lord Lyssain von Eretine carry some spears he made for the hunt for Charles! But, we had to take them from Lyssain's forge at
home ALL the way back to the Compendium. But, he did have some gross-tasting potion that made us move super fast, so that was pretty cool. I might've dropped a spear or two,
but no one will notice. I asked Charles if I could join them on the hunt, and he told me to ask some guy named Jaden.

You might think: "Heh, Jaden totally is just some guy." BUT NO, HE'S COOLER THAN JUST SOME GUY! He has this awesome sword with a glowy gem on it. Slabyleiptr is
pretty cool, but he isn't magical like Jaden's sword (sorry Ancestor Algor)! He tried to scare me out of going on the hunt, but there was no stopping me from that! Not at all!
I came to the Compendium intending to help, and that's what I'm going to do! Besides, if anything goes wrong, I have a 2 magical people and a Duke (who probably is magical
in some way) to save my butt!

AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON ARIKE'S MAGIC. Oh yeah, by the way, Lord Lyssain likes to be called Arike. I don't know why, but it's just that way. I didn't want to
push too much about it, or ask at all really, BUT HOLY CRAP HE'S COOL! Earlier in the day, I met this nice lady named Raalvara Mason when I saw Sir Idon next to her by
the fountain at the Compendium. She's really beautiful strong-looking and it's rather admirable.

A few hours after meeting her, I saw her in the Tavern with some old dude named Mikhael. Now, I don't really know what the guy did to piss her off, but I tried to stop the fight
nonetheless. I'd hate to see what the guy would look like after Raalvara's done with him! When I tried to break the fight up, Raalvara ignored me and kept going for the guy. I
feared that she might kill him, so I went and found Arike before anything else bad happened. Boy was I glad I got him! He walked into the tavern and told me to not tell anyone
what was going to happen (and I haven't!), then he did some cool, bright, magic thing where the light around his head got really bright and his voice was just SO COOL! IT'S
LIKE ONLY HIS VOICE REMAINED, AND EVER EXISTED FOR A MOMENT! Goodness, I never experienced anything like that, ever!

Eventually, though, some other guy walked in with a sword that had pale FLAMES on it! LIKE COME ON! Why the hell do I not have a sword like that!? So this guy walked in, too,
and it was startling and I thought he was a bad guy for a moment! Soon after, though, the situation concluded with Mikhael being brought outside and having his hand cut off for
stealing or something like that. That was pretty odd, I must say. I did meet a guy named Leofaren Venna after it all took place, though, after watching some guy with blue tattoos make
quick work of Mikhael's wound. He seems pretty magical, too! It's crazy how so many of these people are so magical, it's nuts! And I'm sitting here with just skills in hunting, mainly!
Like, how mundane is that!? Anyways, so yeah, that was a pretty odd event.

Somewhere in between there, I met a lady named Arrianne. To be honest, she's kinda enchanting herself, but I think Iskvandar's into her, so I'm not going to be hitting on her much in
the near future. Or, at all really.

So now I lay in bed, wondering what else is going to come after today. I still think of my sister, of course, but another woman is on my mind as well...and I guess I could say who it is in
my own journal (since no one should be reading it anyways!)...and it's Raalvara. I mean, how could I not have a crush on her!? She's super tough and it was kinda attractive seeing her in
action as she was trying to beat up that Mikhael guy, even though I was trying to stop the fight.

It probably doesn't make sense at all, does to me.



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~ Character History ~

Birthplace: The "Waverider" in PC 2281 during the Great Migration.

Childhood: Spent his first two years in the Captain's Quarters of the "Waverider" learning about the Northern Kingdoms from his father and the Captain from time to time,
then lived in the woods of the Eastern Continent before moving to the newly constructed Storm's Landing. Was forced into working at an early age since his father died.

Teen Years: Spent his teen years learning how to use a sword from time to time while also helping run small errands for Remulus, a family friend. Didn't do much of talking
to girls, but he did catch the eye of a girl name Hailey before she disappeared.

Worried about the Plague, Haldir moved out of Storm's Landing. He asked his sister, Elah, to come with him but she refused. She insisted that the farm her and her husband
lived on with their child was safe from the Plague. Haldir would take a carriage to the Compendium, and he would seek to find a purpose there. After arriving, he made
more than a few acquaintences with various people, and he is becoming an established individual at the Compendium.

He is currently awaiting to go on a hunt with Charles Kane, Lord Lyssain "Arike" von Eretine, and a Ranger named Jaden to gather boars to inspect for research on the

[More to add soon]

Adulthood: N/A

Family History: House Voltaius was started by Algor Voltaius of Sparkwater Keep after his father, Joras Volt, married a woman from House Raius. When the two
noble bloods crossed to be one noble blood, Algor, later titled "The Last Volt" by his father, would be the first of House Voltaius. After that, not much is known
other than the fact that Algor Voltaius was nearly killed after being struck by lightning in the Second Great War. It was said that we went mad, rambling about things
no one knew the context of. Nevertheless, when he died years later, it was his son Galdor that made Slabyleiptr from his ashes to be the House Sword.

The rights to Sparkwater Keep were lost in the years after the Second Great War since it had been destroyed and the deed to the land was destroyed with it.

Past Places of Residences: N/A

Places Traveled: Storm's Landing, Plains Beyond Storm's Landing


Loyal Servant of Altera
~ Relationships ~
Relevant Family Members

Alskyr Voltaius (Father)
Status: Deceased (?)
"I miss you greatly, father. I wish you were here with me, and I miss our days of hunting. I hope to see you again in heaven, along with Bjorun and mother."

Meladyn Seler-Voltaius (Mother)
Status: Deceased
"Although I never knew you, I wish I did. Father spoke of you very little, and I know it only pained him to ever even mention you."

Elah Voltaius (Sister)
Status: Alive
"I am glad that you are safe, but I fear Storm's Landing isn't safe for you and Fredrick anymore. I thank Ignis that you're alive every day."

Fredrick Ashe (Brother-in-law)
Status: Alive
"I am glad that my sister has a man like you to depend on. Although you're not quite strong, I'm glad you're there for her while I can't."


Romantic Interests

None at this current time.


Trusted Friends

Leofaren Venna - "I owe you more than one. You've saved my life on more than one occasion and have been there for me when I needed you. I am glad to be able to call you my friend."

Valtae Dur - "You've been a good friend to me, and I am glad to have met you."

Theodosia Engem - "You helped me find my sister and her husband when everyone one else made empty promises and housed them when no one else would. I could never repay you for this."


Friendly With

Sir Idon Marr - "You are the first person I met when I traveled to the Compendium, and I haven't seen you in a long time. I hope you made it out of the Compendium safely."

Iskvandar - "You're a very mysterious person, but I have high respect for you. I hope I will see you soon."

Katla - "I am so glad that you haven't been harmed by the Plague. You're a beacon of innocence in these dark times and I can't wait to see the kind of warrior-princess you grow up to be."

Raalvara Mason - "You're intimidating and a good friend. I'll never forget the times we've fought side by side, and I wish to fight along side you again."

Podric Flanders - "Although we haven't known each other long, I have respect for you and am proud to be serving with you in the Order. Without you, I never would have found the Light. I'm sorry for punching you in the face, still."

Kam Hakiaz - "You've been good to me despite the fact that we've not known each other long. You owe me 2 secrets and a favor still, and I've yet to see you since being at the Compendium."

Kopii - "I need to know more about you before I can trust you, but you've saved my life more than once and I could never repay you for doing so."

Melarue Lydril - "I respect you dearly. Although you locked me in a room against my will, you allowed me to travel to Storm's Landing to find my sister. I owe you one."

Kitrana Dawnriver - "You and Leo have a knack for saving my life, it seems. I have high respect for you and I can't wait to train with you in the coming future."

Jaden Seeker - "You scare me if I am honest. Very intimidating, but I hope to learn from you so I can be a great warrior one day."

Lyssain "Arike" von Eretine - "I haven't seen you in ages, and then you return to Astrum to call upon me to be safe in the mainland? And then you drag me away, just to leave once more? I hold respect for you, but I will not forget this."

Oskar Harrister - "I have not known you for long, but you've been rather kind to me. You claim that I am a "hero" after giving you time to awaken your Focus, and I accept it even though I feel like I didn't do much at all. You have offered me a place in your lands when I look to settle down, and for this I appreciate you greatly. The future has much in store for us."

Drew Swift - "I owe you my life, along many others, because you saved me. While everyone else watched as Oskar blasted the beast in two, you pulled me back and stopped me from dying. For this, I am in your debt."


Loose Acquaintances

Laisa, Jeffery, Elizabeth Kane, Charles Kane, Arianne, Jerr'co Hakiaz, Isaac Dunrad, Hamish Longtree, Linden, Francis MacRammbar, Joseph, Count James Varyn, Olive, Gilligan Kearney, Flavius Panos, Ayda Ulamyar, Gael von Dugald, Sophia, Catherine, Rowaldin Teline, Ember Mor'Alune, Eoghan Cathain, Lina Swift and Tania.

Disfavored Individuals

Asero Crow - "You stopped me when I tried to find my family after the riots in Storm's Landing. My nephew could've got medical attention and survived, and you knocked me out instead. This is something I will never forget."



None at this current time.


Those Who Are Missed

Bjorun Voltaius (Nephew)
Status: Deceased
"I miss you dearly, young one. I would've loved to see you grow up to be a strong lad."
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