Finished Halloween Scary Puzzle Event


The Artisan
It was a great success! I'm very happy with the turn-up of I think about 7 people. Also happy with the IC being mixed with the OOC fun of it and some people catching up on the IC sinister plot of the last room.
Special thanks to Jazzper for resetting night three times

The event-site is still open and people can still solve the puzzles to get to loot OOCly. ICly one of the houses and the final room have been burnt down in the name of the Good Gods.
I'll put down how the puzzles work:
- Everything is in the pumpkin patches
- To open doors, you need passwords (entered in full CAPS)
- Find the first passwords in the pumpkinpatch
- open a door with a password to get entree to a room which will hold a new password and a goody in a chest.
- Go on until you reach the final room, by that time, you've collected all the goodies most likely! Incl. a lorified pumpkin head!

Thanks to everyone who showed up! :) I really enjoyed myself.