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Active Jackdaw - The Unbroken


Noble of Altera
WIP profile. I'm interested in paying rads for a skin and/or artwork, so hmu

General Information:

Name: Jackdaw
Other Names: Jackie

Age: 11
Race: Moor Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Uncertain, she hasn't really had a lot of opportunity to explore that, especially as she's only 11
Current Residence: The Storm's Landing slums
Relationship Status: basically n/a
Social Status: The lowest of the low. Invisible to society.

Physical Appearance:

Height: Around 5'
Weight: 65lbs (Due to malnourishment)
Eye Color: Startlingly violet
Skin Color: Average moor grey
Shape of Face: Diamond
Distinguishing Features: Her left eye is white and useless; the skin around it scarred and burned to permanent ruin
Build of Body: Thin as a rake.
Hair Color: Jet black
Hair Style: hanging over her eyes or swept across; she doesn't pay much attention to it
Complexion: Would have been quite good, but usually marred with dirt
Posture: generally hunched over and huddled up, coiled and ready to bolt
Is Seen By Others As: Just another homeless kid
Scars: A handful of thin ones across her back.
Voice: A younger-sounding version of Chloe's voice from Life is Strange: Before the Storm (warning; some language in this clip)


Likes: Good food and fine clothing attract her, but she has few opportunities to experience either.
Dislikes: Nothing specific, really.
Strengths: She can be brutal when she needs to be, despite her youth. She's intelligent, and quick-fingered. Her cautiousness and natural instinct often keep her safe.
Weaknesses: She is very slow to trust. Her malnourishment makes her weak, and also means that her cautiousness can be overridden with the promise of a good meal.
Fears: Being caught by slave-handlers again;
Values: Strong-mindedness, intelligence, dexterity
Education: Little to none. Even her Mok'yra is rusty due to lack of use.
Languages: Common, basic Mok'yra.
General Attitude: Just keep surviving until the next day comes.
Religious Inclination: She is dimly aware that the gods exist, but there is little time for religious devotion in the underworld.
General Intelligence: Shrewdly clever.
General Sociability: Not very, though she'll talk to easier to children in similar positions to her.
Alignment: Neutral

Short Term Goals: Don't starve. Don't get murdered. Don't get sold into slavery. Don't get mugged.

Long Term Goals: Too occupied with the short term ones to think about these.


Wardrobe: Rags, tied with a belt.
Jewelry: Her mother's necklace; kept hidden.

Pets/Animals: If she had any, she would eat them.

Owned Homes: N/A

Carried Inventory: Coins from begging, but she stashes belongings in separate pockets or hiding places.

General Inventory: Very little. Just enough to keep surviving, barely.

General Wealth: See above.


Illnesses: None, luckily.
Allergies: None that she is aware of.
Injuries: None.
Sleeping Habits: Whenever she can catch a safe break, which is rare.
Energy Levels: Generally high, they need to be if she wants to survive.
Eating Habits: Whenever and whatever.
Exercise Habits: She's frequently traversing the city, never staying in one spot, so she's not lethargic. However, her malnourishment means that she could hardly be called athletic, either.
Memory: Average.
Unhealthy Habits: None.
Drinking Habits: None.


Birthplace: Storm's Landing.

Childhood: Grew up as a daughter of two Moors who were exiled from their own families. They were making a new life for themselves, but ended up in debt to the Horse-head gang. Her father was killed when the gang was uncovered, and she and her mother couldn't support themselves. They were captured by slave-wranglers and sold. Her mother died of illness soon after. After years of drudgery, the girl finally had enough luck to get a chance to escape. She burned down the building of her captors, and everyone inside. Now, she sleeps on the streets, and has a minor reputation for her escape.

Teen Years: Only just about to start.

Adulthood: N/A

Family History: Her father and mother came from rival families, and when they fell in love they were each exiled.

Past Places of Residences: Storm's Landing.

Places Traveled: Storm's Landing.


Peaceful or violent: Violent if she needs to be.

Weaponry: None.

Combat Training: None.

Training & Skills:



Other Trivia:

Occupation: N/A
Favorite Types of Food: Anything.
Favorite Types of Drink: See above.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Not dying.
Favorite Colors: Her mother's necklace has a cream-coloured gemstone. That colour, specifically.


Relevant Family Members: All of the ones who considered her family are dead.
Romantic Interests: None.
Trusted Friends: None.
Friendly With:

Essannkah/Essie - MelodyComplex - She seems like me. I hope I can trust her, I hope that she could be a real friend so much... Not that I'd ever let her know that.
Rai - Galaxy - I like her. She's willing to train me, and put up with my crap which is a bonus.

Loose Acquaintances:

Drew - Moo_bot - He was talkative, and friendly. He bought me food. But... nothing comes for free. I'll have to keep an eye out for him.
Laisa - Samiwashere - She's weird, but we share some common... interests. I hope she remembers my offer.
Tania - StarWillow2000 - Sweet and naive, despite being older than me. She bought me a ton of food, so she'll probably pull some favours on me at some point.
Kitrana Dawnriver - French Roast - She's tough looking, and offering to teach me to fight. She's pretty self-righteous, but she did say she was a knight.
Theodosia Engem - lycana - Kind of tight and lame, but she's not too bad. Obviously upset about something, so I hope she feels better. Still lame.

Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of: Everyone.

Musical Themes:

Jackie's Theme

Don't Mess With Me
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Noble of Altera
Just some boredom writing


Gods, she was running so fast that if she hadn't been terrified she might have been impressed with herself.

But she was a malnourished eleven year-old. She couldn't keep this up for long.

The cobbles were still slick and shiny from the last time it rained, glittering like gray gemstones in the moonlight. Her calloused feet, with soles as tough as leather, had no problems navigating the slippery landscape.

The trouble was, neither did her pursuers. She could hear their footsteps, mingling with the thudding roar of her heart in her ears.

She turned a corner, and, holy shit, there was a guard patrolling. Middle-aged and unathletic, but still undeniably there to protect and serve.

She tumbled into him, and he whirled around on her, one hand to the sword at his waist.

"Please," she begged, struggling to get out the words; gulping furiously for air, "Help me!"

His face softened, and he looked about to put a hand on her shoulder. Then the predators rounded the corner too.

They were humungous, heavily muscled fellows, and initially that had worked to her advantage - it slowed them down. But now they approached her, breathing heavily. One was hairless and nearly naked, his body almost entirely covered in spiralling tattoos. That one stepped forward, and cracked his knuckles wordlessly.

The guard swallowed. "Hey, let's not make any..." He glanced to Jackdaw, and she could see the fear glittering in his pupils. He would not help her.

She broke into another sprint as the tattooed man reached out for her. She heard the guard cry out, and then go silent.

At least it wasn't her.

She was close now, close to real safety. She could see the Kraken's Culling, see the black forms of people milling around inside, stark against yellow firelight.

The seawater was splashing against the docks with a late night tide, throwing up the stench of fish and salt. Her nose and mouth were filled with it.

A hand grabbed at the rags she was wearing. A moment of intense panic, and then the material broke, and she was stumbling, crying and struggling for breath up the steps.

He had fallen behind her when the clothing ripped, but she could hear him scrabbling after her, and SHIT HE HAD HER BY THE LEG!

He was pulling her towards him now. Her head bounced on the stairs, viciously hard, and her vision was filled with painfully bright stars. Her face felt sticky.

He had a hand around her neck now, and was lifting her up, putting her over his shoulder. She was looking dazedly down at his stomach as he turned around and began to move down the stairs to where his partner was waiting.

Then something suddenly appeared, protruding from his stomach - shining and metallic and coated in blood. He was falling now, and she was going with him, spiralling towards the ground, when she felt gentle, strong hands take her. A woman's voice, like her mother's.

And then she was asleep.