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Horse Market & Gear

Discussion in 'Altera Trading' started by ArkianDragon, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. ArkianDragon

    ArkianDragon Loyal Servant of Altera

    Character Name:
    Warren Delmoore
    In-game Town/City:
    Greetings to one & all, it has come to my attention that despite being able to by equipment and gear for horses - that there is actually not many who can supply a mount to match this gear. It is for this reason that the Horse Market shall be opening for business. There is no physical location as of yet for it, thus all requests must be put in with myself, Warren Delmoore. (Ping me IG or via Forums or post here with your order). The prices for these animals and their respective equipment shall be found wrote below.

    Horses - Ranging anywhere from 250 Radiants to 350 Radiants depending on what the buyer wants. We have all colors of horses here (White, Gray, Brown, Black) and various patterns.

    Nametags - 50 Radiants each.

    Saddles - 200 Radiants

    Leads - Currently Unavailable Unless Given Supplies (Need Slime), 50 Radiants Otherwise
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  2. Old_Gromm

    Old_Gromm Settling in Altera

    Character Name:
    I think this is a fantastic idea and Gromm would be most interested in getting Altera's version of a Shetland Pony from here =)
    Should you ever get what we have discussed in-game, I am always looking for a better horse.

    I remember Spear had a horse ranch as soon as horses were added to the game. I also remember traveling all the way across the map just to get one from him! :p
    That was the first thing I did on that map after the Third Exodus. If you do not get much business, I will be very disappointed ^_^
  3. Piratep00f

    Piratep00f The Artisan

    Character Name:
    The Fool
    Alt Name:
    The Packman
    Yeees! Get us a set of ponies we can breed into smaller and smaller ponies for the Dwarves of Kharuz-Korum! :D
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