Finished -III- The Continuation [January 20th]


Lord of Altera

What comes next is a mystery, but it is certain what must be done. The Faithful few congregate soon.

OOC: This is a private thing, just making a thread for this.
What? This is a religious sermon of sorts. I don't expect it to last long.
Where? The shrine to Skraag
When? January the 20th. At 5PM EST. (Again, this is subject to change.)
Rating: Moderate for those in attendance, come and hit us with all the Divine stuff!

-Priest/Priestess/Religious Leader: Syviil/Iskvandar
-Public or Private: Private.
-Temples or Shrines Involved: The Shrine to Skraag in a private region.
-Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved? Ye
Lannis Vincentius Elz
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