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Herenii Adopt-A-Character Thread: Get ur smol bean here


Lord of Altera

House Herenii: An Historical Introduction

This up and coming house is what remains of the old Senate Houses in the now defunct Imperial Republic of Asrakos. Little is known about the origins of the family save for a few family legends- not told to non-family members. Even so, they're lineage is exact, proud and undeniably of noble blood- stretching back from Lords loyal to ancient Kings up until present day. The history of this city and her people can be found here.

Having fled Asrakos, the Family split up to save themselves- keeping in touch by carrier pigeon. Not much is certain about how each individual family member fared alone. However, they did manage to reunite when one family member- Theodosius- served in the military of the distant alpine kingdom of Ayrithien. Along with his fellow refugees, he revitalized their military and made it a prime force in this foreign land. He became Queen Alijol's personal bodyguard, and the lieutenant in her cavalry. However, he was cut down in battle during a coup by a neighboring barbarian tribe and was presumed dead.

Having forged a strong relationship with this foreigner, the now Ex-Queen located another member of his House (Ambrosius) and joined it via blood-pact. Once the city fell to undead, they fled to a new continent, and joined a "utopia" known as Iskron. There, they called upon all available members of the family. They served in the political machine of Iskron- and attempted to overthrow the plutocratic regime there with no success. They then retreated again, this time to the current map.

House Herenii currently resides in the small village of Astrakhan, with the hopes of reuniting and sheltering any and all Asrakosians who may have found their way here onto the continent. Under the Banner of the White Sun of Asrakos- and the guidance of Alijol Inkalla-Herennia- this extant House may very well accomplish their dreams.


The Members of House Herenii (And How to Play Them)

First and foremost, one must know the difference between Herennius, Herennia and Herenii. Herennius is simply the male last name of the family. Herennia is the feminine form- and Herenii is the plural term. The names follow the Asrakosian naming convention, which is similar to the Latin naming convention. This means that males of noble blood (AKA this House) have a first name, a tribe name (middle name), and the family name (Herennius). Women receive only their first name and the feminine form of the family name- though they receive full rights like any other Asrakosian citizen. Wives take their husband's last name.

(You may need to zoom in)

Available Characters:
1. Decius the Elder (Available- Returned by 7amdandragon)
At the ripe old age of 78, Decius Hostilius Herennius is now the House Elder. Once a powerful senator, he still retains great wisdom and is partial to being a wily- often acting like a crazy person to keep his grandkids entertained and always on their feet. He is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. His skin is tanned and wrinkly- and his hair is grey and slightly balding, complimenting his keen, olive eyes. Decius can be seen wearing a grey toga with a gold pin.

Family Elder, Generally witty and wise.

2. Vibiana Herennia: (Taken by Joseph12Q )
Having been thought dead, many Herenii grieved her death, before scattering in multiple directions away from Iskron. However, this young lady- now 16 or so- is quite alive and well. Though she originally felt bitter by their abandonment, she knows that the Iskronian Regime that hunted her down left very little hope for her family. Especially when her cousin Tacita was forced to watch her apparent death. Her determination and love of her family has brought her here.

Vibiana is no longer as innocent as she once was. She still retains the usual attitudes of a sixteen year old teenager, but she also is now a sharp and suspicious girl. She has cut her blonde hair short, revealing her unnerving blue eyes. Vibiana is still short- 5 foot 3 inches- but packs a powerful punch and an even stronger bite. She is not a warrior, but she does wear leather lamellar armor and carries a simple seax with her at all times. An attempt on her life or her loved ones means a fatal stroke of the blade from this "parva raptor" (little raptor).
3. Nonus Hostilius Herennius: ToastySpam
Nonus is a quiet young lad of the age of 24. So quiet, that many that do not know him believe him to be mute or deaf. However, he has a wonderful singing voice and is able to play the lyre in a way that will quite literally pluck the heartstrings of all who listen to him.
He is the de facto caretaker of his little brother Aurelius, and has been quietly making plans to sail his way to the new world, intent on answering the call of reunion that he missed last time. A keen hunter, Nonus uses a composite, recurve bow to provide for him and Aurelius.
Nonus wears a grey woolen cloak over a simple black tunic. He has grey eyes and brown hair. He is a lanky 6 feet tall and is moderately strong. Acquaintances with William Kincaid.

4. Aurelius Hostilius Herennius: (Returned, mint condition)
Aurelius is 5 feet, 1 inch tall, and possesses short, curly blonde hair and innocent grey eyes. He can be seen hauling his easel and canvas about- dressed in a wool tunic, with his pet dormouse in his messy hair. Age 13.

- Budding Artist

- Younger brother of Nonus

5. Julianus Hostilius Herennius: (Taken: Sir_Arc )
If there was anyone more militarily invested than Theodosius or his brother, Julianus is that person. Having personally run as a Centurion in the Asrakosian Legion during the Falianii Conquests, he has an excited outlook on life. However, he keeps to his family's statutes of peace, mercy and honor. The man serves his family diligently and works hard to protect their interests.
He has an apprentice- his cousin Antonides- who he is eager to teach everything he knows. However, this does not necessarily mean he is the most humble of the family- often turning mundane tasks into ridiculous contests. Julianus has pale skin and ginger hair- with some ginger 5:00 shadow growing upon his chin. He loves to collect weapons and relate to other soldiers- sometimes a bit too much.

6. Gracchus Hostilius Herennius: (Available)

Gracchus is a truly handsome man- bearing a strong resemblance to his father. Like many Herenii, he has a sharp chin- though his prominent jawline blunts it a tad. He is shorter than most- 5 feet 3 inches- and is slightly more muscular than the rest of his family. He has short, black hair and topaz eyes. When not working, Gracchus wears togas and sashes that have ironic sayings on them. When he is working- which is not often considering the circumstances- he adorns his grey tunic that he has worn for so many years. Smattered with paint and marble dust, the tunic has seen a lot of projects go unfinished.

- Architect/Sculptor

- Hipster

- Upbeat and expressive

7. Vibius Hostilius Herennius: (Available)

Being 46, he often takes the role of the father for many of his nieces and nephews and was once the family doctor. He is 6 feet tall, with inquisitive topaz eyes, and short, black, curly hair.

- Family Doctor

- Last of the 4th generation, so quite sad about losing his brothers

- Intense workaholic
8. Numeria Herennia: (Available)

At an average 5’5”, Numeria wears a purple dress and keeps her brown hair in a curly bun, revealing her fair face and hawkish nose. She is 40, but her looks still holds a trance over people. In other words, she's beautiful and she knows it!

- Sass Queen, Family Matchmaker

- Wife Of Vibius

- Politician

9. Antonides Hostilius Herennnius: (Taken by Old-Seadog )
Antonides is the younger brother of Theodosius, currently 17. He is an eager learner and a promising warrior- able to use the kopis and hoplon with decent skill. Antonides (somehow) managed to grow a thick beard, but was told to shave it off since it was too thick for a soldier. He has semi-curly, short , light brown hair, and clover green eyes. Still growing, he is currently 5 feet, 10 inches, and is relatively strong.

Antonides is afraid of disappointing his mentor- Julianus- and sometimes takes this too far. His attachment to his older brother is a strong one- having once heard of his death, he is determined to not let him go again. Like all Herenii, he is fiercely protective of his vulnerable family. While he is a warrior, he also has a heart of gold- never wanting much else other than a good spar, a few drinks and a laugh. He is still young and has a lot to learn, but even so, he has shown true feats of leadership in the past.

When his family were planning to overthrow Iskron, he had taken the reins of leadership when Ambrosius was unable to infiltrate the political machine of Iskron. While his plans were ultimately foiled, he still managed to bring about riots and the eventual destruction of Iskron through political strife- even if unintentionally. He managed to scrape up the family and tried to get them to flee into the mountains, but his sister (Vibiana, who was tried for "heresy") and cousin (Arminius, who attempted to kill the Iskronian dictator- Theodore Fiechi- he escaped when his wife disguised herself as a guard and freed him before his execution) were captured and supposedly killed- though they survived, unbeknownst to them.

He takes their capture as a sign of his weaknesses, but takes it in stride and vows to do better in the future. In any event- he was the only thing standing between death and the family, holding out until Alijol could help the survivors escape to the New World.

10. Arminius Hostilius Herennius: (Available)
Arminius is a handsome man, with fair skin complimenting his red cloak and leather chestplate.
His hair is a deep black and his eyes are a dark brown. He is adept at using a curved dagger, the gladius and throwing knives. He has a pair of steel vambraces that have sharpened fins at the top of the forearms, which he uses to slit the throats of the unsuspecting enemies of the family. He is 5 feet, 10 inches, and is 22 years old.

- Quiet, calculating, blunt sense of humor

- Family assassin

11. Claudia Herennia: (Returned by glaceonforever- unused)

The wife of Arminius, Claudia partakes in Arminius's

Claudia has intimidating blue eyes and long, flowing brown hair which ends in little ringlets. She is 6 feet tall, and wears a blue dress when not stalking her prey. She has two golden bracelets (modeled after an archer's bracers) and a red flower in her hair. When out eliminating the enemy, she wears a cloak made of a large wolf pelt, a grey tunic, brown leather boots, and a leather chestplate. She is 22.

- Cynic, Passionate
-Wife Of Arminius
- A fine Archer
- Abused daughter of a dead crimelord

Common Herenii Traits/Guidelines

The Herenii, like any family, have similar physical traits that one can distinguish quite easily. For starters, their nomadic lifestyle has kept all of them at a healthy weight and fighting fit- though they will not necessarily resort to violence. They almost always have a birthmark shaped like a spearhead on their backs.
Other common traits- while not genetic- include education, speech and attitudes. Firstly, they have a distinctly elegant way of speaking- but also know how to loosen up when there is common company about. This odd form of conduct resulted because of their proximity to commoners and their family's liberal view on plebeians. They are not overly haughty like other nobles nor do they believe in feudalism. Instead, they believe that all people are created equal and that titles should be earned with hard, honest work. They are not uneducated and are avid readers. Craftsmanship is not above them- and it is the best alternative to military service. All Herenii are expected to be politically involved and actively so. They work as a team to raise all of their family up- not just the Head of the family. The Herenii are Lawful Good.

While having children would be a good thing, the Herenii understand the fact that not all people are heterosexual- and therefore they have no qualms about blood-pact adoptions.
If someone wishes to join the Herenii from outside the family, they must serve them and gain their trust for as long as it takes. Once trust is gained, the person must ask or be asked by a House member- and a blood pact is performed. The pact is simple- a finger or a small vein is cut- one from the candidate and the other from the Materfamilias (head of the family). The cuts are pressed together to allow the blood to mix, then, they swear an oath of fealty, honor, honesty and strength. After this, the candidate picks an Asrakosian name, and they are henceforth a Herennius/Herennia.

An honorary family member is someone who has close ties to them and is basically apart of the family- but has no real power within the family- unless they're the current ruler of Azerwind.

Current Adopted Family Members:


Current Honorary Members:

mokwar - Because you are our boss :heart:

How Do I Take One of these Characters?
Simply ask to do so and I will PM you to discuss the terms!Feel free to add flaws, skills, etc (drinking, anger-issues, etc) without consultation- but do so in a logical manner.

Take only one character at a time- if you want another one, please return the other and let me know. This will prevent the odd-chances of someone taking a bunch of characters and never using them (excluding anyone who keeps a single Herenii as an alt :heart:). I will try and RP with anyone who takes a character, but I may not know everything that goes on, so, if you're returning a character for another or if he died, try to fill me in on what happened so I can update the queue.

I reserve the right to take away characters listed in this thread if you are banned, roleplaying improperly, or not roleplaying the character at all (assuming you're online and RPing other characters)
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Lord of Altera
We are open for business! Take a look at these characters and post here if you are interested in using them! All players who use these characters must do so actively! I'm rather new to creating entire Houses like this, so please be patient :p


Lord of Altera
This looks like House Martell, kind of.........
I suppose- they've both got a desert/exotic vibe to them, though House Herenii are more taken from the Komnenian (revival of an empire, methodical, knowledge/record keeping etc) and the Julian (cunning, for-the-people, political, etc) families from their respective time periods.


It took a lot to get here
I'm looking forward to seeing this house in play! The characters are well thought out while still retaining room for the player to implement their own ideas and traits on the character. On a side note: who do you yourself play? and in what areas (if any) can this house most likely be found once it arrives?


Lord of Altera
Fret not! I can make an exception if you really want to play as Arminius :)
And- there are plenty more characters to choose from if you want to change your mind.
None of the other characters strike my fancy, perhaps I could create a new character and be a servant to one of the lords or something, just an idea.