Holy Orders; the Valiant's Extension

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera

"Through the Valiant, I am the will of the Righteous.
Through this, I am power. Through that I am salvation.
Glory unto Crusade, for his valor flows through I akin
to that of the ebb and flow of wine through a cask."

-The Archimandrite of Crusade

''The Scales tip in favor of the Valiant, for Honor is His.''

Fireday, 30th of Lightshine, 2293 - Season of Harvest

By Edict of the Crusader, Lord-Commander Lyssain do hereby instate the
Duchy of Eretine, forfending the dark that which comes to harm the commonfolk,
our wives and children; proliferating and the mass aggrandizement of the current
existing Enclave, dissolving it into three main holdings , blessed and founded by
the given administration. By in heart, does He announce the soon consecration of
these new lands for the fief and folk of Eretine; To Protect and Preserve, for wine
and plenty will flow again to the Commons.

For Honor,
For Country,
For Crusade