Introducing HollowCards!


Noble of Altera
Race is now a profile field. Options are:
Human, Caprii, Makani, Elf, Forest Elf, Silver Elf, Moor Elf, Nakat, Greyling, Automaton, Earthspawn

(Some of these only apply to Legacy characters (IE Automaton Baron ), please do not use them unless you have a legacy character that is that race/species.
Maybe add Halfling? (All 3 of them would appreciate it ;))


The Chocolate Bar
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"Clothing" is now a field you can use to input your characters clothing, armour, etc.
Age now allows word support. IE, you can set your age as "very old", and on the card it will appear as: "Age: Looks very old". If you input a number for age it will still show as "Looks to be about x years old"