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As an experiment in expanding our Survival Guide I would like to invite any Inn / Tavern owners to submit them to our new Inn & Tavern Directory. Later I would like to expand the concept to include a player character database (census) and a database of villages, towns and cities.

Please make best use of your ability to advertise your Tavern or Inn. Submit good descriptions, add nice photos - provide directions and list any upcoming events using the available Tabs.

I am able to create custom fields (Textboxes, Dropdowns etc...) for each Tab. So any ideas are welcome.


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Welp, would take pictures, but I'm RPing in it atm. :p

The Bastion's Lull Inn is located within Vera Vigi. Currently run as partnership between Nwalme and Laura, the latter of which is the NPC constantly available there, it does a rather thriving business. While the vast majority of people have to go well out of their way to visit, it's made up for by the charismatic host.
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Not yet open for business:

The (Name debated : Silver Lining, Wet Redhead) Inn.




Descriptions, Directions, Etc: The inn is in an undisclosed location pending the end of the current events campaign, after which it will hopefully be open for business and this will get some much needed updates. I figured I'd show interest now even though it's not yet ready rather than wait and let this thread seem like I wasn't interested.


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Added 2 of ours, will have another to add at some point in the future whenever we eventually finish it.