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I have been perusing some bug issues and contacting plugin writers (auction house, horses) and I came across this plugin that will allow Minecraft to play specific set music for you when you enter a region. Ie- if you walked into Linlea, a specific dreary music or sound will be heard. Or into SL, the sound of a medieval market.

All we need from players:

a) region owner/coowner permission,
b) region name, according to worldguard
c) a medieval or appropriate music link they've to upload to a specific site themselves. We'll just need to link it on our end. I hope it'll be easy to set up if we get things set.

Just to clarify- it’d be just one music per region. We’ll allow changes like we do for dynmap icons. The music fades in and out when leaving the region, so that it’s not wonky, and it does play on loop if you stay long in one place.

We might be able to see about layering regions in storm's landing. Differentiate market, tavern, docks and cathedral. We can start this for settled areas so that there are minimal changes needed. The downside seems to be having a thirdparty site open on the side while playing, because of syncing with the music. The alternative to this is literally just having links to music on your region threads and some folks may just want to play their own music for immersion sake.

How interested would you guys be in this?

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