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Lord of Altera
"The trick to education is to teach in such a way that people only find out they're learning when it's too late" -- Harold Edgerton
"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine." -- Alan Turing
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." — Albert Einstein

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House Hansdotter follows the Law of Red, the single sacred law of the goddess Vermella:
"do not needlessly spill the blood of another living thing.
you must respect the life of every living thing, and respect their right to life.
you may only spill blood when your own life is in danger,
you may kill to hunt, or you may kill because you are hunted."

Additionally, House Hansdotter also implements a writ of rights. However, it should be noted that the Law of Red is the supreme law of the land and no law may contradict it. Below are a list of rights:
  1. No judgement shall be made abridging the right to speak freely of one's mind, provided that such speech is civil and does not incite violent outbursts.
  2. No judgement shall be made abridging the right to distribute writings of any sort, especially of the press, provided that such writings are civil and do not incite violent outbursts.
  3. No judgement shall be made abridging the right to peaceably assemble or petition the House to redress grievances.
  4. All persons have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects except in the case of a warrant spurred by probably cause and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
  5. No person shall be compelled to act as a witness against himself.
  6. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted
  7. The enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
  8. All natural creatures, regardless of race, species, color, height, weight, age, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, or disability shall be afforded and find these rights to be inviolable.

"As he forfeits the path, let it be known he will have no favour nor privilege. Hunt without the respect and prayer, and give not sacred to his blood."

The specifics of banishment are thus: the banished individual is branded as a traitor to not only Vermella, but all who follow her, and to a lesser extent, all life. Their blood is no longer to be considered as worthy or sacred, and as thus, spilling their blood does not break the Law of Red. This means a Follower can kill them without need to be first threatened.
A Traitor will not be granted entry to New Falandraal and they cannot enter the company of the Followers. They will be driven from any House of Vermella and all who know Vermella will know them as Traitors.
(OOC Note: basically, this means every single follower is given leave to kill you without mercy)

List of Traitors to Vermella:
  1. Robert Senatoor: the First Traitor, Damned by Vermella (Deceased)
  2. Arianne: Assault, attempted murder (pending)

Criminals may seek amnesty within New Falandraal, but they do so aware that such comes with a price.

Those who have committed crimes that do not violate the Law of Red are free to seek refuge in New Falandraal, though they are warned that the rest of the world is not so forgiving. Those who have committed crimes that harm others (such as, say, thievery or fraud), are discouraged from continuing such behavior.

Red-Spillers who seek amnesty face greater trials. they must prove that they truly seek to change their ways, sincerely and genuinely, or else they will not be granted amnesty. only the Housekeeper of Vermella, the Champion of Vermella, or the Owner of Falandraal can grant this amnesty.
there are currently two ways to prove your devotion to changing your ways:
  1. Join the Followers of Vermella. Upon joining, the Red-Spiller must vow to forever uphold the Law of Red, until their dying day. Should they break their vow even once, they will be banished without question.
  2. Remain in New Falandraal until they have proven themselves. The Red-Spiller will be kept under close watch during this time, and but one case of aggression will make them a candidate for ejection from New Falandraal. They cannot become a guard, a hunter, or a warrior. they cannot carry weapons, or anything that can be used as a weapon (including: knives, hammers, pitchforks, dangerous herbs, rope). They cannot leave Falandraal, and if they do, their amnesty is revoked, and they must face punishment for their crimes.

As the population of Falandraal grows, persons seeking amnesty may have to perform a trial or a number of trials to prove their loyalty​

List of Forgiven Criminals:
  1. Morna Rhett: Past Red-Spiller, Follower
  2. Dunamis: Past Red-Spiller, Follower
House and Hold
New Falandraal is the second home of the Hansdotter family, having been driven from their home in the old world. But, this new Falandraal is very different from the one of old. Unlike the previous location, this is a public city where traders and travelers are welcome, granted they follow our laws.

House Hansdotter attempts to remain as neutral as possible. As the host of a House of Vermella and home of the longest active Housekeeper in the Northern Kingdoms, we are required to represent and defend all of nature equally. As such, we do not take allies, but I will provide a relations table below. Assume everything unlisted is neutral:
Key: 1 - strong dislike; 5 - neutral; 10 - strong like
  • 7 - House/Clan Kov'Gra'Sek (Solus) - Ashna has proven a kind and helpful figure on many occasions.
  • 10 - House Cerridwen (Lady Alec) - Nir and the rest of House Cerridwen have been personal friends of Elfa for some time, and Nir and Azure are Dylan's godparents.
  • 8 - Engem (Goldengem25) (Honorable mention) - House Engem proved to be a life saver (literally) on multiple occasions and Elfa was glad to get to know them. They will be missed.
  • 8 - The Rangers (@?) - These men and women of Theodra have helped Elfa more than she could ever hope to repay, including giving her shelter in Tauredal after a traumatic incident.
People of Import
  • Elfa Hansdotter - Co-Founder, Housekeeper
  • Therry Hansdotter - Co-Founder Exclaimer
  • Dylan Hansdotter - Count
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