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Holloworld Character Artwork By Raider6504

Do you like these pictures?

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Hollows Explorer
In this thread, I will do artwork for any Holloworld RP characters. Just fill out this guide.

Character Name:


Picture Type (Choose One):







What pose do you want him/her in?


Attach Skin File:

Facial Expression:



Lord of Altera
Character Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Portrait: Action-Shot
Color: (by this im guessing eye color?) Grey
Pose: Shooting an arrow?
Facial expression: focused on something
Mood: Determined

that is all :D



Lord of Altera
Character Name: Kenina Serena Incendiah

Gender: Female

Picture Type (Choose One): Action-Shot

Color: Yes, full colour.

What pose do you want her in? Launching a fireball off her left arm.

Attach Skin File:

Facial Expression: Concentration

Mood: Scared but trying to keep calm.

Oh and my profile picture may help as the skin is a bit small.


Hollows Explorer
Ok- there have been some irl issues that should set me back a bit- I'll get them done as soon as possible. Please no more requests until these are done! Thx


Hollows Explorer
Dante/Floopguy here's the pic. Sorry, I didn't have time to do a full body or color, when I get time I will. Here's a temporary to whet your appetite. Sorry if it sucks. :l image.jpg


Hollows Explorer
Machy, I probably will have posted yours by the time you read this. Unfortunately, I can't make it in color. The green and yellow pens I used for Ranruk were all I could scrape together in my dorm. : P


Hollows Explorer
By the way guys, it would be a big help if you could look at my character backstory (Darikath Shadowblood) and tell me what you think so far. There is a seperate thread for commenting. Thanks :D


Hollows Explorer
Well, I started on her, but then, as I was adding texture to her hair, the lamp I was using falls off my desk and shatters into a million peices, effectively slicing my ankle to ribbons. Well, looks like I'm going to have to wait until tommorow. Sorry Machy.


Lord of Altera
Wow, I missed alot.

Firstly great picture, Ranruk looks awesome.
Secondly I don't mind not being in colour, just the pencil (I think that's what it is) lines are enough as you're so talented.
And finally, poor you I hope your ankle is ok. Don't feel the need to finish mine if you're in pain and bleeding everywhere, I hope it didn't slice and artery.
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