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Name: {Note: This is unknown IRP.} Adelheid von Hallon
Variant of Adalheidis, meaning ‘noble.’
Hallon coming from the ancient westrons, a family of warlords and politicians, ruling house of the Empire of Anhald.
Nicknames: Jo, Adel, Adelaide

Alias: Johanna Fischer- a well-kept guise that most if not all people still know her by. She doesn't intend to give it up easily. She introduces herself simply as "Johanna" to all that may ask.
Meaning 'God is gracious.' A variant of the alias her father took, Johan- although that was unknown to her until recently. "I suppose it all had to come into a full circle."
Titles: She prefers not to be associated with them.
Princess of Anhald, Acturus, and Lavoyarde
Lady of Hallon
Pretender to the Throne

Age: She just turned 17.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human, Northerner. Anhalder.
Social Status: Supposedly of noble blood.
Height: 5’7”
Weight: Around 135 lbs.

Homeland: The North. Wellenbrecher.
Current Home: With... Family.
Wealth: Dwindling. She has none to her name but the left over wages from previous work, which she intends to change soon.

Status: Battling with her own conscience about her identity; her name, her purpose, and her place in the world. She refuses to take her birth name but knows that her alias, Johanna Fischer, is a battle that cannot be won. With either identity comes downfalls and struggle, things that she is not yet ready to face fully in light of her past. For now, she introduces herself as simply "Johanna" to all that ask.

{art by me}

Build: Considered athletic. She is naturally tall and builds muscle easily, though her weight fluctuates with her activity and diet.
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black. It is thick and wavy. Like her mother's.
Eyes: Limpid blue, framed by dark lashes and brows. Like her mother's.
Skin: Pale resulting from her Northern heritage.

Appearance: Her expression and countenance betray her emotions constantly, although she fears this transparency. She is extremely cautious of people but not unkind. Being young, she still carries with her a sense of insecurity. She is never (almost never) spontaneous and she is very untrusting of others motives, something that is justified given her past.
Hygiene: Her teeth, hair, and nails are well-cared for. It seems she was brought up with some notion of her own hygiene.

Posture: When at ease, good posture comes naturally. In high stress situations she may seem uptight in her posture or even give way to leisurely position.
Gait: Quiet, cautious steps.
Dominant Hand: Right.
Accent: Well-masked Northern (Rede) accent. Think light German accent that comes out more when she is angry.
Pitch: On the lower side for a woman, but not deviating too much from average.

⇴ || A small scar above her lip.

Diet: Full and healthy.



Constellation Recognition {5/10}: she has a keen knack for naming constellations in the night sky. She is familiar with constellations such as the Northern Dagger, the Bull, the Silver Crown, the Northern Chalice, the Portal, and Grief.
Cleaning / Housekeeping {6/10}: her work in Queensport taught her how to clean up after others diligently.
People Watching: {3/10} ...Maybe it runs in the family? She has become good at silent conversation, so you could put it- learning far more about others than they have a chance to learn about her hile still making them feel like they know her well.

Common: fluent, literate​
Rede: fluent, literate, first language​

Peaceful or Violent: A healthy balance.
Ability: She is clumsy and untrained but she has viewed many spars.
Strengths: She is athletic and taller than most her age.
Weaknesses: Little training.
Daggerplay {2/10}: She could likely wield one without harming herself.
Swordplay {2/10}: she was taught basic footing and position by James Varyn.
Daily Exercise: She runs and preforms basic exercises such as planks on her own.
Hand to Hand {2/10}: she was taught basic positioning for punches by Raalvara and has sparred with several others.

Exercise: Decently athletic.

⇴ 11" Rondell dagger, packed away in her things. It has a blue sapphire embedded in the pommel, which is conveniently kept covered with a tied rag.
Damascus steel arming sword, carried in a scabbard. A 'gift' from Raalvara. { x } { x }


Father: An emperor and a conqueror. They had a tumultuous relationship.
Mother: A Lady turned Empress. Absent, cold, but still her mother.
Siblings: A Brother that all but squashed her existence by being born. She wonders about him often and hopes that he is like neither of their parents.


⇴ Arrives in Linlea.
⇴ Stays at the Inn for a while before moving to a Boarding House on the Northern Isle.
⇴ Begins combat tutelage under James and Raalvara Varyn.
⇴ Involved in a confrontation with James Varyn, leaves the Boarding house and his guidance.
⇴ Raalvara gives her a sword and a large pouch of coin.
⇴ 'Breaks' into Raalvara and James' house (the door was unlocked). She does not find what she was looking for.

⇴ Flees Linlea with other refugees.
⇴ Elizabeth Kane offers her work and housing in Queensport.
⇴ Gambles. Charles owes her new boots and Otto owes her a new cloak.
⇴ Tentatively attends James' religious festival. Mostly out of curiosity.
Gets into a verbal and physical argument with Schmidt. Tells him a secret to ensure his loyalty.

⇴ The Kane’s accuse her of lying about her parentage. She is fired from her work and leaves Queensport for Storm’s Landing.
⇴ She reveals parts of her backstory to her second cousin, James, and finally admits to him (somewhat) her true identity.
⇴ Chats with Gael in Storm's Landing. Learns about his past.
⇴ Attends the Winter Ball in Queensport. Spends most of her time being a recluse.



{Short-Term Goals} --
Find somewhere comfortable to stay. ( ? )
⇴ Train in self-defense. ( )
Gain information about her family. ( )
Meet Sigmund. ( )
Explore the Black Company's sellswords. ( )

{Long-Term Goals}--
⇴ Live to see the Ashen Blight destroyed. ( )
⇴ Find her mother. ( )
⇴ Make things right. ( )
⇴ Find her true identity. ( )

Personality: Her expression and countenance betray her emotions constantly, although she fears this transparency. She is extremely cautious of people but not unkind. Being young, she still carries with her a sense of insecurity. She is never (almost never) spontaneous and she is very untrusting of others motives, something that is justified given her past.
Habits and Mannerisms:
⇴ Idle fiddling
⇴ Staring, people-watching
Religious Values: She has yet to form her own opinions on the subject, but was raised an Ignite.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Strengths: Quick Thinking + Well Mannered + Determined + Strong willed +
Weaknesses: Strict Upbringing + Introverted + Ignorant + Fearful + Young + Stubborn + Lack of Mother Figure +
Fears: Dragons + The Ashen Blight + Her Father + Disappointing Others + Suffering + Death + The Arcane +

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Albrecht von Hallon (Father): "Truly, father, I always felt that I failed you. My birth must have been the worst day of your life, when it should have been the greatest. I was your firstborn. I wanted you to love me but I was a girl. And I was scared and you hated me." Secretly she hopes that she never has to face the man again in this plane of existence.
Josephine Varyn (Mother): "I try not to dwell on my memories of you. I'm not sure if you were distant or hated me or both. I hope you're proud of me, wherever you are. I won't disappoint you." She wants to see her mother just once more.
Sigmund von Hallon (Brother): She has not seen him in a long time, but holds no grudge against him for being born and sending her life spiraling. She hopes that he is nothing like their parents.
James Varyn (Cousin): She is unsure of him, of if his words will ring true. Wether or not they do, she needs his guidance now more than ever. { TheDeester }
Gael (Trouble)​
he is more honest than most knights she has met- then again, she hasn't met many. She wonders what caused such a rift between him and the Kanes, and she wonders if he knew her parents. { Scardrac }​
Jaden (Ranger)​
she prefers him to his counterparts but knows very little about him. He seems to have an almost... Childish and spontaneous side to him that makes her slightly wary. { CloakedReaper }​
Otto (Loyal)​
he owes her a cloak. She respects his trust for Charles and thinks he is a decent kid. { Paint }​
Lisbet (Plain)​
she is a kind woman, Johanna thinks. She isn't sure if Lisbet is Charles' mistress or his servant- not that Johanna cares much. She appreciates having some sort of comforting company. { Elz }​
Raalvara Varyn (Emotional)​
she acts emotionally and does not check her husband when he crosses into uncomfortable territory. While she told James to let her go, she is still unsure of the woman and where her loyalties lie. "Stay in your lane. We might be related by marriage, but please, I can handle myself. I don't need you to protect me." { Raal }​
Elizabeth Kane (Transparent)​
"Like your brother, you think yourself superior to those around you. You think that your power demands respect. It doesn't, Lady Kane." { NIAH }​
Charles Kane (Egotistical)​
"You stand on an Empire that your mother built and call it your own. I thought we weren't our parents, but you still milk her work for what its worth.."{ Lannis }​
Schmidt (Anhalder) { x }​
a whoremonger. He knows to some extent her true identity but his romantic advances have thrown a wrench in her strong belief in his loyalty to Anhald. While they are not completely unwarranted or immutual, they are wholly unwanted, which she has made clear to him. She is aware of his tendency to lash out violently when angered, which has occurred twice already with her as the object of focus. This is a quality among many about him that she dislikes greatly.{ Boofenshmirtz }
{ art by me }​
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I like your reference. I almost used her for Niah a couple times, but never committed. Kahlan is a good character and so is Johanna. :)


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⇴ The Kane’s accuse her of lying about her parentage. She is fired from her work and leaves Queensport for Storm’s Landing.
wot. They said they didn't care who her parents were or weren't, and she took her wages and left.