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HollowWorld's Announcer
- ] Fortune's Bold [ -
The God of Luck, Gambling, Merchants, Trade, Fools, Mirth, Rags to Riches, Adventure and Exploration


Born of Sallana and Harateth. Youngest twin to the fallen Bilworth. Ambition had always been Jax's purpose- to achieve more than what was laid before him and to climb the ranks among the divines. To ignore a chance at becoming greater or having more.. while still holding onto his core morals was a shame in his eyes. And so he plotted against his brother to thwart and scorn his work in order to better himself. During the time of the last remnants of Corruption rising, as the god of Commerce- Bilworth - became weakened, he took it upon himself to strike his brother down. And in that moment, they became as one with Jax at the helm.

Unlike many of the Divines, worship for Jax thrived during the era of divine solitude, to his mirth. Grand adventurers and explorers lay claim to the seas in his wake, spreading his teachings all around. Ships and Vessels of trade and travel were blessed for luck. And few swear they were shielded from the sea's monstrosities during the migration Eastbound. Here, the spirited God had laughed.

Soon.. upon the wake of the Beast that aimed to ruin the Gods. he was prepared to defend himself for there was little chance to use it to his advantage. To his left, Silas fell. To his right, Vermella fled to Sallana. In such moments of chaos, he waged his bets against the beast as Rahas and Crusade stood to fight against it along side each other. Then joined hands with the remaining Pantheon as the people were victorious, so that he may continue to thrive in their presence.

Travelers, merchants, sailors, explorers and the like are dedicated followers of Jax. Such traits are expansive and his reaches touch many nations. Each seize the day as soon as opportunity knocks. Skills in most fields are valued, as is honoring ones debts. One should never falter in times of strife.

Holy Symbol:
A Golden Coin with an etching of a Silver Anchor

Chaotic Neutral

- The Lucky Merchant

Tenets of the The Opportunist:
- You shall chase all opportunities, to better thy standing upon these lands. "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"
- You shall honor all debts and oaths, and give largely to those who do so in return
- You shall not reveal your entire hand in one play
- You shall resist temptations of blinding greed

Temples, Cathedrals, or Shrines:
- A shrine of a smiling adventurer's skull rests in Halbed, lined with gold.
- Others tend to be scattered within fountains, alleyways, or gambling halls
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