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General Info
Names: Iseabal Quinn,
"The Cookie Monster"
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Current Residence: Drifting
Titles:"The Navigator"
Relationship Status:
Seeing Someone

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 109lbs
Hair: Dark chocolate brown
Hair Style: Usually pulled back into a half ponytail, straight
Eyes: Emerald green
Voice: Alannah Myles [ X ]
Complexion: Clear
Hygiene: Impeccable, refuses to be able to smell herself in any way.
Skin: Tanned/Olive. Tends to often have a tan because of being outside.
Physical Build: Average, nothing too special about her. Sturdy, solid hips.
Scars: A few along her forearms, consistent to rope burns.
Posture: Depends on the situation. Can be straight backed and serious, but typically just relaxed.

-Anything with Rabbit meat
-Watching the stars from the ship
-Her Crew
-Watching the crew make asses out of themselves

-Watching the crew make asses out of themselves
-Lack of loyalty to the Captain
-Dealing with people who are ‘thirsty’

-Her Intelligence
-’Underhanded’ Fighting
-Ability to articulate
-Skilled at Sailing

-Not physically strong
-Temper. One hell of a temper.
-Can be cold with angry.
-Simply put, she can be a ‘witch’.

-Losing Her Crew
-Failing Her Captain
-Drowning, ironically enough

-Her Crew
-Time alone once people piss her off

Languages: Common, familiar with the Gutterspeak dialect. Is semi-fluent in Elven, as a result of sailing for so long with Millin and Billin.

General Attitude: Typically a ‘calm’ woman. Not one for loud outbursts or super loud laughter, but she occasionally has her moments where if she becomes angry that she does get rather outspoken. Usually however, she’s all smiles with her crew.

Religious Inclination: Pretty much Jax, because of luck.

General Intelligence: On the higher end of the spectrum. Due to her smaller stature to the rest of her crew, she has to make up for it somehow so she tries to keep herself up to par when it comes to that. Often having to out-think her way out of a fighting situation.

General Sociability: Generally enjoys meeting new people, and can come across as a happy and go lucky person with her less than stiff posture.

Short Term Goals:

Long Term Goals:

-Usual Outfit: Pants, knee high boots, and loose fitting tops.
-Armor: Leather with small bits of chain to cover over valuable bits.
-Formal Attire: She has a nice dress! Covers everything too. Just, it doesn’t see the light of day. Ever.


-A single saber
-Various small daggers
-Bags full of various odd items to give her the upper hand in a fight.

-Just leather and small bits of chain. Typically only worn when off the boat.

Carried Inventory:
-Her Weapons
-A pouch of radiants
-A flask of Whisky
-Satchel with bits of bread and dried meats
-Various bags filled with odd items to give her the upper hand in a fight like sand or other things that could be used as a distraction.


Owned Homes:

General Wealth:

Other Trivia
Occupation: “Sailor”
Favorite Types of Food:
-Hearty Rabbit Stew
-Anything sweet as she has a sweet tooth

Favorite Types of Drink:
-Clean Water

-Looking over navigation maps

Favorite Colors:

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Handling the 'Lower Class' tavern in Mockingbay.
Isn't seen outside of Mockingbay, and while she isn't unhappy, she just doesn't wanna mess with people.
If she's needed, she usually responds. And can be reached. But it would take a bit to get her to leave.​