Hollowworld's First Official AMA


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Hollowworld First Annual AMA

Whats going on?
Similar to Podcasts in the past we’re going to have an AMA with K9 of the staff team. Here any member of the community can ask K9 questions and he will give an answer to the best of his ability. Go wild guys.

Guest: K9
Spirit Animal: Dogs

Date: Feb 25, 2017

Time: 11:30 GMT (6:30 EST for the rest of the world that matters)

Where: That useless ventrillo rip off the server uses. Also known as Discord.

Banned topics: K9 isn't going to answer any questions about confidential staff stuff including "K9 what do you actually even do here?"
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When I read AMA I thought Hollowworld got nominated for the American Music Awards and I was extremely confused.


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11:30 being AM or PM? It's sometimes hard to tell. I assume PM.

So K8, what is your favourite type of potato and, as an extension, your favourite potato-based dish?