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Holloworld Character Artwork By Raider6504

Discussion in 'Artwork' started by RAIDER6504, Oct 3, 2012.


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  1. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    In this thread, I will do artwork for any Holloworld RP characters. Just fill out this guide.

    Character Name:


    Picture Type (Choose One):







    What pose do you want him/her in?


    Attach Skin File:

    Facial Expression:

  2. floopguy10

    floopguy10 Lord of Altera

    Character Name: Dante
    Gender: Male
    Portrait: Action-Shot
    Color: (by this im guessing eye color?) Grey
    Pose: Shooting an arrow?
    Facial expression: focused on something
    Mood: Determined

    that is all :D

    Attached Files:

  3. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Bye "color" I mean black and white, partial color, or full color. I'll start asap.
  4. Machy234

    Machy234 Lord of Altera

    Character Name: Kenina Serena Incendiah

    Gender: Female

    Picture Type (Choose One): Action-Shot

    Color: Yes, full colour.

    What pose do you want her in? Launching a fireball off her left arm.

    Attach Skin File:

    Facial Expression: Concentration

    Mood: Scared but trying to keep calm.

    Oh and my profile picture may help as the skin is a bit small.
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  5. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Ok- there have been some irl issues that should set me back a bit- I'll get them done as soon as possible. Please no more requests until these are done! Thx
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  6. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Hmm... Now to figure out how to draw a virtually naked chick without everyone going DAFUQ ARE U DRAWING!?!?!
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  7. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Dante/Floopguy here's the pic. Sorry, I didn't have time to do a full body or color, when I get time I will. Here's a temporary to whet your appetite. Sorry if it sucks. :l image.jpg
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  8. floopguy10

    floopguy10 Lord of Altera

    I love it! =D thanks so much!
  9. Machy234

    Machy234 Lord of Altera

    I take it that's me?
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  10. Machy234

    Machy234 Lord of Altera

    Oh and wow! That's amazing... I can't wait to see mine, well now that i think of it I can't wait to see Ranruk's either.
    You're awesome you know that right?
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  11. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Thanks, guys. I'll try and get the others out at some point tonight. I've been really busy lately.
  12. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Here's Ranruk! Sorry, this was the best picture I could take with my toaster-cam.
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  13. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Machy, I probably will have posted yours by the time you read this. Unfortunately, I can't make it in color. The green and yellow pens I used for Ranruk were all I could scrape together in my dorm. : P
  14. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    By the way guys, it would be a big help if you could look at my character backstory (Darikath Shadowblood) and tell me what you think so far. There is a seperate thread for commenting. Thanks :D
  15. Ranruk

    Ranruk Lord of Altera

    It's...beautiful. I am completely speechless. Thank you so much.
  16. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    I'm glad you like it :)
  17. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Now, to do Kimy
  18. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    Well, I started on her, but then, as I was adding texture to her hair, the lamp I was using falls off my desk and shatters into a million peices, effectively slicing my ankle to ribbons. Well, looks like I'm going to have to wait until tommorow. Sorry Machy.
  19. RAIDER6504

    RAIDER6504 Hollows Explorer

    By the gods. I found a flashlight! The show MUST go on!
  20. Machy234

    Machy234 Lord of Altera

    Wow, I missed alot.

    Firstly great picture, Ranruk looks awesome.
    Secondly I don't mind not being in colour, just the pencil (I think that's what it is) lines are enough as you're so talented.
    And finally, poor you I hope your ankle is ok. Don't feel the need to finish mine if you're in pain and bleeding everywhere, I hope it didn't slice and artery.
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