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"Then as it was, then again it will be, and though the course may change sometimes...
Rivers always reach the sea."


Full Name: Josef Michele Tideborne Tiarch Fuvur Mandovi. Born JMM III, Josef has acquired many important names throughout his life that he considers a part of him for one reason or another. This has left him a very unwieldy full name and so he chooses to cut most of it out of even formal usage. His full initials would make out to be JMTTFM, but he typically signs JTM, leaving which middle name the initial stands for ambiguous.
Nickname/Alias: None
Birth Year: Josef was born in PC 0140, about 100 years after the first Nether Portal is opened.
Age: Over 2,000 years old in mind, his body has aged to it's mid seventies and looks quite good for it's age. Think like... Paul Newman or something.
Gender: Male
Race: Clearly Human
Social Status: Duke of the Broken South, Moghul of House Fuvur, and governor of Palmwood.
Marital Status: Unmarried. Committed relationship with his formal concubine, the Lady Adiella.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 155 lbs
Homeland: Port Silver, Norther Kingdoms
Current Home: Palmwood, Isla Vallaz

Build: Muscular, wirey build, especially for his age. He's strong and fit from regular exercise, travel, and landscaping work. He hasn't lasted this long by being sloth and hedonistic.
Hair: A mix of sun bleached blonde and grey. Used to be black.
Eyes: Blue.
Identifying Marks: Marks on torso, scaring on a number of places, tattoo of Tideborne Crest (the hourglass) on his wrist in dark ink that has obviously been kept touched up.
Appearance: Josef is almost always clean and well kept, his hair combed back and his pants tucked into his boots. He holds himself high, and takes his time to smile warmly and great the people he is around.

Clothing: White shirts, colored vests, dark slacks and boots fit for an explorer or colonist. In any climates non-tropical, he dons a heavy coat and several layers. In formal settings, he wears various uniforms, ball coats, or other such extravagances. Prefers to wear white, blue, or red.
Hygiene: Superb for the time.
Voice: Pleasant, warm, and seductive in its mannerisms; Josef does his absolute best to honey his words and please everyone, it's simply become second nature.
Demeanor: Under almost all circumstances, Josef is typically very polite and not usually one to speak down to people or get angry. He likes to give compliments, and is very level headed. He is not quick to anger or violence, and is somewhat animated when excited. By most conventional metrics, Josef is a down-to-earth, kind, relatable person to keep company with. What was once an act is now effortless normalcy.

In special conditions, this facade can be broken and breached. When it is taken down, Josef has a great deal of difficulty displaying emotion and instead tends to shut down. What expression he does give is considerably less smooth, as he tends to be irritated and aggressive at this point. Josef needs to be exceedingly flustered for this to happen.

  • Observant-- Tends to notice minute details about most everything, especially when stressed
  • Wealth of Knowledge-- During his long life, Josef has accumulate many useful skills, including medical practices, redstone engineering, architecture, botany, cartography, sailing, alchemy, and swordplay.
  • Enigma-- Leading dual lives, lying to everyone he knows and keeping secrets for years on end are all things Josef has no issue with doing. They don't bother him or weight on him.
  • Emotional Command-- Josef can typically display whatever emotion he likes, to a degree that is nearly impossible to distinguish from the real deal.
  • Tropical Acclimation-- Josef has lived in the tropics for a very long time, and is adjusted to hot, humid climates. Heat does not fatigue him nearly as much, and he is quite comfortable in the sun.
  • Political Target-- In recent years, Nwalme has drawn Josef into the ring of politics. As moves have been made to expand the Fuvur Empire, and take control of colonies, Josef has been rewarded territory to keep under his watchful eye. He doesn't loose sleep at night, but he sometimes worries that a plot may brew beneath him to depose him.
  • Social Suicide-- There is always the thought in the back of his head that something horrible about him could be exposed and that he could somehow be ruined. It's paranoia.
  • Shattered Conspiracy-- Josef puts most of his energy into planning and executing complex conspiracies which can take years to complete. These efforts, and their various statuses are always on his mind to some extent.
  • Death--
  • I am a Rock, I am an Island-- Josef distrusts almost everyone, and is not open about his worldview, past, age, or any other intimacies. Not only this, but Josef is also a sociopath without strong or stable emotions. Having lived a long, deceptive and secretive life has set Josef up to be very poor at sharing these things and he is very accustomed to those close to him dying while he lives on. It is very hard for Josef to open up to anyone and in his long life the people who have earned this trust can be counted on a single hand. There are just very few people who can make Josef care like that.
  • Solitary Man-- Josef does not travel and can only be reliably found in his tropical home on Palmwood or in the Fuvur Capitol Sanardu. It is very uncommon for him to travel anywhere else whatsoever -- only very special meetings and official events coax him out to anywhere else.
  • Pride-- Stubbornly believes he knows best. Is not one to listen to the wisdom of others and is highly skeptical of the qualifications of others (at least inwardly). Takes insults to his character deeply and demands respect of those whom he believes are (in some way) beneath him.
  • Advanced Age-- Josef, while in fantastic physical shape for his age, is aged to seventy years. He can't run, swim, climb or fight like he used to. He's not frail, but a surprise excretion of energy can sap him, or leave him winded.
  • Cold Blooded-- Does not fair well in cold environments, even in temperate climates he is chilled. He loses energy and gets fatigued faster in temperate or frigid climates.
Intelligence: Josef is very sharp in abstract and critical thinking, though he finds himself muddled by scores of memories and distractions in the present. He meditates frequently to order and sort his mind -- the most disturbing of his memories he keeps hidden away using cogimens.
Languages: Common, Elven, can read Mok'yra but can't really speak it for being so out of practice. He would be able to learn Mok'yra easier than others if taught, and speaks Elven like a native. When he's with his Fuvur cohorts, he adopts the local dialect to fit in better. Can read and understand ancient/dead languages, but doesn't know how to speak them or write proficiently with them.
Profession(s): Politician, Island Governor, Physician, Teacher and Philosopher.


Personality: Deceptively open, optimistic and caring. Josef in general is a personable, down-to-earth figure who loves to host and talk casually with most people.
Religion or Cults: Despises all the Gods in numerous ways.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Short Term Goals:

  • Help Nwalme with his arcane-research project and other Fuvur related activities.
  • Develop [various individuals] as (an) asset(s).
  • Find suitable candidates to educate as a protege.
  • Grow more powerful as a user of the arcane, learning from his friends Nikolche or Nwalme.
Long Term Goals:
  • [Confidential]
  • Marry his Beloved, the Lady Adiella.
  • Have more children.
  • Cultivate a philosophical successor either from his children or proteges.

Josef Mandovi is a tremendously talented physician who has spent the better part of his life learning, and hiding how he learns. His young life was dull and mostly meaningless, getting little attention from his young and scientifically active parents. As a young adult, his peers pushed him to expand his learning as he moved towards success. Josef lived much of his life believing strongly in his actions, his path, his future, and his belief that he could not fail. Once he discovered that his aging had been stopped, it became his dream for many lifetimes to create a society of people without crime, savagery, chaos, or evil. He did a lot of things, to a lot of people, to try and get there. He mostly worked alone, but there were times when he had followings. All the time, he made sacrifices to his vision. Unfortunately, you cannot walk with the holy, if you're just a halfway decent man. Josef knew a person like himself would have no place in the world he hoped to create, but he felt it would never come to be without the brutalist measures he employed.

As it came to be, the sacrifices made in his great vision were all in vain. Great peace and good do not come from monstrous evil. The doctor's ambitions and methods were uncovered and for years he was hunted by several circles. Only powerful friends in a large crime family stopped his demise.

Josef out lived most of his enemies, as the world was plagued by war and threatened by supernatural forces. When things stabilized, Josef was left with an empty home. Mostly everyone he knew was dead, and his island colony Sundown Isle was barren and derelict. Feeling secluded and depressed, Josef seldom left his island as he recieded further and further from the world. Storms frequently tore Sundown Isle apart, and there was no one but him to fix it. Overcome with a sense of failure and decay, Josef surrendered to his fate.

Before the end could snap around him, Josef received a letter from an old friend, Nwalme, telling him to come with the members of House Furvur and sail for the New World. Choosing to leave his old dreams behind, Josef sailed onward, hoping to find vision and to let go of his demons at last. Landing in the chilly, maritime east coast of the New World, Josef traveled south to build a new home on the hot and humid southern island of Isla Vallaz. He built a rum plantation, and a new laboratory. Though initially optimistic, Josef soon found that it was to take more than a simple change of scenery to breathe new life into him. It wasn't long until he fell into a virtually identical routine, complete with his familiar destructive tenancies, which lasted for over a year.

As luck would have it, Josef was met with a number of new opportunities, and people, who would revitalize his life once more. Today, his days are a little brighter, and his motions a little more deliberate. He's found purpose, and set his sights on perhaps the most valuable prize he has sought out.

His past sorted, and his future planned, Josef makes the final sprint to the water's edge as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon...


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"Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails, across the sea of years
With no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear

The Beloved:
The people that Josef has genuinely felt love for is incredibly small, less than a half dozen in his many years of life. These are people that are special to him for reasons beyond trust; they are people who understand the intimacies of his soul and the tribulations he has gone through. These are treasured people.
  • Nwalme-- Nwalme is special to me for reasons that go beyond him knowing who I am. Yes, he understands me, and yes we've been through a lot, but there's more. I know that he cares about what happens to me, and I in turn care for him. I respect his intelligence and his resolve; he is a strong mind. I would trust him with anything, but the fact that he doesn't seem to trust in me quite the same way hurts sometimes. I wish he would be more open to me, because the fact that he is not means I have a harder time opening up to him. (blargtheawesome)
  • Adiella-- I am not the kind of man who is so inclined to believe in anything; I hold only convictions. I don't, nor have I ever lived my life in the presence of faith... I accept things as I observe them to be. Perhaps, that's what's kept me so entangled with my guilt and suffering for these many lifetimes. Somehow, in ways that defy reason as I understand it, she's helped me escape. I have something to believe in now, and though I do not fully trust myself still, she has given me hope that I might one day be able to live honestly. I would do anything for her. bettemus99
Those To Be Trusted:
These are people Josef trusts to talk with about a great deal of personal things. He will tell them what he is thinking, some things about his past, and is generally less guarded around them. It takes a long time to get here, or something very special must happen.
  • Nikolche-- Lovely man. He's been a fantastic teacher, and shown himself to have colors not dissimilar from my own shade of character. He doesn't fully understand me, but how could he? It's not something I can expect of people, but Niko has earned both my trust and my respect. I confide in him with confidence. Niko
  • Nylarii-- She's passionate and strong minded, and Nwalme seems to love her very much. I respect her for her individuality and the accommodation she has repeatedly shown me in her home. (Elz)
  • Ardaric Tideborne-- A ghost from my past, presented in front of me as flesh. How hard I fought to bury your memory! I am not prepared for you to be in my life once more, indeed, how could I be? Alas, you are here among me and I trust you. In truth, however strange it is to see you, I am glad your are among me once more, so few are those who truly know me. I confide in you with confidence. Tideborne
Those Who Are Amicable:
People who have demonstrated some kind of character trait that makes them either agreeable, admirable, or in some way respectable. He enjoys talking to them, though he is careful what he shares about himself or what he is thinking. These are not merely people whom Josef enjoys, they are people who Josef has cultivated a relationship with.
  • Fronslin-- Idealistic and good natured at heart, you seem to want only the best for the realm. I think beyond your nature, it is your similar age that I enjoy, though I must admit I appreciate your ability to keep a secret. Fronslin
  • Lillium-- I often call you my best, most successful student. Perhaps it is true. I'd grown to like you, over all these years and for all the secrets you kept. . . but I wonder now where it is you've gone. (Cukie1)
Of Intrigue:
These are people who he makes effort to remain pleasant with. No important information may be revealed to these people, and he does not let them know what he really thinks. He does not trust these people, but does not assume they are dangerous. There is something about them which Josef finds interesting or potentially useful to himself -- noteworthy.
  • Ayda-- The estranged Godchild to Lillium, a ranger and a player in recent world events. An idealistic young woman making her way in the world, who seems to have found her way into my midst. How interesting. . . Ayda
  • Kethron-- Seems to be good-natured and open minded. I look forward to hearing the perspective of an enchanter. Heie
  • Gilligan Kearney-- He's a very meek and naive. . . a product of goldenhearted youth it seems. Not entirely useless, indeed he may prove to be of reasonable value. He's not someone for me to worry about right now, though friends of his might be worth keeping check on. Samwych
  • Elizabeth Kane-- As I have seen, there is more to you than ambition; there is dedication. And I know now that I was right in my initial assessment, it is clear, the ways in which you have risen to meet the tasks before you. Whether or not I will have any role in your future is uncertain, but you remain a curiosity to me.NIAH
  • Iskvandir-- You are useful, and respectful. Your morally unscrupulous nature reminds me of myself when I was far younger, and indeed, those depths within me that prevail. I remain vigilant. Vincentius
  • Arianne-- From time to time, you creep into my life. It's like just when I forget about you, I find you knocking on my door. I have a sense that you know many of the people I know and I have to wonder what it is they think about you. Your offer, last I saw you, was intriguing. . . which means you have my interest. Lily_
  • Lilith-- A friend of Elizabeth whom I was introduced to one night in Sanardu. Because of how little I know about her, my interest in her is merely related to her proximity to the more complicated Duchess Kane. . . at least, for now. Arcana
  • Sophia von Dugald-- Nwalme has sent her down south, after she sought him out to learn Cogimency. Now, she requests the same of myself. I don't know much about her, I don't know if I'll giver her what she wants. In time, more will be revealed to me. Jinny
  • Miss Lisbet-- You have a nature about you that reminds me of a cat; greedy, curious eyes, ones willing to take risks without a full appreciation of the danger. As of yet, you are of limited interest, merely your relation to the more important Jaden, and his trial against Andre Ursae, places you in my mind. Elz
  • Jaden the Ranger-- I have heard much of you, and seen you in passing many times. I will you not to cause me any trouble in my goals, and serve only the purpose which drives me. We will see how you do. CloakedReaper
  • Maxwell-- an acolyte to Nwalme, and a part of our plans. He is yet to be fully understood, but I do not believe him to be dangerous -- the opposite, in fact. Useful. Rygan
  • Lothaire, The White Owl-- I can sense already how out of place you feel, and you haven't even gotten up past your hips. In time, I hope that you can grow to see the necessity of our world, but I know that you can not. There is not enough time left for you to see all that we have seen. Mitch
Where Uncertainty Lies:
These are people who Josef believes may be dangerous to him. He may lie to them frequently, obfuscate his intentions around them, or otherwise shield himself from their plotting. They are distrusted due to their behavior, their actions, or some other part of their character that makes them a liability. They may also be implicated in one of his own schemes, and thus not worth placing trust in.
  • Cymic-- Part of me likes you for your personality and rambunctious nature, but I can not help but exhibit caution. You may indeed be very dangerous to me if I am not properly vigilant. Time will tell. Cymic_
  • Andre Ursae-- I hold very little contempt for you. You hosted a gala where I had one of the most passionate dances I recall in my lifetime. It is unfortunate for you, that I am not a sentimental person, and that in now seems likely that we must destroy you in both name and in body. History will remember you as "Andre Ursae the Plague-spreader" and like a river it will wash over you, carrying all else out to sea. When you look back at the dry riverbed, there will be nothing but that name remaining. Rawkiller
The Scorned:
These are people who have, for one reason or another, drawn the ire of Josef. Depending on the circumstances, various levels of action against the individual may be imminent, or else it might be a superior level of caution exercised in dealing with them.

  • Josef holds this level of contempt for no one living.
Forever Remembered:
These are people that no matter how many years go by, stay in his mind. They come to him in his dreams, sometimes to remind him of better years, and sometimes... to haunt him.
  • Captain Sally-- Gave Josef a family to be a part of, and taught him to use a sword. A life mentor in many regards.
  • Mila-- An interesting and often amusing person that shared many of Josef's more flawed traits. Reminded Josef of a younger version of himself.
  • Darko-- Life long friend met many lifetimes ago. Perhaps one of Josef's only real friends. They have shared many adventures.
  • Raymundo-- Been with Josef from the very beginning of his dreams and aspirations with Sundown.
  • Aewin-- If only there was a way to get even. You're not to blame, entirely, but I still wish I could make you pay for it... wherever you are.
  • Tzemik-- Tzemik and I have a good deal of history together, so I've known her a long time. In all the years I knew her, she unfortunately had a rather steady fall away from innocence. I honestly thought she would kill me one day. There was a brief period where she seemed more willing to forget our past, but it was fleeting. . . she soon disappeared. Sometimes I wonder where it is she went, but not often. I'd rather never see her again. (Michcat)
  • Jal'Salim-- Who attacks an old man like that? I don't believe even for a second that you culture permits such savage assault, and even if it does I don't like you any better. If Lillium hadn't been there I would have been inclined to let your whole body rot to bits. I guess the fact that I didn't is all the more proof that the world doesn't punish the wicked. Cymic_ (formerly "disliked")
  • Balatro-- You know that I lied to worsen your conviction. Perhaps you think it is personal, some sort of slight made against your character. Perhaps you think I am a cruel man, saving you just to put you away for twenty of your years. Maybe one day, you and I will meet again and you will exact your revenge... but, you wouldn't be the first, or even the most dangerous, to try. If anything, I hope that in the years that come, you grow to understand that what happened was just politick. It will be easier for you if you let your hatred of me go... Balatro (formerly "weary")
  • Tzemik-- Tzemik and I have a good deal of history together, so I've known her a long time. In all the years I've know her, she has unfortunately had a rather steady fall away from innocence. I honestly thought she would kill me one day. There was a brief period where she seemed more willing to forget our past, but being the shrewd creature she is I am still inclined to watch my back about her. I want but one thing from her now... to close this chapter of my life for good. (Michcat) (formerly "unsure of")
  • Light-- Well manured and not invasive. He's Nwalme's son, so it's great to know him. (K9) (formerly "neutral")
  • Remi-- Intelligent and accommodating. Seems to be a respectful gentleman. Ddaug (formerly "neutral")
  • Elarinya-- Savvy girl with an interest to learn. I would like to teach her, and hopefully I will get to know her a little better when I do. StarWillow2000 (formerly "neutral")
  • Niamh-- seems reasonable enough, though from talking to others it seems that she may stretch herself a little thin between her ambitions. Bobert (formerly "neutral")
  • Selene-- Interesting woman in some regards. Her mannerisms made me think maybe she was just some kind of whore, but she made a few comments that tells me she's a little something more in the Fuvur family circle. Must be new money. Niah (formerly "neutral")
  • Syra-- Immediately confronted me on my age, which always unnerves me. Pretty sure she was just fascinated, but I had to lie to her all the same. Seems to know Lillium, which isn't really a surprise. She needed money from Lillium, maybe she's in a tight spot. Elz (formerly "neutral")
  • Sankera-- Well mannered individual, with a pleasant touch of sass. Sankera (formerly "neutral")
  • Carlo de Courtnay-- I was worried that being a nobleman, he might be uppity, but he seems very well mannered even around the other guests. MrMine (formerly "neutral")
  • Tyr Edlsvart-- Soft spoken, and unimposing. SirLuamTehDoge (formerly "neutral")
  • Tei-- Very exciting to have a Makani in my council. Didn't get a very good impression on what kind of individual Tei is, but I look forward to learning. Narvendel (formerly "neutral")
  • Tevis-- A Makani who is a friend of Adiella. He didn't have a lot to contribute, but despite seeming simple of mind he is obviously intelligent. There's a language barrier that stops him from sharing, or he simply wants this to appear to be the case. He's dear to Adiella, and that makes him of note. Warwolf (formerly "neutral")
  • Kekoa-- It was so exciting to get to talk to one of the makani! Very obviously not dumb or weak-minded like I've been told, and although they clearly could be deadly that's not altogether different from any human, elf or moor. They're not savages. Very much hope to meet this makani again soon, see what else I can learn about them. Michcat (formerly "neutral")

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Well, durring the exodus events the sisterhood kept people from dying for unnatural amounts of time. He ages normally now.
Pretty much this, yeah.

A few of the really older characters are all 2000+.


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