Finished Harlot's Veil Chapter 1 - The Fall of the Hammer (Part-1)


Secretly both Niah and Elz
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(Friday may 4th 3:00PM pst)

The Fall of the Hammer
The Burning of Rogue's Hearth effected you all in different ways. But for most of you it meant losing your home. For some, even your freedom. You rose a flag of rebellion and lost, You were captured wail looting, You crossed the wrong northern noble. You all have your own reasons. But thats not important anymore.

The Harlot's Veil, The Dogs, Even the Dustfellows. These are groups of people like you. how did they get there beginnings? How dose a group of fugitives and prisoners become more? I guess you'll find out together.

You are prisoners of house Fuvur. You are currently working long hours tending the sugarcane feilds on Palm island to work off your debt. Escape is an impossiblity, where would you go? There is hundreds of miles of nothing but broken islands to your north and a hot unforgiving sea to the south.

- The first event is a meeting of the guild characters. This isnt an escape. Its a prion RP event. We are captured, there is no way out... yet.
- Characters at this event have been working the Fields for at least a month following the Riot in Rogue's Hearth, some have been here even longer. As such they are tired and beaten down. There shouldn't be any CRP.
- This will be a Relatively short event. The 2nd part will be announced shortly after this.

[This is a private event available only to Thieve's Guild members and ally]

Would you like to join the guild and help build our lore and attend events like this one?
The guild is open if your interested. Joining means playing as an ALT who is already a member. Characters created this way consent to having Bal as there DM and tying there story to the over all story of the guild. It is also a commitment to joining the Monthly Guild event. (Last Thursday or Friday of each month)
You can Sign up here.
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Secretly both Niah and Elz
Retired Staff
Hey everyone bad news. I was going to leave for my train after the event tomorrow but it dosnt run that late. So were gonna have to postpone tell next Thursday-Saturday. Im really sorry. No lynch mobs please. I know we've been waiting to run this event for forever.

I'll make up for it by having the secound event a week after insted of two as was planned! Sorry everyone. I promise we'll get up to guild shenanigans soon.


Secretly both Niah and Elz
Retired Staff
Due to a collection of of last minute cancellations the event has been canceled. This event will be simplified and folded into part 2.