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General Information

Julianne Vhalakis

Other Names:
Julia, Juli, Jules, Seamstress

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Human (Soolera-descended)


Bisexual, leaning toward men

Current Residence:
Groi'bel Evar

Relationship Status:

Social Status:
A Goddamned 'Lady'.

Physical Appearance



Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing Features:
Red lipstick which makes her plump lips stand out.

Build of Body:
Hourglass figure

Hair Color:

Hair Style:
Straight and long, left down


Clean, straight-backed. Though still lax at times.


Sewing and stitching, spicy foods, a nice glass of wine, rose bushes, tea, romanticism and the arts.

People who are bull-headed or cocky, duller colors, blasphemy of the pantheon, drunkards

Careful, warm to most people, body-positive, good at converation, tailoring, dancing

Too proud to accept help sometimes, vain, not brilliant at combat

Attachment, losing loved ones

Decent, for a bastard child. She can read and write and knows a trade at the bare basic level.


Common [Fluent] [10/10]
Her first tongue. Reads and writes fairly well.

Marjash [Fluent] [9/10]
Her second tongue and that of her father. Whilst she can speak fluently, her writing isn't entirely perfect. But good enough.

General Attitude:
Lax, warm to anyone but with an air of caution.

Religious Inclination:
She is devout to Sallana, but her mother was also a little influenced by Jax so whilst she does not worship him, she has a healthy respect for him. Of the Pantheon she avoids The Grey Lady and Jishrim.

General Intelligence:
Decent. Not brilliant but not bad.

General Sociability:
Again, decent, but not amazing.

Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:

Own a home [x]
Find a job [x]
Obtain fabrics and needles [x]
Host a Festival of Sallana [ ]
Build a public shrine to Sallana in the form of a Wedding Venue [ ]

Long Term Goals:

Own a successful tailory business [x]
Rise in social standing [x]
Enjoy a life of luxury and lavishness [ ]
Marry into love, regardless of her monetary desires [ ]
Start a family [ ]
Become a Blessed of Sallana [ ]


A long flowing red dress with slits on either side of the skirt, an opaque shoulder cape with pretty patterns, and long knee-high boots.
In colder regions, she wears a multi-layer woolen dress with a dyed fur shoulder cape.

Golden headband with feather imagery, indication of her family's past. As well as some necklaces.


Owned Homes:
Queensport Tailory, Inner Six

Carried Inventory:

- A couple hundred Radiants -
- Some needles Podric crafted -

-The clothes on her back -
- A plain dagger -
- Love's Thorn {Rapier} -
The rapier's blade is a standard one, made of steel, double-edged, and about forty-seven inches long in total, with the blade being forty-one inches. There is a basket guard about the front side of the hilt, shaped to look like vines curling around the grip, and the pommel itself is designed to look like a rose, dyed red to indicate this further. At the very base of the blade, a very small gryphon has been engraved, as a crafter's mark.
- Love's Embrace {Shield} -
The buckler is made to be held in one hand, with a handle being bolted into the middle of the shield, roughly seventeen inches in diameter. It's made of wood banded with iron strips at the back to reinforce the shield, and a steel shield boss in the center of the shield itself. While normally Podric would make bucklers rather plane, a great deal of effort was put into the design, made to be a visage of Sallana's holy symbol, a cornucopia painted white, green vines wrapping about it, with red and pink roses spilling from it. The rim of the shield, while originally was steel, has alternating strips of gold and silver coated over it. On the back of the shield, a small gryphon has been engraved, as a crafter's mark.
- Several balls of yarn, she loves yarn. -
- Keys to her home -
- A red ribbon she keeps tied in her hair -

General Inventory:

- Roughly Eleven Thousand Radiants -
- A few carrots. She likes carrots. -
A couple of pamphlets from a Covenant -

- Various fabrics/materials for tailory -
- A Desert Rose flower -

General Wealth:
Wealthy. She shot up in wealth due to her VERY successful business.





Sleeping Habits:
Sleeping on her back, one arm on her stomach. She snores, but it is very faint.

Energy Levels:
Generally good.

Eating Habits:
Polite and keeping her arms off of the table.

Exercise Habits:
None too noteworthy.

She remembers a lot, making it easy for her to hold a grudge.

Unhealthy Habits:
None yet.

Drinking Habits:
Social drinker. Enjoys a spot of wine.



A Sooleran caravan in the middle of nowhere. Though they didn't stay long.


She was comfortable for the most part - her mother had a decent business going as a travelling tailor and they moved from place to place, selling their clothes and wares as freefolk. Julianne never made long-term attachments however, much to her chagrin. The friends she did make, she never saw again or they walked a separate path from her.
Reluctantly she accepted her fate to be a traveller for the most part but enjoyed all the beautiful views that she came across with her mother and slowly learned of her beliefs.
During this time but late into childhood, she also began learning Marjash from her mother who knew it well from her father.

Teen Years:

Quite simply, in her teen years she learned the family trade of tailoring. That of her mother's side anyway. She learned early on that she was a half-Sooleran bastard and that her existence was pure accident.
Her mother never told her why they left Sool, and thus for a while she was angry that she never had the chance to meet with her real father. Especially as her mother would often bed other men and keep their company for relatively short periods of a few months.
Julianne learned never to become attached to these men, but also that family was important. It was her own decision that when she grew into a woman, she would not let her children grow up without a father.


Julianne's anger faded over time when she realised that her mother was doing what she could for the family. Money was growing sparse, as were job opportunities. So her mother began sleeping with men for money to help her family get by.
Whilst she was not supportive of this at first, this was the path Julianne would take when she eventually left her mother. A cruel fate in her eyes and one that she did not enjoy, unlike her mother who also did it for the pleasure of sinking into a man's flesh. So Julianne travelled out alone and became a whore for a while.
She did eventually stop that life, but occasionally she will have a fling or two and kick back into old habits, much to her own dismay. She almost always regrets it, and would rather do as her mother did before and make a profit from business. Hence, she travelled to Storm's Landing in hopes this would be the place she'd make a pretty penny.

Family History:

Her father hailed from Sool, a pure-blooded Sooleran who was quite learned and well-travelled. Julianne took on his name - Vhalakis - a family with the sigil of the Phoenix. A large and wealthy Sooleran family who travelled frequently around the main regions with the motto of 'With Ashes, We Rise'. Her father himself was a protector of people who strongly favored Jax.
Meanwhile her mother came from a family of tailors and seamstresses, each generation better than the last. They were of no worthwhile name, but Julianne's father took a shine to her and one thing led to another. However, since her mother did not wish to be adopted into Sool society, when Julianne was born she fled to the cities. Leaving her father distraught and mourning for a long lost child.
Julianne wishes to know better her roots in the Sool society but does not wish to become one of them. She wishes not for that tether and enjoys the freedom she has.

Past Places of Residences:

Mostly carts, caravans and inn rooms.

Places Traveled:

Mostly small towns and villages growing up.
Storm's Landing.



Peaceful or violent:
Mostly peaceful. Will fight to protect family.

The rapier's blade is a standard one, made of steel, double-edged, and about forty-seven inches long in total, with the blade being forty-one inches. There is a basket guard about the front side of the hilt, shaped to look like vines curling around the grip, and the pommel itself is designed to look like a rose, dyed red to indicate this further. At the very base of the blade, a very small gryphon has been engraved, as a crafter's mark.

Combat Training:
Rapiers, sideswords mostly. She doesn't have much proficiency in anything else.


Decently skilled with a needle and thread, Julianne spent a lot of time growing up on this skill and has observed many fashion trends of different cultures over the years.

Basic knowledge, close-range and lunging. She's hoping to get better at swordplay, and with Jaden offering to teach her that might become a reality.

She believes herself a pretty good dancer and she'd be correct! Belly Dancing mainly, but folk-dancing she can get involved in.

Not too good, not too bad either. She's just learning, but knows that with help she'll get better. After all, Ayda will be doing it with her!

Other Trivia


Favorite Types of Food:
Spicy, flavourful/hot.

Favorite Types of Drink:
Wine, or tea.

Nothing important, yet.

Favorite Colors:
Reds, pinks, golds.



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Relevant Family Members:
  • N/A
Romantic Interests:
  • Jaden Seeker [CloakedReaper] - "Well, Ayda succeeded, we're... courting, now? It's exciting, it's worrying, it's... going to be a challenge. But I like challenges, and I like you, so we'll see what happens. Just don't expect me to come crawling into your bed until your marriage situation is tended to, I won't lay with a married man. That's not Sallana, so that's not me. No matter how close we get."
Trusted Friends:
  • Ayda Taionia Ulamyar [Ayda] - "Witty, and confident - I like this one already. You've made for a quick friend Ayda, I hope it lasts. You've been there for me through a good few things lately, though you've also been more absent... don't be afraid to talk to me. You know where I am, dear."
Friendly With:
  • Mirah Reehd Sicarus [Jazzper] - "You're a tease, an awful tease, but we've had some fun times you and I. Let's spend more time together, you're a good laugh."
  • Gerry McIvy [Jeroxia] - "A funny little Halfling who is a masterful pan-flute bard. I wasn't sure how to feel about you at first, but I think we can be good friends in the future. Your conversations are... usually, a pleasure. And your views interesting."
Loose Acquaintances:
  • Arianne Silveira [Lily_] - "Of the Noble House Silveira. She has permitted me to host a festival in Linistel, which is quite honestly an honor. Hopefully all will go well, and the people will enjoy this time of love and community spirit."
  • Danelius Cristiános [Blorbis83] - "I can't say I know the man particularly well but he does play and sing wonderfully with his guitar. Maybe we'll meet again sometime."
  • Esplin [Wyvern740] - "Funny little plague doctor who has hired me for some work. He seems decent enough, though his living matters... concern me greatly."
  • Joseph Seeker [JoeJoe] - "You were the one who was teasing Jaden, yes? At least he attempted to flirt, if you can really call it... flirting. But I'll admire your sense of humor. You two seem close, it's nice."
  • Podric Flanders [Luam] - "Though I don't know much about you, there has been... quite an impression made already. A proper gentleman, yet one who is very clearly devout of faith. I can respect that as someone who is also devout."
Disfavored Individuals:
  • Forrest Westergard [LeftwardElk] - "And to think I thought you were 'cute'. I never really knew you well, but murderers have no place in my heart for the pain they bring others. I bid you good evening, gentleman."
  • Tirius Westergard [Tohm] - "Is it true? You're a murderer? A shame... you seemed nice. Shame on you and your brother for the malice you've brought."
  • N/A
Wary Of:
  • Cymic Seymour - [Cymic_] - "My opinion of you falls about as flat as I hope your face does. On the pavement. But at least you apologised so you're not entirely a complete-- ...I'm not going to finish that sentence. I hope you're not as much of an asshole as you seem, to put it lightly."
  • Lisbet Alden [Elz] - "I'm not really sure how to feel about you yet. Things have been going through the rumor mill about you so I'm weary - I hope I'm wrong. From our past few conversations you've seemed pleasant but at the auction... it was like you were a completely different person."
  • Pierrot [Rue] - "What was that sensation...? It felt like the opposite of Gerry's magic... it LOOKED like the opposite... why? Who are you?"
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