Upcoming [Hunt][Violent][Date/Time - TBA] Hunter's Call


Amor Fati

"Here, in this forsaken land ... you can be the hunter, or you can be the hunted.”

Jonas's call has been answered. A hunt is declared, and a group journeys north into forsaken lands. What they will find, none will know.
Glory awaits for the brave.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Image: from [here]

DM: blargtheawesome + Me!
Maybe: Lannis
Note that this thread will be updated as IC things happen. Jonas has yet to meet some people in-game.
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Amor Fati
Yo hey!
Just to keep everyone in the loop, blarg and I am working on a time that works for both of us! Right now it is tentatively on a coming Wednesday 4pm EST, however, this may change.

I would still like to RP with everyone who has expressed interest, as Jonas needs to do some scoping out on who is interested.

And as ALOT of people have expressed interest, so I am just letting you know I may have to limit the party to 1) those who Jonas trusts the most from the pool of applicants and 2) to a hard limit of 7 or 8 so that blarg and I don't get swamped.
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