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Be prepared to stand alone,
But when the winter comes,
With howling winds and bitter snows,
Together stand as one.

Name: [Redacted... Trollollollolloll~!]
Full Titles: Jarl Freya Lonmar of Avanor, daughter of Draco Lonmar.
Nickname: Most are inclined to address her using the traditional honorific of "Jarl", though she has an additional one or two aliases for reasons of personal safety when travelling.


Age: A mere 17 years of age.
Gender: Female, a fact she is frequently reminded of.
Race: Human, of the {Norvägen} people.

Social Status: Jarl (the loose equivalent of a Lord or Lady).
Sexuality: Oh, you just try.
Height: 5 foot 7 1/2 inches.
Weight: Around 8 stone.
Date of Birth: 16th Day of Snowdown, 2244 - Year of Blizzards.
Date of Death: She has every intention of living.
Homeland: Old Stormhold, Avalon.
Current Home: Camp Stormhold, Avanor.

Build: Slender, though by no means feeble, Freya is rather lean of build, a result of stubborn perseverance with manual tasks around the camp.
Hair: Her hair is perhaps her most obvious feature; reaching to the centre of her back, it is unforgivably curly, often tangled, and a brazen, coppery red.
Eyes: A stormy grey, her eyes are thoughtful and occasionally disquieting.
Skin: As is typical among the Norvägen, she has a very pale complexion, with freckles dotted across her cheekbones.
Identifying Marks: No longer with any of the softness of childhood, her hands are tough and well-used to the reins of a horse.
Appearance: Though it is clear this young Lonmar is barely a woman grown, she holds herself with the same authority as her father before her, with her eyes showing the same solemn determination amidst the grey. High cheekbones, with a long, straight nose and sharp jaw mark her distinctly as one of her people, and to those who knew Draco, it is an old smile they might see on her face.
Clothing: Though it varies, she usually chooses to don a series of roughspun tunics and furs, the latter sometimes exchanged for a doublet of dark crimson, each pulled to the waist with an unadorned leather belt. Almost invariably, however, she is seen wearing thick, woollen riding breeches, and now and again a heavy, grey cloak for travel, lined with furs and held by modest, silver fastenings.
Hygiene: Though she does not allow her hygiene to fall below a respectable standard, she cares little for the frivolities of vanity, and resents when they are required.
Voice: Freya speaks with what might be described as a firm clarity. Her vocabulary is reasonably extensive, and often she will choose her words carefully. Her speech is accented by the ancient tongue of the Norvägen, which (though extinct) remains evident through the sharpened lilt of the sounds spoken by those of the North.

Strengths: Where others exhibit talent upon the field of battle or win their spurs with strength of arms, Freya can boast of no such thing. Her battles must be won with wits and words, weapons she wields with the utmost vigilance. Having been denied less... ladylike pursuits, she has also developed something of a flair for horse riding, in which she exhibits considerable skill, speed and confidence. Though by no means excelling in terms of textbook technique, she can ride fast and she can ride well, able to sit and even sleep in the saddle for hours at a time. In addition to this, her stamina is considerable, for such is needed to tolerate the hardships of northern life.
Fears: “Bravery is the brother of fear.”

Weaknesses: Youth, inexperience - both are, for the moment, inescapable thorns in her side, though more often than not it is her gender which causes questions to be asked of her ability to govern a people. As a child, it was never Freya who was prepared for command, and now it is with a cloak of almost glacial courtesy that she navigates this new-found world of schemes and treachery. Bar a few stolen hours spying on her brother's lessons, it was also the fault of tradition which lay in the way of her learning to wield a sword or loose an arrow. Thus, her knowledge of combat, armed or nay, was likewise compromised - and, in spite of her labours, her physical strength is ultimately only that of a woman.
Intelligence: From a young age, her father saw to it that she was educated as far as circumstance would allow, granting a her a good foundation in both literacy and numeracy, in addition to a targeted understanding of Alteran history. Though by no means the most knowledgeable in any field of study, Freya is no fool when it comes to people, and it is her hope that what she lacks in experience might be compensated for with a questioning mind.
Languages: She was raised with the Common Tongue, but she is able to rely on at least one or two basic formalities in both Elven and Horgaahn. Her father also saw to it that she was given a rudimentary education of Old Norvägen, the dying tongue of her ancestors, in which she is able to read and write with a fair grasp of grammar and translate texts of moderate complexity. While it is no longer spoken except in old proverbs, names, and rites, she is also aware of the language's pronunciation, though an attempt to speak it would fall far short of fluency.
Profession: The last viable heir to the House Lonmar, it was Freya who took up the mantle to lead the Norvägen people as Jarl after the loss of her father and their King. Far from a position of luxury, her days are most commonly filled with letters, inventories, and the tedium of bookkeeping. When these duties are absent, it is her habit to take on a labouring role within the camp, be that fetching and carrying supplies, drawing water from the well, chopping firewood, or mending boots and blankets.

Personality: With a certain discipline of mind equaled only by that of her spirit, Freya is fiercely determined, and it is with iron resolve that she strives to protect her people. Her respect for her father has shaped much of her philosophy, and it is from him she learned to truly value the meaning of the Lonmar words: valour above all - the bravery to act, and to do what is right; to protect and to serve her people, and honour their loyalty to the very end.
Religious Beliefs: Having been among one the first to openly return to the old way of the Norvägen in defiance of imperious southern prejudices, Freya holds onto a strong belief in the Path of Fire and Ice. Though acknowledging the existence and evolution of the Pantheon, she does not worship any divine entity - instead holding a belief in two Guardians whose role it is only to evaluate the souls of the deceased upon their ascent to the afterlife: Vallaryn. Guided by her faith, she is compelled greatly by her understanding of morality in matters of personal volition, seeking equilibrium with the so-named Old Evils of the world through the avoidance Chosen Evils, and ongoing pursuit of good in her choices.
Short Term Goals: Do her duty.
Long Term Goals: Keep her promise.

The past can be foretold, but the future cannot be recalled...
+ The Tale of Dusk

+ The Tale of Night
+ The Sacking of Stormhold
+ The Tale of Dawn

TRIVIA, POSSESSIONS and RELATIONS can be found below.

Please refrain from using any of this information in-character unless your character has actually learned it in RP. Do not metagame!

IN-GAME NAME: cherrysparx777
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+ The Crown of the North - So named in another time and place, the crown was traditionally forged anew at the succession of every new Jarl: every, that is, but one
+ [Redacted - 'Latere semper patere, quod latuit diu']
+ A mask of white bone, a relic of wars long past, carved in the crude likeness of a skull
+ Six of an original sixteen cut diamonds bequeathed in goodwill by an honest man
+ Two small round bells bequeathed in memory by an honest man
+ A bundle of dry, dead flower stalks bound by a cord
+ A strange amulet, given as a gesture of friendship; a small leather bag inscribed in green containing strangely marked pebbles
+ A finely wrought golden rose
+ A wilted Southern poppy

Armour and weaponry:
(Not used unless otherwise specified: this list does not include her personal armour/weaponry.)
+ The sword meant for the each of the first sons of Lonmar in turn; Grimnar, Thorgrim, and Draco each having wielded it
+ The ancestral warbow of the line of Ulfrik Lonmar, meant for the third sons, those of the lowland forests and farms; wrought of white yew, smoothed by use, and carved with runes and knotwork
+ A thoroughly dented and scratched chestplate of reddish metal, plainly meant for a man of considerable berth
+ A sword bequeathed in reconciliation by an honest man
+ A well-scarred helm and chestplate left to her by Dagur Snowhawk, relics of the mountain clans of old
+ Fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, a fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red coats

Letters, missives and documents:
+ Yes, many.

+ A number of logbooks for record-keeping
+ A small, battered volume on the Old Norvägen runes
+ A narrow book bound in leather of a dark red, with evidence of much use, if little writing
+ Ars Poetica - A volume of poetry that seems in bizarrely good condition
+ A History of Noble Houses in the Silver Kingdoms - A mildly ill-informed and rather cumbersome tome bound in dark leather, its pages yellowed, and the cover inscribed with pompous lettering of faded gold
+ Altera's Anatomy - An exposition on the physiology of different Alteran cultures, written by a scholar named Albard Smythwick, and neatly bound in dark blue leather
+ An untitled storybook backed with faded blue fabric, illustrated with pirate ships, forests of toadstools, and leering little goblins
+ That the Scientifick Discoveries of the Alchemiste are both Impractickal and Immoral is beyond Realmes of Doubt to the Learned Scholar - another scholarly writing, though this one with very little evidence of having been perused at all...
+ A newer, but similarly bound book to that on the Old runes, though the letters lack the same precision or detailing expected from the work of a scribe


Within her pack/satchel:
+ A battered waterskin
+ A chunky glass bottle of ink stoppered with a wax-sealed cork

+ Some scrolls of vellum
+ A couple of goose feather quills
+ A few sticks of crimson sealing wax
+ Unless wearing it, her cloak
+ If warranted by travel, necessary rations and clothing

At her belt:
+ A plain dagger, crafted not dissimilarly to a dirk
+ A tough leather pouch containing radiants, or emeralds for the South

+ A small, well-worn whetstone tucked into another pouch
+ A sewing needle, a darning needle, and tough yarn and leather cord for each, also with own pouch
+ At times, a small axe for woodcutting
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Place: Her only place is with her people.

Pastime: She finds rare solace in the saddle of a horse. Alternatively, in the middle of a snowball fight.
Food: Roast venison or smoked fish are perhaps the least mundane articles amidst a usual diet of bread and stew.*
Drink: The warming, spiced mead of the north is always welcome come wintertime.
Colour: She is bound to the white and crimson of Lonmar.
Animal: It was for the perseverance and loyalty of the wolf that she chose her sigil.
*Confession: The favourite food bit is a filthy lie. She was crazy for marzipan as a wee Freybles.

Least Favourite:
Place: She feels rather confined by at a certain inn.

Pastime: Certainly there are disadvantages to being screeched at by angry, magical Nakam - and neither is she partial to being unjustly accused of sullying other peoples' potato patches.
Food: Her tolerance for exotic southern dishes has receded considerably in recent years.
Drink: In Avanor, to drink unheated water is often a cold and unpleasant affair, but chamomile tea comes in at a close second, with oregano just behind.
Colour: She readily dislikes gold for the greed it incites in men.
Animal: She holds no liking for all that slithers and scuttles in the South.

Individuals significant in their category are highlighted in bold.
Individuals unconventional in their category are highlighted in italics.

(Idea merrily plundered from Lannis.)

Loved: King/Jarl Draco Lonmar
Trusted: Thane Ulrych Lonmar of the Motte; Joshua Storm
Befriended: King Seth Jenkins of Yearnen; Joshua Storm; Cloud; Verity
Respected: [Redacted I]; King Axex Hawklight of House Aeyeras; King Seth Jenkins of Yearnen; Elsendir Silver; Joshua Storm; Archaeus the mule; Duchess Lucia Silverian
Liked: Thorvard of Lonmar; King Jaret Ironbrow of House Yearnen; Amire; Lord Rex Chevalier of House Lonmar; Cerh Kievja; Anna Falkiir; Alyshia Alae Cor; Sven Wulfaald; Sir Barroes; Thordin Warblood of House Yearnen; Chalkan D'mitri Engem; Arganaer Cor; Somnastra Elenthalion; Prince Keran; Mairin; Rune Pendagon
Favoured: Vidar Lonmar; Watcher Dagur Snowhawk; Gunjar Dagnvir; Edland Lindholm; Eimar Chrisholm; Tarron of Saeradan; Lord Septimus Aetherson of House Renatus; Rygan Varyn; Prince Neorey August of House Aeyeras; Trysten Varyn; Sayd; Lord Babus Ironbrow of House Yearnen; Sir Nwalme Fuvur; Gvenscar Falkiir; Ulfberht Stalnor; Birgir Ferngard; Harleen-Rose; Athryl Mithtanil; Loke Odin; Asbjorn; Signe Dagmar; Adrian Farke; Gwendelyn; Krimil Thorinnson; Lord Eldric Hawklight; 'Miss Hawklight'; Elehk Rune; William Blackfire; Astrid
Neutral: Lord Kvothe Noldor of House Aeyeras; Lord Drake Hawklight of House Aeyeras; Sheila Lorean; Neghed; Katherina Lorean; Regent Light Fuvur of the Commonwealth; Syr Varyn; Lord Gelyk Varyn of House Syke; Arvellon Engem; Haroall Prongs; Connie Prongs; Domran; Dayter Arretez; Hope; Mist; Darius Engem; Lord Tybalt Marr; Brogan Marr; Danniella Fronte; Aster Master; Calder Swiftstern; Aryus Fuvur; Ylva Rei; Luna Wolfheart; Elrohir Talreyn; Abel Thorne; Godric; Rowena of Cnanburh
Unsure of: [Redacted I]; Queen Leminth Silver of House Arduin; King Jaret Ironbrow of House Yearnen; Duchess Kataja Silverian; Scardrac; Dazin Frakthe; Aewin; Alistair Kane; Aracena Mithtanil
Disfavoured: Baron Kyro of House Cromarcky; Daeron Eldrin; Lord Vlad Hare
Wary of: Lord Daniel 'Legion' Draiden of Wintermourne; Naelwyn Talreyn; Ced J'Sera; Sir Nwalme Fuvur; Vorar; the Elementals; Vallahad; Mogul Marcus Helix of House Cromarcky; Tzemik Kevasn
Disliked: The Inquisition; Old Arcturians; Lord Albareth; Duke Arthur Silverian; Archaeus Fronte; Lord Bolvar Firestorm of House Aeyeras
Distrusted: Lord Leorthor Ararodwen; Darko Tideborne; Baron Grimar Ironheart of House Cromarcky; Ezorel Nightstalker; the Pantheon; King Arthorius of House Lavoyard
Feared: "Bravery is the brother of fear."
Hated: Jarl/Prince Tywin Lonmar
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@SallyPirate made a chibi, and I haven't finished squealing about it yet.


@ForestRose's amazing WIP, resulting in more very unmanly squeals:


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Aaaand a glorious sceptical Freya by the lovely @Lannis


@bettemus99 did a chibi and I literally can't stop laughing at just how appropriate it is.

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...Some shenanigans ensued, and someone ( @VanquishedVyre ) went and occupied the Wall of Frostwood. Cherry doodled Polandball-style!


And then one of the Magi turned up bearing gifts... I'm sure I've heard that one somewhere before. ( @Naelwyn )


Then, naturally, Freya tries to go undercover at the Naught, and bumps into just... One or two acquaintances. ( @bettemus99 , @Michcat )

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But, guys, come on...

"The Council of Lords + that one awkward Lonmar woman" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.