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House Cesare

~~~~~~~ Introduction: ~~~~~~~
The scorching afternoon sun made the district smell of fish. It was one of the problems with port cities, Benito presumed. He hated the city. He'd much rather be back at his estate, together with his family, enjoying the fruits of their years of hard labour. His wife would make the most delicious meals. They reminded him of his younger days, when their mother used to make those meals. It was a bittersweet memory, considering where the family currently was. In the city of stinking canals.
He had to be here though. Politics, the game of Wolfstadt, demanded his presence in the city.

It would be here that the three noble families would convene, to decide the faith of those in the realm. It was a system of beauty. The noble families all got a vote on matters of importance, and today a vote was planned on a matter of extreme importance.

As he paced around the room Benito could not help but be unnerved by the presence of Alphonse de Rieu. The elven viscount was one of the nobles, and his vote could change the tide of the city as much as any. He would probably sell the city to Lavoyard if it were up to him, the filthy elf.
Otto von Strauss, the third viscount was a much more welcoming presence. House Von Strauss was a human noble house, like house Cesare. They however didn't share Benito's distaste of elves and dwarves. He was not stupid enough to vote for the De Rieus in the first round though, Benito hoped.

The first round had ended as expected. All families had voted for themselves.
This meant a revote, however and a dangerous one at that.
If any of the houses got two votes, they would hold the title of Archduke. House Cesare couldn't be serving an elf though. Never.
Benito nodded to Otto von Straus, smiling discreetly.
He nodded back, he knew he had won.
At least it wasn't an elf.

~~~~~~~ OOC Information: ~~~~~~~

House Cesare is one of the currently three noble houses of Wolfstadt. House Cesare is a family whose values are based around purity. They have a distinct distaste for all but humans, elves and dwarves, and even amongst those they think humans are superior and the only ones fit to hold any sort of high authority.
This sense of purity runs so deep that they consider their blood to be the purest, and by marrying amongst themselves they seek to keep this as such.
They are a very conservative house in this sense, and as such they are less then pleased by the presence of the De Rieu family as one of the other noble houses of Wolfstadt. Since their members are elven, and as such, the Cesares consider them unworthy of ruling over other humans.

House Cesare is a house whose ambitions are great, but familial ambitions are more important then individual ones, in their eyes. As such their motto, Family Comes First, is a fitting one.

They originated as merchants and have as such established their control over the trade of a peculiar substance known as coffee. A drink made from the extracts of roasted coffee beans. As they asserted their dominance over the coffee trade once, they hope to assert their dominance over Wolfstadt politics one day. They will do anything for that. Foreign alliances, bribes, perhaps even assassinations.

~~~~~~~ Members: ~~~~~~~

Family Members:
  • Benito I Cesare - Died of old age. Husband to Fiora Cesare.
  • Fiora Cesare - Died of grief. Wife to Benito I Cesare.
  • Alfonso Cesare - Died of infected wounds, obtained through hunting. Husband to Maria Cesare.
  • Maria Cesare - Died of old age. Wife to Alfonso Cesare.
  • Antonio Cesare - Died in infancy.
  • Benito II Cesare - @Markisbeest - Current Patriarch of the family. Husband to Lucrezia Cesare.
  • Lucrezia Cesare - Wife to Benito II Cesare.
  • Dante Cesare - @Jinx - Husband to Rosetta Cesare-Antoni.
  • Rosetta Cesare-Antoni - Wife to Dante Cesare.
  • Silvano Cesare - @MrTeamSparky
  • Federico Cesare - @NinjaTangerine - Heir to the Patriarchal position. Husband to Catharina Cesare.
  • Catharina Cesare - Wife to Federico Cesare.
  • Marcello Cesare - @Spark
  • Gemma Cesare -
Those with marital ties:
  • Marcello Antoni - Died in an accident. Father to Rosetta Cesare-Antoni.
  • Rosetta Antoni - Died of grief. Mother to Rosetta Cesare-Antoni.
Others aligned to the family:

~~~~~~~ Family Property: ~~~~~~~

The Romagna, the Cesare estate north of Wolfstadt
The Cesare mansion, located in the Canals district of Wolfstadt
Tempesta Demone, a galleon.
Sorella, a caravel.

~~~~~~~ Diplomatic Relations: ~~~~~~~

Allied - Friendly - Accepting - Neutral - Unsure - Disliked - Hated - Disgusted

House De Rieu - Disliked
House Von Strauss - Neutral
House Lavoyard - Unsure (Unmet)
House Marr - Neutral
House Engem - Neutral (Unmet)
House Lonmar - Neutral (Unmet)
House Aeyeras - Neutral (Unmet)
House Tideborne - Neutral (Unmet)

~~~~~~~ Join us: ~~~~~~~

Coming soon.
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Do I see marriage within the family? Oo la laa!
Its the most accurate depiction of what should a Nobleman family look like, i'm actually pretty surprised and pleased by it. Fear not, I am sure this will happen with Lavoyard in less then two generations, just wait!


Lord of Altera
Its the most accurate depiction of what should a Nobleman family look like, i'm actually pretty surprised and pleased by it. Fear not, I am sure this will happen with Lavoyard in less then two generations, just wait!
That's the only reason I didn't say yes to you


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Updated it slightly
Added OOC information
Added some of the houses I got the feeling from that are semi-active in political-ish rp to the diplomatic relations bit. Hoping to get some rp going soon to get those relations sorted.


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Id like to political RP with yea sometime,*glances at Lavoyard*
If my character gets out if prison Friday, if not I'm sure you could meet his sister or Aldi~

Also, I like the idea of three houses in one city to make up one big political organization :3