Finished [Jan 12th] { Queensport Winter Ball }


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〈 DATE 〉
January 12th

〈 TIME 〉
3:30 PM EST (Tentatively)

Queensport Castle
(You can take a ship from spawn to get there.)

The being known as Qlippoth has gone dormant. The Ashen Blight is no longer the threat it once was. For now, the Kingdoms once again know peace. The Kanes invite the brave men and women that put their lives on the line and served tirelessly in the crusade against Qlippoth's plague. The gates of the Queensport Castle will lift for one night during this commemorative time in formal celebration. A Winter Ball will be held for the kingdoms to join together, as well those integral to severing the Entity's ties to the land.

Invitations are sent to specific guests to have a seat reserved at the table, otherwise it is open to the general public. Please be sure to send back the RSVP before the day of the event.

Formal Attire Theme: Black, Blue, and Gold

✥ Duke Charles Kane will be judging for the best dressed woman. Who he chooses will be granted a sum of 2,500 radiants.
✥ Duchess Elizabeth Kane will be judging for the best dressed man. Who she chooses will be granted a sum of 2,500 radiants.
✥ Each guest will be entered into a raffle. First place gets 2,500. Second place gets 1,500. Third place gets 500. (Ill use the RSVP list for this - If you're not present by the end I'll re-draw.)
✥ There will be a prize to the best dancing couple, 1,500 radiants each and a winter brooch for both the male and female partner. { x } Lisbet Alden will judge the best dancing couple. (She'll be rolling twice for each couple, the highest score wins.)
✥ The guests will move to the Feast Hall for dinner prepared by Queensport's kitchen staff.
✥ During the meal, The Kanes will present commemorative gifts to select individuals that showed valor, bravery, integrity, and cunning in the face of the Entity and the Blight.
✥ To finish the night, a great bonfire will be lit to commemorate the sacrifice and lives lost during the battle. The Kanes will keep the fire going for all of Snowdown as a show of respect.

The judging for outfits will be announced at the beginning of the feast. Prizes are both IC and OOC money.

Please return an RSVP before the date set.

(Thanks to Elz for letting me steal her formatting.)
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Secretly Elz
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Total Guests [-]

The Kanes wish to invite the general public into the Queensport Castle for the ball and the feast. The Feast Hall, while grand, only contains a limited number of seats. Those with a special invite will have their names reserved upon one of the chairs. There will be a feast table and plates just outside the hall for others to get food at their leisure.

As for the general public, only those who RSVP will be permitted inside. The list will be finalized the night before the event and any who have not announced their arrival beforehand will not be permitted to enter. The Kanes have the right to be bar any from entering and declining any RSVP's that may pose problem. Guards will escort any that disrupt festivities outside of the gates and they will not be permitted back inside.

= RSVP Form =
Forum Name:
Character Name:
Plus 1+:

{ Special Invites }
- Reserved Seating -

Lady Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek Solus

Lord Grey Kov'Gra'Sek Estes241

Leofaren Venna Shankster

Jaden Seeker CloakedReaper

Ater Impes Magiik

✥ Sir Podric Flanders Luam

Kopii Grey Omikuji

Joseph Seeker JoeJoe

Nikolche Variclav Niko

✥ James Varyn TheDeester

Raalvara Varyn Raal

Kam Hakiaz Kamaoe

Gilligan Kearney Samwych

(Bold names have RSVP'd. Strikethroughs cannot make it.)


{ RSVP List }
✥ Katla Varyn Arcana
✥ Asero Crow Electric
✥ Ayda Ulamyar Ayda
✥ Lilith Arcana
✥ Ava Variclav Joseph12Q
Isabella Angel Fawnytheturtle
✥ Azgir Hakiaz Jazzper
✥ Laisa Samiwashere
✥ Kethron Heie
✥ Ayda Ulamyar Ayda
✥ Cassian Baron2537
✥ Elfa Handsotter HogoShi_Kitsune
✥ Aleksandar Kane Solus
✥ Josef Mandovi Squidziod
✥ Carling Herennia MelodyComplex
✥ Andre Ursae Rawkiller
✥ Kitrana Dawnriver French Roast
✥ Johnathan Windsor BoredBrit
✥ Theodosius Herennius Blorbis83
✥ Jocasta Vita Blorbis83
✥ Sigmar Archbishop
✥ Johanna Smurf
✥Arianne Silvera Lily_
✥ Lucila ToastySpam

Eria D'Amryun Galaxy
✥ Florian von Piers Cap
✥ Schmidt Boofenshmirtz
✥ Hadley Bentlee Krystiv
✥ Nwalme Fuvur blargtheawesome


{ Servant & Musician List }
Lisbet Alden Elz


{ Guard List }
Otto von Gottfried Paint
✥ Jaden Seeker CloakedReaper
✥ Podric Flanders Luam

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Formal clothing is required.
If you turn up in unsuitable clothing you may be turned away. To win the best dressed prize, you must fit the theme of black, blue, and gold.

Weaponry is permitted on a limited basis.
Weaponry will be permitted if it is worn on the hip, but not carried. Sheathed swords are permissible, though anything in the realm of bows, axes, polearms, etc. are not.

Traveling beyond permitted areas will result in expulsion.
There will be signs marking areas off limits to visitors. Any found beyond will be immediately asked to leave.

The Kanes eat first.
Only once the Kanes has taken his first bite are the rest permitted to eat also.

Greet one another properly.
It is considered rude to not call a noble by their proper titles.

Being disruptive, rude, or a nuisance in general will see you removed immediately.

Failure to comply to rules set will see you not invited to future events.
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3/3 claim. I ran out of time at work to do the rest. Will do the rest of the information tomorrow.

Application for serving staff, musicians, etc.


Lord of Altera
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Otto would like to attend, whether it is preferred as a guard or a guest, either is fine with him.


Secretly Elz
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There's a form to fill out now. If you want to attend as serving staff or a musician, hit me up. I'll be posting IC advertisements about looking for serving staff to see if anyone's interested. But if no one really wants to do servant or musician roles, we may hand wave them to NPC's.

The information is subject to change as the date gets closer.


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Forum Name: Raal
Character Name: Raalvara Varyn
Plus 1+: Probably Katla Arcana if she can make it since James has a spot.


Survivor of Five Rivers
Forum Name: Samwych
Character Name: Gilligan Kearney
Plus 1+: All my friends are already going! Is a plant a +1? Plants can be girlfriends, right?


Forum Name: JoeJoe
Character Name: Joseph Seeker
Plus 1+: lmao nope

Though he is a special invite, the man will extend his services as a guard, musician, or a servant.
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