Finished [Jan. 19th, 3pm EST/8pm GMT] Establishing a Foothold


Faith prevail
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update: anyone who has already asked to join, even if i put u on the reserved, can go, from herein im just going to let anyone who lets me know beforehand and is on the party list show up

Due to the expected hellish winter storm headed our way, the planned excursion I was being dragged to go to has been cancelled. I can now shadow again as Sigmar.


Lord of Altera
Due to the hellish winter storm, I am now working a new shift coinciding with this event. I can no longer attend.


The Cinnamon Roll
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I dont know what's going on but my internet is gone atm. It's been down since roughly 12? If it comes back I'll head to the event. If not, shoot some things for me!


Lord of Altera
this is in 50 minutes, and i just found this out but the frontier isn't open right now, so we'll be meeting up at the sorrows spawn camp and travelling out from there, if anybody's late just ask the DM for a TP


Lord of Altera
this is in less than 10 minutes but ill wait around for anyone who might be a little late, however there's some lag going on with the server, so if that doesn't stop i may have to postpone this to tomorrow or whenever the lag subsides, because lage and pve will be hell.