[Jan 30th] Storm's Landing Gamble


Lord of Altera


Main Event
Dice - Varying levels of entry are placed in to join the gamble. Roll your die, and the highest number takes the pot.
[1]. 50r [Winner: Tirius]
[2]. 500r [Winner: Ventare]
[3]. 1000r [Winner: Cymic]
[4]. 3000r [Winner: Tirius]

Single Event
Breach - You roll a 2d6 against one person, taking turns. The goal is to add together your own total until one of you reaches 100, but if both parties both break 100 by their final roll, the winning bet goes to whoever's total was highest.

Short Sermon
A small sermon will be given at the end of the gambling by Cymic to give way for good tidings and honor the main event's winners.


When: Jan 30th, 4 PM EST
Where: Storm's Landing, Kraken's Culling
What: A gamble for Jax worshippers + Co.

Lannis Solus Elz
Kamaoe Ced Bartooliinii Jeroxia
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The Artisan
Even though I won't be able to make it, can you send me some of the highlights? It'd be just in time to put into the January edition of The Watch!