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To the east of the world lies an island shrouded in uncertainty, inhabited by "The Astremians". The island is secluded to most and sailors who were drifted off their routes and near the island claim to have heard the sounds of soft twinkling music in the warm sea breeze, though none have dared to venture closer.

~General Information~
Astrum Island is a community of peaceful settlers on a mountainous island - known as the Island of Music, or the Home of the Bards - , the inhabitants dislike waste and so create wind chimes out of the shells and rocks they find about the island, believing that the wind chimes are like people, as even the dirtiest shell can be made beautiful. The islanders often attempt try to find a use for everything and many of them frown upon those who chose to waste resources.

The island is made up of all different kinds of people and species and are generally accepting to all those who venture to the island. They live out lives alongside nature and many of the inhabitants traveled there to seek a more simple life. Many of the islanders are musicians with many bards, inventors and other intellectials taking advantage of the secluded "think tank" that the island provides, with peaceful breezes and good views with a acceptance of progress and invention.

The island isn't publicly well known about and details of its existence are mostly heard of from the rumors of drunken sailors.

Many of the islanders are very superstitious and myths about large beast-like crabs terrify the children of the island. This causes them to be very distrusting of outsiders and many islanders believe that the soft twinkling sound of wind chimes manages to ward off all evil from the island.

Many of the islanders also have a passion for music and the children of the island are encouraged from a young age to play a musical instrement, there are many festivals of music on the island where the inhabitents meet, play music and games and finally feast on crabs and other meats the fishermen have prepared.

~Islander Laws~
The island's justice system has laws mainly consisting of an "eye for an eye" policy, this means that if a crime is commited the same action will be commited on them. There is also the possibility of bandishment from the island and the punishments given can be changed or altered by the Count or Viscount of the island.

Murder - "Those who choose to end a life shall have their own lives taken from them"
Violence - "Those who choose to commit violence shall have the same actions committed on them"
Stealing - "Those who choose to steal from others shall have items taken from them"
Wasting - "Those who choose to waste nature's gift shall be forced to have the item restored by them"
Adultery - "Those who choose to disregard love shall have their ability of love taken from them"
Honor - "Those who choose to destroy the honor of others shall have honor taken from them"
Neglect - "Those who choose to abuse those close shall have those close taken from them"

Those who plead to not be guilty of the accused crime can appeal to have their guilt tested by the sea


+ The sailing guild is currently looking for more members

+ More fishermen wanted, steady pay and free housing
+ Smith, farmers, fishermen and other jobs are needed
+ The tavern is now hiring bar staff, decent pay and free drinks
+ Be wary for "outsiders", tell an official if someone suspicious is spotted
+ Remember the curfew on the full moon! Stay inside, Stay safe
+ The construction of Fort Ostium is underway! Come visit!
+ Be away of the island builders during this construction season
+ The island is low on members, more islanders are needed

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~ Application For Joining ~
Character Name:
Character Profile:

~ Relations ~
Allied - Those known about and considered friends:
Linea, neighboring island and trade partners - Solus

Neutral - Those known about but regarded with little opinion:
House Wise, who had offered past assistance - Ddaug
House Herenii, past conflict has faded leaving uncertancy - Blorbis83
Moors, currently uncontacted - Cukie1

Disfavored - Those known about but regarded with distaste or mixed feelings:

Hated - Those known about and considered enemies to the island:


~ Census ~





Tavern Staff:




Wise Woman:

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The Hooded and Patronus:
The Hooded is a cautionary tale on the island. It is the story of a Pirate who was full of greed, a Pirate who frequently raided and slaughtered the islanders. However one stormy night as the Pirate came in to collect his tribute from the islanders. The Astremians were fed up with all the fear and anger the Pirate caused and they fought back. Armed with mere sticks and rocks, the islanders chased the Pirate to Scuttle Peak in which they surrounded the Pirate. Aware his defeat, the cowardly Pirate begged for his life, and the islanders - who were so full of forgivness - let the Pirate live. However the Pirate tried once more to attack the islanders, but before he could raise his cutlass, he was plucked out of the air by a giant pincer, as a tremendous crab rose out of the sea - towering 20 feet into the air. The crab had witnessed the horrors that the Pirate had commited and came to take revenge. As the Pirate gave out one final cry, they were dragged down into the ocean's depths - where they were never seen again. Upon the dissapearance of the Pirate, the fog surrounding the island seemingly appeared - as a mask to hide the island from all evil beings. The islanders passed on the story of the crab and thanked Sallana for sending the creature. The islanders knew that in the most troubling times, their guardian - now called Patronus - would always protect them. The islanders thanked the gods for bestowing this wonderful defender upon them, and the islanders were happy. However when an islander acts upon bad thoughts, it is rumoured that the Pirate - now dressed in a blood red hood - would appear to finally take his revenge.

The islanders enjoy having a large amount of festivals and so hold a large celebration at least once every season, the festivals themselves are actually based around the seasons so as they are themed and appropriate.
Summer - Festival of Art
Autumn - Festival of Food
Winter - Festival of Dance
Spring - Festival of Music

The Rams:

The Fog:

Test of Courage:
The islanders have a sweet alcoholic tea that is native to the region, the drink has a smooth yet sweet nutty taste and is made of a selection of nuts and berries such as Buckthorn. However in order to test those they distrust they would place a small crab into the bottom of the drink, if they are able to down the entire drink in a shot without being nipped or swallowing the crab, they would be considered trustworthy. (This is done through the rolling system in game)

Very few islanders cook for themselves, and instead hold cookouts at the beach for most meals, this would consist of a gathering of the islanders, lighting a fire, going over important notices and eating food.

View on Life:
The islanders believe that all life is sacred and it is considered the worst crime to take someones life unless the case is absolutely necessary, if someone takes a life they would face either banishment or be jailed in the "sea caves" for life

View on Death:
The islanders believe that people do not die, but rather their mind has left their body and will be reborn into nature, depending on what kind of person they were. The islanders believe that everyone deserves a proper end to their life and will hold a funeral even for Mainlanders.

A common way of "sending off" an islander is by burying them in the ground, covered by robes coloured to be like the island flag and covered by a thin layer of soil. A tree would then be planted on top of the thin layer and then buried completely, it is a common belief that as the tree roots grow and become one with the body of the islander, they will be reborn as the plant that grows showing rebirth and one thing becoming another.
A common way of "sending off" a Mainlander or Outcast would be to place them on a small boat and sending them drifting out to sea wearing white robes, so that their body may become one with the ocean and hopefully their body will eventually make it's way home.

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Composed of volcanic rocks covered by a thin layer of moraine or peat soil, the islands are high and rugged with flat summits separated by narrow ravines and perpendicular cliffs - the highest at Mount Libella, with a peak of 730 meters (73 blocks). The coasts are deeply indented with fjords, and the narrow passages between islands are agitated by strong tidal currents.

The climate is oceanic and mild, with little variation in temperature, frequent fog and rain. The warm south eastern currents keep the harbours free of ice. Natural vegetation is moss, grass, and mountain bog however many crops can be grown there due to the nutrient rich volcanic soil. The island is naturally treeless because of the cool summers, strong westerly winds, and frequent gales, but some hardy trees have been planted in sheltered areas. The strong gale winds also make it quite difficult to make fires outside without using shelter to do so. There are no toads or reptiles and indigenous land mammals such as; hares, rats, and mice came on ships. The main species to inhabit the island consist of crustaceans, however it is not unusual for other sea life to wash to Astremian shores during storms. The collections of islands consist of; Astrum Island, Ostium Island and Caelum Island, these are all under control by the Astremians.
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