I Can't Nickname Myself


I finished the tutorial, and revived a token to nickname myself, but each time I attempt to nickname myself with /nick [name] it states that an internal error occurred, and if I try to use the other command /nick [username] [name] with my own username it states I can't nickname other players. There weren't any mentors on so I didn't know who to ask while on.

Hopefully someone can help me with this soon!


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When you're nicknaming yourself, you dont need to input your own username. So just " /nick name " will sort it.

EDIT: Oh wait. I misread what you said, you already tried that. Hmm.


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The initial quest nickname credit has been broken for some time. You may get someone to nickname you, or you can purchase a credit at the shophub for 200 radiants. Those that can change your nickname are Legend rank and above. (Purple or fancier colors)