Interior Design [Buying]


Through your excellent application of analytical skills, I assume that you're aware of the fact that I'm looking for someone with fair interior design skills to help furnish an Estate that I'm creating in Creative2. It's decently sized, possesses multiple floors, and ultimately needs someone who's capable of working with a larger space. All the materials will be provided, given the project is in Creative, and I'm more than willing to pay a reasonable price for such a commission. Keeping the size in mind, it will be well worth the time of whomever happens to take it on. That said, I do have requests for certain portions of the space, but that can be discussed if you decide that you'd like the position. Regardless, hit me up here or on Discord if you'd like to know more.


Jane of all Trades
Retired Staff
Is this job still open? I have loads of experience in interior design and could take the job if you'd like :)